Chapter 16

Chapter  16 Arriving at Yinyang Sect

“We haven’t arrived yet!” The red-clothed girl replied with a low voice.

“Then why did he get off?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Once arriving at Yinyang Sect, there will be many people watching which would cause him to lose face when being seen climbing out of a public carriage. That’s why he got off earlier.”A Youxia[1] replied.

Yang Dingtian added: “It is understandable since he is from the Northwest Qin Family. With a famous family name behind him, he cannot cause his family to lose face.”

“A fart’s worth is that famous family name.” The Youxia laughed with a disdainful smile: “He is at most a son of a servant from the Northwest Qin Family and probably doesn’t even have a family name, while still calling himself Qin Huaiyu. Within the circle of Youxia’s, who doesn’t know this bragging King? Would someone with a famous family name, rid a public carriage?”

Yang Dingtai became slightly startled. No wonder that Qin Huaiyu didn’t say his own name. That man loved to brag lasciviously but didn’t seem like a bad person. Yang Dingtian suddenly felt sympathy toward him. Nobody knew how much bitterness was hidden behind that smiling face and Yang Dingtian’s face didn’t show any ridicule towards him.

After a while, the four remaining Youxias also got off the carriage. Of course they still haven’t arrived at Yinyang Sect yet and only got off earlier to save some face. Suddenly, there was only the old man, that red-clothed girl and Yang Dingtian left inside the carriage.

After those people left, that red-clothed girl who felt somewhat restrained until now, let out a heavy sigh of relief and her attitude naturally relaxed. Her beautiful eyes became a bit bolder while staring at Yang Dingtian.

Fitting with her beautiful face, these eyes appeared to radiate a divine like aura. At that moment, Yang Dingtai discovered that not only didn’t that girl’s big eyes contain any shyness; it even had a trace of wildness inside. It wasn’t the kind of wild flame which Ximen gave off, but the unique boldness befitting a girl coming from a mountain village.

“The eyes from those people a moment ago were too repugnant. From where I come, I would have crawled out their eyes. “The red-clothed girl said.

“Everyone has a beauty-loving heart. They aren’t bad people.” Yang Dingtain added: “They are eyeing you like that because they think you look pretty.”

Red-clothed girl replied with slightly reddened checks: “You didn’t look at me that way.”

Yang Dingtian immediately argued: “I also wanted to look, but I was too embarrassed.”

Red-clothed girl’s cheek immediately turned redder and her pair of wild eyes suddenly turned bolder. She wasn’t even intimidated that her father was sitting beside her.

Yang Dingtian quickly changed the topic: “They were all really powerful, would you be able to crawl out their eyes in a fight?”

“They are like straw bags and cannot beat me.”The red-clothed girl proclaimed, while her small cherry like mouth slightly lifted itself.

Full of surprise, Yang Dingtian praised: “You are that strong?”

The red-clothed girl said with a flustered face: “I am not that strong, but I am not too bad. It depends with whom I compare myself.”

“By the way, you don’t have to believe the words from that Qin guy a moment ago. He just loves bragging.” The Red-clothed girl mentioned.

Yang Dingtian asked: “Then everything he said were lies?”

The Red-clothed girl replied: “They were not lies, but he just likes putting on a dramatic air. Furthermore, everyone knows about these matters that he talked about and are not some hidden secret.”

“What is your name?”The Red-clothed girl asked boldly.

“I am called Yang Dingtian.”

The red-clothed girl’s cheek slightly reddened again and asked: “How can you have such a name?” [2]

It was obvious like she didn’t understand the real meaning of his name.

“I am called Shui Hongshao.” The Red-clothed girl said: “My father’s name is Li Guinong, but I took my mother’s name.”

When the old man sitting at the edge saw that his daughter impatiently said her and his name, he couldn’t help and revealed a warm smile.
Yang Dingtian said: “You have a really beautiful name.”

“You haven’t heard of my father’s name?” Shui Hongshao asked full of doubt.

Yang Dingtian was slightly taken by surprise, could this commonly looking old man be actually very famous? He immediately shook his head and replied:”I am quite ignorant and just arrived from a place nobody heard of. It is even the first time I heard the Qin sect leader’s named.”

Shui Hongshao responded: “It’s nothing serious, but my father is quite famous. Not the imposing kind of famous, but more down to earth.”

While talking, Shui Hongshao revealed a trace of sadness.

“What is your purpose at Yinyang Sect?” Shui Hongshao inquired.

Yang Dingtian replied: “I am here to bring something.”

“To bring a gift? We also came here to bring a gift. We travelled ten thousand Li in order to bring this gift. In order to pay the price for the gift and travel expense, we sold lots of rice fields. How could a big shot like Yinyang Sect take a liking to our gift?”  Shui Hongshao complained annoyed: “However, I used this opportunity to enjoy on this trip. I haven’t left home ever since I am born.”

Afterwards, Shui Hongshao continued to talk with Yang Dingtai and he slowly understood that both of them came from the Woodsword Fort within the Pingliang province. This Li Guinong was unexpectedly the fort’s lord. Moreover, what surprised Yang Dingtian the most was that Woodsword Fort was actually within the Three Sects, Nine Families, and Twenty-Seven factions? Even through their family was famous within the world; their glory belonged in the past. Right now, their position fell so much that they reached the point where their family would be soon removed from the list.

This time, they travelled ten thousand of Li to present Yinyang Sect a gift in order to ask them speak a few good words. They wanted to use this to avoid being removed from the list.

The more they talked, the more Yang Dingtian understood Shui Hongshao. Although, she came from a rural mountains place, she was extremely bright. Furthermore, she was extremely innocent and had a bold wildness.

The time flew away quickly while talking. After half an hour, they arrived at Yinyang Sect.

