School of Biological Science & Medical Engineering, SEU Celebrated Its 30th Birthday

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On June 1st, School of Biological Science & Medical Engineering in Southeast University, who ranked the first nationwide, celebrated its 30th birthday.The celebration meeting was held in the auditorium of Sipailou Campus, SEU. School leaders, alumni, teachers and students enjoyed this memorizable event together.

Southeast University was the first to establish the program and discipline of biomedical engineering in China. In October 1984, Academician WEI Yu established the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Instruments, which was renamed to the Biological Science and Medical Engineering Department in August 1994, and officially became the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering in August 2006. In 1993, the school set up the first Bioelectronics doctoral program in China; Biomedical Engineering became a national first-level discipline in 1997 and a national key discipline in 2002. In 1998, the school was approved to set up the postdoctoral program, which was rated as a national outstanding postdoctoral program in 2005 and 2010, respectively. In 2007 and 2012, Biomedical Engineering ranked first in the national discipline assessment.

Throughout its nearly three decades of development, the school has formed relatively sophisticated high-level talented person cultivation and advanced scientific research systems. The school currently has three departments: biomedical engineering, information & systems biology and medical & biological physics; 1 national key discipline, 1 postdoctoral program and the specially-appointed professor post of “Changjiang Scholars Program”; 1 national key laboratory, 1 provincial key laboratory and 1 national engineering practical education center.

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