Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, an Ominous Name for Yan Zhaoge?

Chao Yuanlong’s name was so popular among the younger generation’s warriors, not only because of his prestige at his young age, but he also had very great strength. Six months ago, when he was travelling alone, he managed to defeat 3 great warriors with same prestige as him.

Besides signifying the greatness of his party, Sun Saint Sect, this also explains why he could be the representative for his age group in this party.

The moment when he appears, his aura brings great impact to all the audiences. A sound come the crowd: “We followed our senior Yan Zhao Ge here…” Before the words end, his eyes shine bright.

“Yan Zhao Ge?” He asked. “Yes, is him…” All the audiences were shocked and replied.  His eyes shined even brighter. All the weapons on the ground started shaking. Even though all of these weapons are rare artifacts, but they are not generating by their owner.

“These weapons might be treasure to all the trainers, but for me, they are nothing even if all of you generate your full powers. Do you guys have a lot of super weapons? Leave them down since you all dare to show off at my place!” Chao Yuanlong is challenging the members of Broad Creed Mountain.

He turns his face and speak to his junior of Sun Saint Sect,“Let’s choose what you like!” Members of Broad Creed Mountain are getting mad. Chao Yuanlong looks at Si Kong Qing, “I know you have something with you that I’m looking for. Why don’t you take it out? Do you?”

Si Kong Qing frowned and stared fiercely at Chao Yuanlong. Ye Jing pretended to be cool, he rubbed his maroon ring.

Chao Yuanlong said, “Okay, fine. I don’t want to penalize you guys. Go back to your place and ask Yan Zhao Ge to show his face and stop being a coward. I’ll be waiting here.” He then grins evilly, “That was if he dares to come.”

The aura unleashed from his body was shining gold, even his juniors are afraid of him, “Senior brother Chao really comprehends all the enchanted skills!” There are not many who can reach the ninth Level of Enchanted Solar Beam, but Chao Yuanlong seems to be the first one who completes all the tenth level of Enchanted Solar Beam!

The members of Broad Creed Mountain didn’t know about this skill very well, but when look at Chao Yuanlong, his aura is stronger than before. They start to worry for their senior brother Yan Zhao Ge. Is him able to defeat this person who is standing right in front of them?

“He does improve a little bit since the last battle? Does he? Can he defend my tenth level of Solar Beam? If he didn’t improve much enough, I’ll be disappointing. We had battled for 3 times in the past and there is no winner for the battle. This battle should define who is stronger now.” Chao Yuanlong says confidently.

One of the Sun Saint Sect’s member grinned, “Dragon Sealing Abyss. Dragon Sealing, Dragon Sealing. Hah, the name of this place is just ominous to Yan Zhao Ge!” Members of Sun Saint Sect laughed together, “It’s ashamed to be a coward, but it’s worse if he comes here to die!”

As Chao Yuanlong’s Solar Beam skill, Yan Zhao Ge also has his own famous skill. Azure Dragon Sleeve.

Chao Yuanlong said, “I don’t prefer to hide my strength. Just go back to tell Yan Zhao Ge I’ve reached the tenth level of Solar Beam. Ask him whether he has guts to meet me here for a battle or not?”

Before the words end, suddenly Dragon Sealing Abyss is echoed with humming.

“I’m here!” Suddenly, a spot of azure flashlight blink in the dark sky just like lightning. Sound of dragon breathing echoing between the mountain.

“Yan Zhao Ge, still Azure Dragon Sleeve as usual?”Chao Yuanlong generates his Solar Beam, tries to hold azure flashlight dagger.


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