WRE Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Yi Guo governor house in Ji Dynasty.


Chu Li was rafting on a lake. There was refreshing breeze, blowing across his face.

Governor Yi Guo’s house was an area with a big lake surrounded by ninety-nine island. His destination, Yan Wu Hall was around eighteen miles away from the East Garden.

As he stood on the boat, his green robe was fluttering in the wind. He had a common-looking face with a slight valiant aura. Looking at the vast lake, his mind fell into deep thoughts.

Nineteen years, two months and three days, it had already been nineteen years, two months and three days!

He was a high-energy physics researcher with a bright future as a promising scientist. But, due to a small mistake in an experiment, he was killed in the explosion and was then reborn in this different world.

A tower came into his sight.

A hundred meter high tower, with a flashing bronze light and heavily guarded was portraying the majesty of the governor’s house.

The bronze tower was the Yan Wu hall!

A martial arts field was present in front of the Yan Wu Hall. In the red colored mud, hundreds of people were practicing with their swords and sabres, some were practicing their punches. They were learning from each other by having mock battles. The atmosphere was extremely lively.

The boat was berthed ashore. Chu Li made his way to the martial arts field. Suddenly, a handsome and high-spirited young man appeared in front of him.

He was a little taller than Chu Li. He held Chu Li’s shoulder and looked at him, “Chu Li, Why are you coming here?”

Chu Li frowned, “Move aside, a good dog would not block!”

The handsome man began to smile, “Are you going to learn some martial arts?”

Chu Li looked at him coldly and walked away, ”Zhuo Feiyang, do you believe that you will get into trouble, if I am screaming in pain on the ground?”

A personal fight was forbidden among the prefecture guard. The Guards comprised of escort guardians and body guards. All of them were prohibited from internal fighting. Anyone found violating this rule would be demoted and dismissed from the house as punishment.

Chu Li was a lower ranked bodyguard, while Zhuo Fei Yang was a rank eight escort. Escorts were not permitted to attack bodyguards. Therefore, if he started screaming as he laid on the ground, no matter how much of a genius Zhuo Feiyang is, he would be severely punished.

Zhuo Fei Yang furrowed his eyebrows, “Chu Li, You are disgraceful!”

Chu Li ignored him and continued to move forward.

Zhou Feiyang moved aside with a gloomy face, ”Chu Li, You could only use a few clever acts or outright lies!”

Chu Li murmured, “To tackle a fool like you, a small trick will do!”

Zhuo Feiyang gazed at him fiercely. He was extremely angry, he was clenching his fists tightly. It looked as if he would release a punch in the very next moment. Chu Li gave him a listless look, this only increased his anger.

Suddenly, Zhuo Fei Yang smiled brightly and waved his hand, “Sister Zhao!”

A pretty girl was walking towards them. Her skin was as white as snow and was extremely soft.

Chu Li’s face had a slight change. This girl was Zhao Ying who entered the house along with them, she was beautiful, kind-hearted and gentle. He liked her and wants to be with her!

“Brother Zhao?” Zhao Ying walked towards them, and had a little surprise on her face, “Brother Chu?”

Chu Li smelled her faint fragrance and smiled, “Sister Zhao, Long time no see.”

Since he was assigned to the East Garden, he always stayed in the library, in hopes of changing his fate with some knowledge. It was exceptionally rare for him to come to the Yan Wu Hall.

This time, he came here only because he was facing some difficulties in practicing the Pulse cleansing skill. He wished to check the tips and practice notes in Yan Wu Hall.

Zhao Ying smiled, “Congratulation, Brother Chu, it is good to work in the East Garden.”

Chu Li nodded with a smile, “Yeah, it is fine.”

The East Garden belonged to the Third lady, Xiao Qi who ruled Yu Qi Island. There were only two bodyguards assigned to her, Li Yue and him. They worked leisurely and even occasionally got the chance to meet the Third lady. If they could get her appreciation, there would be a meteoric rise in their position.

Zhuo Feiyang took a deep breath, he felt that Chu Li was extremely lucky to be able to enter the East Garden. He thought that it was unfair to him. So, he always messed with him.

