My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 40

Here is the new chapter, our MC will wake up be back in action soon.

James and I will start working on a new novel soon, so we will slow on on the Lu Bu releases. Unfortunately, Lu Bu its not that popular as we hoped. We will still try to release 2-3 chapters a week.

More information on the new novel coming next week!

Here is chapter 40, have fun!

9 thoughts on “My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 40

      • because..this novel translation has been on hiatus for a long time..beside,this site is still unknown you have to make more release for people to know this site when they check on aho update..and you must tell james to put your current chapter link on his site.i dont even know chapter 40 are already done until today

        tl;dr: more release..more view

        • Even James doesn’t have many views from Lu Bu. Its sad, but people just like op MC who kills everyone these days… Anyways, we will keep releasing hoping that more people will start reading it

  1. I feel like the novel will get more popular once there’s more son-in-law interactions.
    I got attached to this novel during the scene where he meets Lu Bu’s daughter, and kept refreshing ever since xD
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Well, people always love to read novels that already many chapters translated.Plus, Jame also dropped the translation for a while, so i guests u need to give them time.

  3. Yeah, I agree with the previous comment. Most people who has an interest in Liu Mang’s story would be seriously skeptical because even though the translations are good there were no stable release dates. And most people who are in the borderline won’t even bother to look at it because of its inconsistent releases compared to some Wuxia/Xianxia novels.

  4. well the popularity died when there was no updates for over a month + it hasn’t made it past the 50+ chapter platoue and being that it isn’t hosted on any of the now major Chinese novel TL sites or linked yet so….

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