UME chapter 1

Chapter 1:  Reincarnation


A loud gasp and moan resounded together inside the room. A weak and frail body of a young boy was sweating all over his body while a beautiful woman was currently on top of him.


The woman in her 20 was not only extraordinary beautiful, even her waist was slender with her chest that was well proportioned and butt that perfectly round and soft. Her white and smooth skin was glowing radiant that was enough to make many man drowned by just seeing it. Her body was clearly a demoness!


The weak and frail young boy had lost the light in his eyes. He clearly already lost the will to stay alive. This is already the 41 times. The 41 times he got raped by this woman!! He is only 13 years old this year.


The erotic scenes happened for two hours before the woman reached her climax. She leaned on top of his chest with heavy breathing. She lovingly touched the young boy’s body before lifted her face up to look at him.


“Han Feng.” She called out his name softly while looking at his face with her eyes full of love. The young boy named Han Feng does not responded to her at all. This already happened for month. She began to worry about his conditions.


“Husband, Fei-er here.” She tried to call again but her effort was in vain. The boy still silence as if he was a deaf person. She calling him out a few times before giving up. She only leaned her head on his chest to hear his heartbeat. Her mind immediately become serene and peaceful.


After a while, Su Lan Fei covered Han Feng’s body with clothes. She even combed his hair and bring a chicken soup herself although there are many servants in the house.


“Please eat, or else you will get sick.” She slowly blow the hot soup before tried to feed him.  Yet, all of this action does not bear any fruit. Han Feng still choose to remain silence like a wooden doll.


At this moment, a servant come and knock the door. “Young miss, the Western Region Sovereigns had came and waiting for you outside.”


“Hmmm, the Western Region Sovereign had came personally. Seems like something bad will take place in this continent.” Lan Fei was in a deep thought. She slowly gazed at Han Feng with a complicated look.


“Husband, Lan Fei will have to leave you for a while. Before that, I will give you this pendant. It can protect you from the full strike of someone with the cultivation at the Blue Sky Stage.” She cut Han Feng’s palm carefully before hidden the pendant inside it.


She slowly kissed Han Feng’s lips before disappear from his sight.


Soon, two days passed since Lan Fei leave him. In these two days, Han Feng still leaned on his bed motionlessly. His body seems to already empty without conscious, just like a dead person. Suddenly, his body trembled vigorously on the night of the third days. Blood slowly come out from the pores of his nose mouth and ears. Han Feng suddenly jumped and stand up straight!

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