Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Paying visit to the Martial Mother

This Yinyang disciple took the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant that Yang Dingtian brought and faced towards the sun.

Looking at it through the sunlight, his expression became slightly shaken and revealed an indescribably pleasantly surprised face while saying:”This is the real Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant, release this honored guest!”

Immediately, the surrounding crowd began to call out in alarm. The Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant which went missing for so many years had unexpectedly reappeared again. Furthermore, it was a weakly youth who brought it with him. Everyone suddenly looked at Yang Dingtian with eyes filled of envy and jealousy.

“It actually turned out to be real… Today I unexpectedly received the real Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant.” The servant who was receiving the gifts was so excited that he became dumbstruck. After a while, he stood up and bowed gratefully to Yang Dingtian: “Thank you, I can finally become a disciple, hahaha……”

The Yinyang Sect disciple who recognized the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant gave Yang Dingtian a glance and said: “Please come with me.”

Yang Dingtian walked away from the four warriors that have already distanced themselves and followed the Yinyang Sect disciple under the countless envious eyes towards the main gate of Yinyang Sect.
Wow! Yinyang Sect was truly beautiful and majestic!

Countless tall and beautiful buildings were erected from the mountainside reaching until the summit. The buildings were carved out of jade, the road paved from white stones, incense smoke filled the mountain and rare animals roamed around leisurely. It was as if this scenery wasn’t from the mundane world.

If it was located on Earth, it would be like the Hanging Garden, only ten thousand times more beautiful. It would definitely be classified as a world wonder.

“Please excuse me, but to whom are you taking me?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“You will know when we arrive.” The Yinyang Sect disciple lightly responded.

“I would like to see the Eastern Sect Sovereign’s Madame if possible. I have another gift that is 10,000 times more precious that the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant.” Yang Dingtian proclaimed.

The Yinyang Sect disciple frowned and said: “I can’t even see the Madame, let alone you? Even with a precious gift you don’t get the qualifications to see the Madame. Of course someone special will receive you and your gain won’t be small.”

Yang Dingtian declared: “As long as you can bring me to see the Madame and let me personally offer her my gift, I promise you endless benefits. It is a one in a lifetime opportunity that you would regret for life if you missed it.”

The Yinyang Sect disciple stopped walking, before hesitating for a while and said: “You can give me the gift and I will send it to the Madame. Then the Madame will decide whether to see you or not.”

The disciple was truly excited, not because he completely believed Yang Dingtian’s words, but he personally never saw the Madame before. Meeting the Madame would be an indescribably glorious event for him, however he couldn’t confirm if Yang Dingtian’s gift was that good.

“Trust me, if this gift is given by you, you will not receive any benefits.” Yang Dingtian said.

That Yinyang Sect disciple struggled for a while, before saying: “I can give a try, but I must tell you that if the Madame doesn’t like your gift, the merit for bringing the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant will also completely disappear.”

“No problem!” Yang Dingtian confirmed.

After half an hour, the Yinyang Sect disciple brought Yang Dingtian to a pink wall. During their journey, they passed innumerable houses, countless pavilions and a myriad of people.

In the middle of the pink wall was a circular arched entrance and an incomparably intoxicating fragrance was drifting to the outside. Two otherworldly beautiful women wearing exquisite clothing and faces like jade stood at the entrance. Even the female gate guards were beauties only found one in ten thousand.

The Yinyang Sect disciple walked towards the two women before greeting them respectfully. He then whispered to them that Yang Dingtian wanted to see the Eastern Madame while bringing a precious gift. Afterwards, he also handed over the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant.

After listening, the more voluptuous woman between the two frowned slightly. She then reprimanded the Yinyang Sect disciple several times while bending her waist lower and lower. Finally, she took the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant and walked off.

The Yinyang Sect disciple walked back towards Yang Dingtian’s side and sighed:”If the gift you brought is not splendid, I will be out of luck too. I was really blinded by greed and unexpectedly took the risk with you.”
Yang Dingtian showed faint smile while saying: “Soon, you will rejoice.”

After about ten minutes, the voluptuous and beautiful woman walked out and asked Yang Dingtian: “Are you the person who is bringing this gift?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Yang Dingtian replied.

“You can come with me.” The voluptuous and beautiful woman turned around, before walking back inside while leaving Yang Dingtian to see her swaying back posture. Although she was voluptuous, she had a thin waist above her beautiful buttock which looked particularly plump. While walking, her waist and curvy buttocks was extremely attractive. It was a feast for Yang Dingtian’s eyes while following behind her.

After passing the wall, there was a giant snow white jade screen filled with words. The handwriting was very familiar to Yang Dingtian as it belong’s to his master the Eastern Niemie. Immediately, Yang Dingtian’s footsteps slowed down.

