Chapter 8:The Requirment of Students

Chapter 8:The Requirement of Students

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Xu Jie’s eyes felt like they were on fire, his heart tightened and although he has never heard of the Violet Flame Heart Crystal or the Gravity Drum, in his mind he felt that these two items would soon become solely his.

Although He Dan Ya was also very shocked to hear the news told by Li Ming Yuan, a strange feeling came over her as she gazed towards Xu Jie. She saw that Xu Jie had the most dumbfounded look on his face, with hints of drool hanging from his mouth. She could not resist the urge and let out a small happy giggle.


As she laughed, her delicate face along with her vibrant red ears glowed. She then lifted her hand to cover her soft and luscious lips, this action was refreshing and cute. However, the stunned Xu Jie was still stuck in his fantasy and was not aware of her at all during this phase.


“The third prize is… …” Li Ming Yuan held a long moment of silence to arouse the audience’s curiosity.


Each and every member of the audience was drawn towards Li Ming Yuan’s words.


“Ming Yuan, you don’t need to be so mysterious, let your little brother announce it!” A loud and thundering voice came forward, “The third prize is for the winner to become one of the six successors of the Xia empire!”


“What, is that for real?”

“I can’t believe they would get to become one of the six successors for the throne!”

“As the news spread around, the audience became rowdy and the volume grew louder and louder.”


“Who said that?” Li Ming Yuan’s eyebrows tensed up, his expression becoming dead serious as his voice thundered its way past the crowd and through the atmosphere.


“Long time no see, Ming Yuan, I’ll be right there!” Although the contents sounded friendly, the tone this person took was arrogant, completely vanquishing the aura Li Ming Yuan’s voice gave off. Just as the sentence ended, a ray of white light began to shine brightly on the edge of the horizon and a shape shot towards Li Ming Yuan.


When the white light drew closer and closer, Xu Jie could finally tell that the origin of the white light was a palm the size of a small mountain, and was transparent like a crystal. The force of the palm was considerable as it came closer and closer towards them.


“What’s going on now?” the crowd began to murmur and discuss.


“Oh, so it’s Jing Tian, when were you so friendly!” Li Ming Yuan recognized the mysterious person, and twirled his right hand which was covered with flames. He thrusted strongly towards the palm and a huge fireball with intense ferocity emerged from his right hand.


“Holy!” the audience began to become a mess as people ran while protecting their heads.


But Xu Jie found out that once the fireball and palm hit each other, there was no sound or impact. Both powers disappeared at the same time leaving behind no trace that either ever existed.


Xu Jie stood there as he blanked out, “What a magnificent display of power!”


The horizon began to shine with a white light once again, a huge stream of holy light shone in the sky above Long Jian while the boat of the Fire Dragon Academy began to wobble violently.


The middle of the boat had three enormous white sails, which was created from a material that released the rays of holy light. On top of the largest sail, stood a person. His presence gave off an aggressive, and powerful aura. On top of his head, there was a white coloured stone, swirling around him and giving off a warm light. In Xu Jie’s head, he imagined a lion statue from a temple which was both majestic, and holy.

“Ming Yuan, it’s been 30 years. I never would have imagined that your techniques have rose to such great heights. This is quite an achievement!” The man who stood on top of the sail seemed to see through Li Ming Yuan as he spoke.


“Tan Jing Tian, you’ve also trained your techniques to a whole new level! Congratulations to you as well!” Li Ming Yuan wasn’t about to back down to Tan Jing Tian’s aura as he responded with a certain edge.


“I remember now.” The audience stared at the head of the holy boat, Yan Xing Hai, as they exchanged glances between Li Ming Yuan and the glowing boat. They realized that this wass the Radiant Light Academy’s signature glowing ship!


“Ming Yuan, we can chat about the past later, but first let me finish my task!” Tan Jing Tian bit the word “past” harshly and the relationship between the two obviously wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Tan Jing Tian then exclaimed to the crowd below as he yelled, “Half a year later, the Radiant Light Academy also opens their doors, I hope that each and every one of you will enroll into my academy, I will grant those that manage to enter with special privileges!”




“The Radiant Light Academy is also taking in disciples!?”


The crowd beneath the two  began to whisper and talk among themselves.


“What are we going to do, which academy do we go to!””


“I still think the Flame Dragon Academy is the best, the champion will most certainly rise to the heavens!”


The hearts of these youngsters beat strongly and passionately… …


Just as the students were planning to go to the Flame Dragon Academy, Tan Jing Tian threw out a statement that shocked them “Two years later, the Radiant Light Academy will also host a tournament with three prizes!”


Tan Jing Tian’s grasp of the situation was amazing as he caught everyone by surprise proving just how experienced he is.


“Of course, the prize will be comparable to that of the Flame Dragon Academy.”


As Tan Jing Tian finished his statement, the students below began to fluster once again, and have no choice but to listen attentively to Tan Jing Tian.


“The first prize is also to become one of the six heirs for the spot of the king!” Tan Jing Tian’s first announced prize was the Flame Dragon Academy’s last, meant that he wanted to pressure the other academy.


The first prize, just like a hook, grabbed everyone’s attention.


“The second prize is the ability to speed up any medicine formation with the pearl of life!” Tan Jing Tian spoke strongly with confiance, pressuring the Flame Academy another time.


Soon after he gave out the last prize: “The third and final prize, is the ultimate blessing for the champion which is given during the opening of the sacred light ceremony!”


“What!” After hearing these news, even Li Ming Yuan was surprised.

“Holy Shit!”


“The pearl of life!”


“Ultimate blessing!”


After hearing the statements of Tan Jing Tian, tides of excitement washed over the crowd as they made their final decisions.


“I’ve decided, I’m going to the Radiant Light Academy!”


“Me too!”


“Count me in!”


“… …”


All at once, the responses of the crowd merged together.


All the students talked so happily, as if they had already passed the test and was just about to be crowned as the winner of the tournament.


“Looks like that the Radiant Light Academy’s rewards are better!” Even Xu Jie had changed his mind.


“Unforgivable!” As Li Ming Yuan remembered how the events came to place, he realized that the Radiant Light Academy was prepared with a clear purpose; to steal the students away from them. His rage swirled within him, as his new anger mixed with his old feelings of revenge resurfaced as he yelled: “Tan Jing Tian, let us continue where we left off thirty years ago, and finish that fight! Let’s see who is really the better martial artist!”


As Li Ming Yuan thrusted forward with his palm, the godly flame dragon sprung forth once again and charged towards the grinning Tan Jing Tian.’

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