My Father in Law is Lu Bu chapter 31

Dear Fellow Wuxia lovers!

After leeching of other people’s hard work for over a year, we decide to contribute something back to this amazing community.

Since James introduced My Father in Law is Lu Bu to us, we have instantly become fans and were waiting eagerly for new updates. Unfortunately, real life overwhelmed our amazing James and we therefore decided to continue this amazing novel and honour our fallen brother who has sacrificed his sweat and blood for this novel.

We will try to release 2 chapters a week. If you have some change to spare, you can feed us with beer and pizza to increase the releasing speed. 🙂

If you are broke like us, we welcome comments and thanks for motivation boosts!

I hope you guys go easy on us since we don’t have a good editor yet. We will try our best to improve our quality and suggestions are always welcome!

(If you are interested in becoming our editor, please look for my email under “The Team” tab)

Here is the long awaited chapter 31

Have fun!


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