Chapter 31 Battle of Kaiyang (4)

Translated by Scar
Edited by Tchu

My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 31 Battle of Kaiyang (4)

“Cough, cough!” Bearing the excitement arising from deep down of his heart, Lu Bu could not help start coughing. Blood accompanied every coughing that he let out.

For a decade or two that he had not encountered a death battle like this!

“Lu Bu is struggling!” Barely holding on his halberd Xu Huang could not stop breathing heavily. His hands were already torn open with wounds. Xu Huang would have already collapsed, if it was not for his battle hardened willpower.

“Such strength and such power!“ Thought Xu Huang. Lu Bu had destroyed half of his troops and Li Dian suffered major injuries. Furthermore, Xu Chu and Xu Huang himself were in a state where they had one leg in their graves. A fighting force of no less than one hundred personal guards who had gone through countless battles and risen above countless dead enemies leading by Li Dian, Xu Chu and himself, could only harm Lu Bu to such a point!

“Fight, keep fighting! Lu Bu will be finished if we push our limit a bit further!” Li Dian managed narrowly to stand up with his battle scarred long blade which was caused in the battle with Lu Bu.

After all, Lu Bu’s troops were overwhelmed in numbers on the wall. The Cao troops had already climbed onto the wall. Concerned about Xu Chu and the others, Cao Cao commanded the Ferocious Tiger Cavalry to abandon their horses and head for the wall. Lu Bu’s troops were cornered by an increasing number of Cao Cao’s reinforcements.

“Lu Bu, today is the day you die!” Xu Huang yelled and showed a malicious look. In order to kill Lu Bu, he had sacrificed almost all of his personal guards who had followed him all the way from Luo Yang and Chang An. He would feel deeply distressed for losing any single one of them for their strengths, not to even mention the bonds between Xu Huang and his men.

Li Dian remained silent, but his eyes were blazing with killing intent. He would never let Lu Bu escape.

However, there was a gloomy look appearing on Xu Chu’s face. He knew it for sure that he was no match for Lu Bu if he was fighting against Lu Bu by himself. Foreseeing such a hero leaving the stage, gave Xu Chu a feeling of misery.

“Hahahaha!” Lu Bu suddenly burst into laughing.

“What are you laughing at?!” Xu Huang presented an cold expression.

“I have recalled some funny things”, Lu Bu struggled to stands straight, but he would never lower his body even when he is severely injured. “There are too many people who curse me to die. I have already come around to the idea long time ago. As a general I am supposed to die on battles!”

“When I was following Ding Jianyang, I thought I would die in fighting with barbarians but I didn’t.”

“When I killed Ding Jianyang and joined the army of Dong Zhuo, again I thought I would die in the hands of the 18 warlords but I didn’t.”

“Having lost the Battle of Chang An, I once again thought that I will die by the hands of the Western Liang Heavy Cavalry, by the hands of Li Ru. A major disappointment. Guo Si and Li Jue were gutless like mouse. They dared not even pursue after me!” In Xia Pi I was fully prepared to lose the city and also my life. Who knows that my good son-in-law Hanyang would show up? Starting from the time in Bing Province, I have added many years to my life!”

The more Lu Bu laughed, the more exhausted he became. However, no one dared to act rashly. “Cao Mengde has won the battle and got Xu Province, but he could never conquer me. He fears me!” Lu Bu wiped off the blood from his mouth.

“My lord fears you?! Is it a joke? You are nothing but an ordinary man!” Xu Huang said with scorn.

“Really?”Lu Bu frowned upon Xu Huang, ” If Cao Mengde was truly not afraid of me, why did he first invaded Xu Province? Why would he send out the Ferocious Cavalry and an army of one hundred thousand to chase me after I broke through Xia Pi? He worries because I am able to kill him!”

Lu Bu then said to Xu Chu: ”Xu Zhongkang, I know you are the private guard for Cao Mengde. Cao harbours great suspicion toward everyone except a handful of people. He takes you with him everywhere, but sends you to combat with me today. Don’t you think he is afraid of me?!”

Xu Chu didn’t spit out a single word because he knew that Lu Bu was right. Xu Chu stood outside of the tent and heard everything when Cao Cao and Guo Jia were having their conversation. There could only be one explanation to Cao Cao’s worrying tone. He is scared of Lu Bu!”

“Whatever! My Lord can sleep well from now on!” Xu Chu clenched his long blade. Cao Cao had tossed and turned restlessly over countless nights because of Lu Bu.

“Marquis of Wen! Resign yourself to your fate!” Li Dian said in a deep voice, “Do not go against the Prime Minister in your next life!”

“Come and try to get my head!”

Lu Bu again killed more than twenty elite soldiers in fifteen rounds. The Sky Piercer he was holding seemed to become heavier and heavier in his hands. “Hanyang! I’m afraid that I cannot hold on to the time that you come!” Lu Bu was too fatigue starting from the time in Xia Pi. He was a lone wolf supposed to belong to the grassland. If he had been born in a time of peace and order, he would possibly become a Wing Commander like Li Guang or Huo Qubing and become widely renowned. But he was born in the wrong era. In these troubled times in which he could only become a hero and not a Villain.

“It’s finished!” Xu Huang lowers his halberd. Even with armour, he cannot resist the force in such a close range.

Suddenly, an arrow was flying over like a blazing star, together with an urgent voice.

“Do not hurt my Lord!” The flashing arrow was shot right on Xu Huang’s halberd and makes it miss Lu Bu. The halberd hit the Saint Cloth and splashed a spark and Lu Bu was saved by the arrow.

“Gongtai?!” Lu Bu recognized the voice for sure that it belonged to Chen Gong Chen Gongtai. The arrow skills of Chen Gong are equivalent with those of himself! “There is no need for you come.” Lu Bu urged. As a civil officer, no matter how strong he is, Chen Gong cannot fight on equal ground with those military officers.

“My Lord please do not panic, Zhang Liao has arrived!” With a burst of fighting cries, another valiant general had appeared on the wall.

“I am prepared to die in battle!” Gao Shun’s voice was calm as always.

“Lu Bu, Lu Fengxian, you cannot die! How can I have chance to beat you in the future if you die here today!” Here comes Zang Ba, who had always been thinking of beating Lu Bu but had kept losing to Lu Bu all the time.

“It’s you guys?!” Lu Bu saw it now that black flags and black clothes had again taken the wall.” How can I die here today! I’m not losing the battle! I still have my troops and my bothers!” Lu Bu clenched the Sky Piercer in his hand and shouted to the sky: ”Cao Cao, Cao Mengde, I will forever be your nightmare!” The beast had come back to life.

“Lu Bu, Lu Bu!” Cao Cao clenched his fists in anger. His nails got stuck to the flesh and his hands started bleeding. But he could not care less for it under such a circumstance.

Lu’s troops were piling up in number on the wall. Cao Cao closed his eyes and said : ”Knock the gong and retreat!”

“Fuck!” Hearing the signal of retreat, Xu Huang, Li Dian and Xu Chu were not reconciled to lose the chance of killing Lu Bu. They were so close on killing him and win the battle, but now they had to retreat despondently. They probably could not get rid of Lu’s troops if they lingered here for a few more seconds. Zhang Liao, Gao Shun and Zang Ba are not easy to combat with, not to even mention that Li Dian was severely injured.

“Retreat!” Xu Chu fought to get out of the wall while covering for Li Dian and Xu Huang. They climbed down the cloud ladder and went back to their tents.

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