After passing the jade screen, Yang Dingtian’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Starting from the mountainside, the surroundings were covered with the snow and ice. After entering the Yinyang Sect main gate, there were countless magnificent buildings. However, only the color snow white, could be seen. The snow covered every inch of that place. Yet here there was a completely difference stretch of heaven on earth. One could unexpectedly see glossy green, brilliant red and other different colors.

There was a fresh green lawn, luxuriant trees, colorful flowers and a deep green pool of water. Unique butterflies were dancing in the air and birds singing in between the trees. Everything within the wall was different compared to the outside. While the ice-cold white snow covered the outside, there was a warm spring full of green inside. It was like a small different realm.

Even the windblown on his cheeks was warm. While it was minus ten degrees outside, inside here was at least a dozen degree Celsius.

A dozen exquisite red buildings towered in the shade. In this each of those building, everyone looked as if they were inside a painting.

Passing through the garden, there was a stone arch bridge near a water pound. The white bridge connected the shore to the center of the water pound, where a pink luxuriously decorated pavilion stood above the water.

The voluptuous woman led Yang Dingtian across the bridge and stopped at the entrance of pink colored pavilion, before telling him: “You can go inside.”

“Remember, after going in you are only allowed to look down on your foot.” After cautioning him, the voluptuous and beautiful woman left.

Yang Dingtian’s heart started jumping from nervousness, knowing that he will see his Martial Mother soon. After taking a long breath to suppress his excitement and nervousness, he entered the door and it automatically closed behind him.

The inside of the room was completely pink. Walking on the soft carpet, it felt like stepping on clouds.
This was a living room, with a table and, several chairs in the middle. The surrounding was decorated with all kinds of beautiful flowers.

However, there was nobody inside.

When Yang Dingtian arrived at center of the living room, he shouted: “Yang Dingtian pays a visit to the Madame.”
“I have to thank you for bring the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant.” Yang Dingtian suddenly heard a soft voice that was incomparable pleasant. Listening to it was similar to a pair of dedicate hands caressing the body and could make people addicted to it.

“What is that you want?” That soft attractive voice could be heard once more.

“I am here to bring another gift, Madame.” Yang Dingtian continued.

“What gift?” That soft voice asked.

“A common ornament, a flame ornament……” Yang Dingtian said.

“Huh……” A cry of alarm could be heard from inside, followed by something breaking on the ground.

“You, you lift it up and let me have a look!”That woman said with a trembling voice.

Yang Dingtian took off the flame ornament from his neck and lifted it high.

With a sobbing sound, a fragrant wind and a pink beautiful figure rushed out from inside. After arriving in front of Yang Dingtian, she immediately took the flame ornament from Yang Dingtian’s hand and pressed it tightly to her chest. Sobering, she said: “It finally arrived, finally arrived. I have waited ten years for it to finally arrive……”

Yang Dingtian became dumbstruck and became afraid to look at the woman in front of him.

Can someone really be this beautiful?

On the topic of beauties, he read many novels talking about them and always thought they were exaggerated. While on earth, he saw countless cover models, beauty pageant and beautiful movie stars. However, in his opinion they were able to reach the level that novels describe beauties.

However right now, Yang Dingtian thought that these novels didn’t go far enough to describe a stunning beauty. It was completely impossible for him to describe the beauty of this woman in front of him. It was something completely indescribable and a beauty that no one would believe possible.

It wasn’t only the appearance, since there was a limit on aesthetic beauty of the facial features. However, the charm of the temperament had no limits.

The beauty of that stunning woman in front of him directly pierced through the deepest part of his heart and made his entire spirit tremble.

An eighteen year old girls’ delicate tenderness and a mature woman’s charm, innocence and seduction all bent together were radiating from her. She was the kind of woman who no one could guess her age and also someone where people would forget her age after a decade or two.

Wearing a dress decorated with brocade, Yang Dingtian finally noticed how this tender body’s curve fluctuated while moving. The sex appeal of this curve was similarly as hard to describe with any expression known to him.

“He, where is he?” The stunning beautiful asked.

Finally sobering up from her beauty, Yang Dingtian struggled to breath and replied: “He, he is already gone.”

Telling himself that this was his Martial Mother, Yang Dingtian warned himself that he was not allowed to disrespect her in his mind even if she was beautiful to this degree.

“Gone? What does it mean?” They stunning beauty’s tender body shivered and her beautiful dream like pupils was filled with fear.

“Master he, he died.” Yang Dingtian’s eyes reddened.

Immediately, Yang Dingtian’s body became soft. After hearing these words, the stunning beauty fainted on the spot. Yang Dingtian quickly supported her tender body and felt the indescribable softness, as well as the otherworldly elasticity.

“Martial Mother, Martial Mother……” Holding her waist, Yang Dingtian shouted anxiously.

The fainted beauty slowly opened her eyes after several minutes. The beautiful eyes resembled those of a child who just woke up from a nightmare, fearing that the nightmare was real while gradually realizing this was the reality. The fear and confusing turned into an inexhaustible sadness and crystal clear tears oozed out from her beautiful eyes, sliding down her jade like cheeks.

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