Brilliant Speech Titled “Ritual and Music Civilization and Spirit of Confucian Culture” Delivered by Prof. Dong Ping from Zhejiang University

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Speaker: Dong Ping (“Qiushi” Distinguished Visiting Professor of Zhejiang University, keynote speaker of “Lecture Room”)

Theme: Ritual and Music Civilization and Spirit of Confucian Culture 

When: 18:30p.m, October 19, 2018 (Friday)

Where: Auditorium of lectures on humanities (J3-105)

Hosted by: Chien-shiung Wu College of Southeast University

                   School of Humanities of Southeast University 

About the speaker:

Dong Ping, “Qiushi” Distinguished Visiting Professor of Zhejiang University, Ph. D. tutor of Chinese philosophy, the expert who enjoys the special government allowance from the State Council. He has served successively as Director of the Institute of Philosophy of Social Science Academy of Zhejiang Province and Director of the Department of Philosophy of Zhejiang University. He is currently serving as Director of Institute of Chinese Ideology and Culture of Zhejiang University, Director of the Center for Buddhist Culture Studies of Zhejiang University, Vice President of Chinese Confucian Academy, Chairman of Institute of Wang Yangming’s Doctrine of Chinese Confucian Academy, Vice President of the Confucian Institute of Zhejiang Province, member of Zhejiang Research Institute of Culture and History and Dean of Zhejiang Jishan Wang Yangming Research Institute. His main research interests focus on Chinese philosophy, the Confucian and Taoist philosophy during the pre-Qin period, the neo-Confucianism of Song and Ming dynasties and Chinese Buddhist philosophy. In 2010, he gave a lecture on Famous Prime Minister Guan Zhong and the Legend of Wang Yangming at CCTVLecture Room. In 2011, as the keynote speaker of the network video open classes firstly approved by the Ministry of Education, he gave a lecture on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy of the Mind . His masterpieces include “Chen Liang’s Biography (1996), A Study on the Tiantai School (2002), The Intellectual History of Zhejiang - From Wang Chong to Wang Guowei (2005), Legend Wang Yangming (2010), Laozi Study (2015), The Pre-Qin Confucianism (2015), Confucianism of Song and Ming Dynasties and East Zhejiang Academics (2016), Wang Yangming's Life World: The Road to the Saints (2018 revised edition).


Reasons for recommendation:

Professor Dong Ping is well-versed in the learning of both ancient and modern times and highlights rigorous attitude of scholarship. In addition, he has a wide range of interests in the long-term academic researches, especially in the study of Chinese philosophy and culture. In recent years, he has exerted wide influences for his speeches at “CCTV Lecture Room”. Professor Dong Ping’s speeches feature clear logic, informative content and humorous mode of language, which usually enlighten people to think deeply. 

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