“Sister Zhao, do not mind this trash. I have learnt the Po Wang sword skill yesterday, would you like to take a look?”

“Brother Zhao!” Zhao Ying frowned, she felt that Zhao Feiyang’s words were too harsh.

“Alright, I will not call him trash!” Zhuo Feiyang smiled obsequiously, took a look at Chu Li and said, “Even though he is a trash!”

“Do not say it!” Zhao Ying stared at him with some dissatisfaction.

“Sister Zhao, it does not matter.” Chu Li smiled, “ It’s not necessary to care about some arrogant fool.”

“Brother Chu!” Zhao Ying was a little annoyed.

Chu Li raised his hands in surrender, “Sister Zhao, please do visit the East Garden, the view is scenic and Brother Li also has good cooking skills.”

“Yeah.” Zhao Ying replied with a smile, “I always wanted to have a look at the East Garden.”

“Hmph, what’s the use of looking around!” Zhao Feiyang pursed his lips, “It’s all just grass and flowers, it’s better to train your combat skills instead of just playing around!”

“Oh, so according to you, the third lady and the eldest son of the house are just playing around, and were training less than you?” Chu Li replied with a faint smile on his face, the West Garden belonged to the Eldest son, Xiao Tieying.

Zhuo Feiyang flushed with anger, he sneered and decided not to argue with him.

“Brother Zhuo! Brother Chu!” Zhao Ying was extremely discontented, “You guys please stop these arguments! Brother Chu, I will visit the East Garden later, if you have something to do, please go ahead.”

Chu Li took a deep glance at her, “Sister Zhao, some people might have a good looking face, but they might be extremely selfish. You can only realize this after observing for a long time, you can not simply trust them!”

“Chu Li! What do you mean?” Zhuo Feiyang grunted.

Chu Li ignored him and smiled at Zhao Ying and turned around to leave.

Zhao Ying quickly held on Zhuo Fei Yang’s arm. Zhuo Fei Yang turned around unwillingly. Upon leaving, he raised his hand without Zhao Ying’s attention.

“Bang!” He slapped on Zhu Li’s face.

Zhao Ying turned back swiftly.

Chu Li looked undisturbed, it was as if he wasn’t the one who was slapped.

He already knew that Zhuo Feiyang was about to slap him, but he did not evade that hit intentionally and instead took the slap.

Zhuo Fei Yang had a faint smile and started to apologize, “Oh, I am so sorry, I am so reckless. Brother Chu, are you okay?”

“Good Move!” Chu Li stared at Zhuo Feiyang, and smiled in disdain.

Fighting and killing were not allowed in the house, so he pretended to make a mistake and apologized quickly. He would hardly be punished for just a single slap,.

This slap was a clever move. Even though it sounded loud, it left no marks on his face. It was just a way to disgrace him, a ploy to step on his pride, causing him to be humiliated in front of Zhao Ying.

“Brother Zhuo!” Zhao Ying scowled.

“I am sorry, so sorry. I really did not intend to do that.” Zhuo Feiyang quickly apologized with a smile, “Isn’t it? Brother Chu would not care about this, right? Brother Chu?”

Chu Li turned away calmly, “Sister Zhao, it’s alright.”

Zhao Ying felt sorry and pulled Zhuo Feiyang away. If this continued, they might even start a fight!

Chu Li silently gazed at Zhao Ying’s back. He touched his burning face and activated the Da Yuan Jing Zhi skill to suppress his anger.

He liked Zhao Ying and wish to be with Zhao Ying. But, Zhao Ying still looked down on him, and pitied him.

It was an embarrassment to get scorned by the woman he liked. As a man, he could not take this.

Zhao Fei Yang, Po Wang sword skill…

He sneered and passed through the crowd in the martial arts field, and entered the Yan Wu Hall.

He untied the wooden plaque on his waist and handed it to the guard in front of the hall. After gazing at the wooden plague, the guard allowed him to enter the hall.

Racks of bookshelves appeared in his view. He walked slowly and stopped occasionally to pick out a book. He would read it for a short while and would swiftly put it back on the shelves.