When Yang Dingtian got out, he bid goodbye to father and daughter: “Fort Lord Li, Lady Shui, farewell! I wish your matter can be solved smoothly.”

In his heart he had already decided that once he entered the Yinyang Sect, he will put in some good words for Woodsword Fort in front of his Martial Mother so that they won’t lose the standing inherited from their ancestors.

Li Guinong returned the courtesy and said: “I wish Prince Yang a bright future.”

Shui Hongshao was somewhat reluctant to part way and said in a low voice: “When you are free in the future, you must come to Woodsword Fort to play.”

“Of course!”Yang Dingtian said with a smile and turned around to depart.

Shui Hongshao stood motionless on the spot, even when she couldn’t see Yang Dingtian’s back anymore, she wasn’t willing to leave. Her father, Li Guinong who was standing beside her, said with a smile: “Young girl, your eyes are quite good, but it is a pity that the other’s ambition is too high and unable to be satisfied by us.”

Shui Hongshao’s face reddened and glanced at her father before complaining:”What nonsense is father talking about, who would fancy him?”

The Yinyang Sect was located on the Vast Immeasurable Mountain and the front gate was neat the mountain outskirt. After leaving the carriage at the foot of the mountain, visitors had to walk a dozen Li before arriving at the Yinyang mountain gate. According to Yang Dingtai’s estimation, he was already at the altitude of 3000 meters.  The weather in the Eastern Cloud Province wasn’t cold and it was warm at the foot of the mountain. However, the mountain itself was cladded in silvery white, full of ice and snow.

Vast Immeasurable Mountain was so big that the elevation from the foot to the mountainside was already 3000 meters.  However the road to the mountain top formed from green boulders was dozens of Li long. Along the way, there were countless people travelling together. Most of them were Youxias without factions or sects and disciples of small sects who were required to use the front gate at the mountainside.

Standing under the front gate of Yinyang Sect, Yang Dingtian was once again overcome by an intense shock.

At the end of this long snake like stone path was the mountain gate of the Yinyang Sect. This entrance was unexpectedly made of a dozens of meters wide crack inside a stone wall. Both side of the stone wall were around forty to fifty meters high.  Standing under this giant entrance, Yang Dingtian couldn’t help but feel extremely small.

Moreover the most unexpectedly thing was, the entrance with a width of dozens of meters and high of over forty meters was actually graved out by a sword. The proof was the marks left by the sword during the creation.

In front of the entrance was a gigantic stone field filled with several hundreds of tables decorated with food and drinks. People sat around these tables eating and drinking. Once a group left, another one would immediately replace them on the table and they would be served anew.

Furthermore, there were nine long lines formed in front of the entrance with people holding all kind of gifts in their hands.

These were various people without status and who didn’t even have the qualifications to enter Yinyang Sect. They could only leave their gifts at the entrance and after joining the banquet, they would quickly descend the mountain. This was a kind of cold reception, but it didn’t discourage countless people to come.

Sighing, Yang Dingtian found a relatively shorted queue and joined at the back, waiting to offer his gift.

After waiting in the queue for one hour, it was finally his turn to offer the gift. In order to be allowed to see Yinyang Sect’s Martial Mother, he took the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant from his bosom that Ximen Wuya gave him. This Fire Nine Hooped Pendant was so precious, that it was definitely unique as a gift today.

Unexpectedly, the one receiving the gift wasn’t a Yinyang Sect disciple, but an ordinary servant.  After receiving the gift, he asked without any emotions: “Name, sect and what kind of gift?”

“Yang Dingtian, no sect nor faction, Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant.” Yang Dingtian replied.

The servant’s complexion changed after receiving the gift and look up at Yang Dingtian, before saying coldly: “Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant? Take him away and give him 30 whips, before throwing him down the mountain. Issue the order to all the sects under heaven that they are forbidden to accept him as discipline.”

Immediately, four bulky warriors stepped forwarder in order to escort Yang Dingtian away.

Confused, Yang Dingtian asked angrily: “What is the meaning of this? Is this how you treat people bringing gifts?”

The servant who was accepting the gifts replied coldly and calm: “Even if you have gifted us a goose feathers, we would have asked you to join banquet at a table. However you tried to deceive us and this is regarded as an insult to my Yinyang Sect. Whipping you and banning you is already a light punishment.”

Yang Dingtian inquired: “How did I deceive you?”

The servant receiving the gifts responded: “Today, you are 99th guy bring the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendant.”

While talking, he opened a box next to him. The inside was filled with Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendants and they all seemed exactly like the one Yang Dingtian brought.

Seeing this, Yang Dingtian could help but smile wryly. The fact that Yinyang Sect was painstakingly searching the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendants was known through the world.  Therefore some opportunistic Youxias fabricated some fake and brought this disaster on Yang Dingtian’s head.

“Mine is real.”Yang Dingtian insisted.

“55 people said the same thing.”The servant receiving the gifts said without changing his expression:”Escort him away, and whip him!”

Immediately, the four warriors grabbed Yang Dingtian’s arms and pressed him fiercely to the ground.

“Presumptuos, you dare?”Yang Dingtian roared angry and prepared to fight.

“Wait ……” Suddenly, a cold voice could be heard and a snow white shadow drifted in front of them like the wind.  Immediately, all, the surrounding people bowed down. This person was a real disciple of Yinyang Sect.

This Yinyang Sect disciple took the Li Fire Nine Hooped Pendants that Yang Dingtian brought and inspected under the sun. His expression suddenly became greatly startle

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[2] There is another meaning to the MC’s name Dingtian. Ding(顶) also means “Poke”, so basically, “Poke the Heaven”. I hope I don’t need to explain further why that girl blushed…

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