My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 45

Unfortunately, I have bad news for Lu Bu fans. I am taking a break from translating Lu Bu to focus more on Conquest.

The reasons:

  1. Lu Bu is written really weirdly and it’s really hard to translate.
  2.  I prefer the story of Conquest and the style of the author.
  3. The popularity of Lu Bu is not really increasing even after a month 🙁

Fear not, James will keep the translation alive, but he will also reduce the releasing speed to focus on making some money to feed his family. If you like the story and have some spare cookie money left, you know what you can do 😉

Anyway, here is the last Lu Bu chapter for a while, enjoy!

9 thoughts on “My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 45

  1. I think the popularity really has to do with the lack of consistent releases. Even when you guys resumes the hiatus that James had, the release was just not constant enough. Some may have dropped the series because of that, other’s may wait for more chapters before reading again.

    Personally, I love this series, and hope for it to be more popular. For Conquest, i do want to give it a try, but will wait it out for more chapters and gauge the consistency of releases. Lately I’ve started many series where author quit translating, just hope that Conquest won’t be one of those series.

  2. I have to agree with dodadum, speed count a lot in popularity. I doubt Coiling Dragon or Martial God Asura will be that popular if they are not released daily, most often multiple time everyday. On the other hand, speed is related to difficulty. And yeah, Lu Bu is difficult to translate. Basically #1 is main reason for #3. Difficult to translate -> slow release -> low popularity.

    I have to disagree that ROTK is not mainstream enough, if it’s compared to population of the world ROTK probably not mainstream. But compared to population of light novel and manga reader, surely lots of them have read or know some version of ROTK.

    I will wait until conquest got 20+ chapter before starting too. Law of the Devil is not exactly my favorite LN, it started great, but the author gone overboard trying to be funny with mac donald armada and soccer gambling.

    • Like you said, the problem with Lu Bu is the long translating speed. In total around 8hs per chapter for me… Also, even if a lot of people know ROTK, most of them don’t care about the political struggles and all its complexity. Most people want to read something easy.

      From what I translated, the writing style of the author is better in Conquest than Law of the Devil imo. Anyway, have a read when you got the time.

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