In one hour, he had already read twenty two books.

He continued to specifically pick out the books as if he already knew their locations. In actuality, it was his first time here and he knew that the pulse cleansing skill was kept in the inner library.

The whole architecture of the Yan Wu Hall was being displayed in his brain, all the rows of shelves and the name of each book was clearly memorised in his mind.

He walked to the second floor, and went to the third row of bookshelves. He took out the Po Wang sword skill from the second column. After a short glance, he took out seven other books out, these were the training guides for the sword skill.

His brain had clearly memorised the thirty books by the time he left the Yan Wu Hall. Twenty-two training guides on the pulse cleansing Skill, one skill manual to learn the Po Wang sword skill and seven training guides of the Po Wang sword skill.

He drove his boat on the lake. His feeling of displease had slowly dissipated with the breezing wind.

In his memory, the thirty book started to be comprehensively mastered.

Underneath the blazing sun, he rafted back to the East Garden with a depressed mood.

The East Garden was an island that was around two miles in area. It was divided to partitions of the flower parterres. The partitions were planted with exotic flowers filling the island with a pleasant fragrance.

There was only a courtyard in the island. Chu Li entered the house with a cool wind blowing on his face. A big tree canopy covered half of the house and dispelled away the heat wave.

He entered the house in the west part and retrieved a sword. Standing at the mid of the courtyard, he practiced the sword skill slowly like Tai Chi. In a glimpse, he had sweated on the forehead.

He had an ability to remember everything that he saw. The tome that he read would be forever memorized. The Po Wang sword skill that he learnt from the Yan Wu Hall was strong but it did spend much stamina to use it.

“Squeak!”  A burly man with a round face and small eyes came out from the hall.

He shook like a black bear, stretched his waist, yawned and asked lazily, “Brother, you come back so early?”

Chu Li forced on the sword practicing and replied him. ”Yeah.”

Li Yue was a ranked nine bodyguard. Both of them were responsible to keep the East Garden. He had a good appetite with a good cooking skill. He had a good combat skill but he was too timid to take the challenge from the ranked nine tower and just stayed as an ordinary bodyguard.

In the governor house, there were nine rank for the bodyguards and escorts, but the salaries were ten times in gap.

Bodyguards had a lower salary, the leveling was based on the experience. Three years of service would be ranked nine, ten years of service would be ranked eight, twenty years would be ranked seven, forty years would be ranked six and seventy years would be ranked five.

While escorts leveling only depended on the combat skills. By clearing stages in the Leveling tower, one could be ranked up.

Escorts had a higher paid and could do quests for the house. Their lives were more challenging and lively. Comparatively, the bodyguard could only stay in the house to serve for the nobles. Therefore, for those who had combat abilities, they would choose to become escorts.

Li Yue shook his head, stretched his leg with crackling sound from his joints and then trained his punches swiftly like meteor, fast and loud.

“Brother, stop training on sword, practice punches with me!” Li Yue said.
Chu Li remained speechless.

“We could not learn the inner strength. So if we want to build up the body, by training punches will be enough, why using the sword?”

“Silent!” Chu Li spoked and sweated on his forehead.

This people in these world were fond of combating, the combating skills were learnt since young.

At the age of eight to eighteen, one could strengthen up the vein by learning the inner skill. Without a stronger vein, the impulse from inner strength would kill the fighter.

Before the age of eighteen, he missed the chance to be strengthened up because he were raised up in the temple of leaves and learnt on the Tome of Intelligence.

His soul essence was double of others. With a condensed soul spirit, he could fully understand the Tome of Intelligence and mastered the skill of Da Zhi Yuan Jing.

Armed with a strong soul spirit, he could train longer than the normal people. With the skill, he could understand the essence of the tome. Therefore, he could master the small cleansing skill rapidly within five year.

“Hehe… By using that sword, you could not even kill a chicken, why are you still training?”

Chu Li stopped suddenly, said. “Let’s have a combat for test?”

He was short in breath and the whole body was soft, lacked in energy. He poked the sword on the ground and balanced up his body as the Po Wang sword skill was too energy-consuming.


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