Conquest Chapter 107

Hi guys,

sorry for the extremely long pause.

A lot happened, mostly boring work stuff and a small vacation to Thailand (I really needed it)

When I came back, I had a hard time to get back into translating and also lost my motivation.

I had this chapter in my drive for 2 weeks, but couldn’t find an editor.

I will to translate a chapter now and then, but if someone more active is willing to take over this great novel feel free to do so.

I can send you the glossary.

Enough about me, enjoy!

Conquest Chapter 106

Sorry for the lack of updates on Conquest, TNC is just taking to much of my already limited time… I need to coordinate all the other translators and go through their edit while controlling the consistency…

Releasing 12 chapters a week is taking a huge toll on me…

Enough about me, enjoy!