Chapter 7: Flame Dragon

Translated by: Kiicchann

Edited by: Geoffrey Hilton & iballisticbunny

He Dan Ya stood up. While she was sitting in the rain, she was so frightened by the petrifying Ivory Skeletal Bird that she forgot about the horrible downpour around her. Her heart was filled to the brim with perpetual dread and desperation. She realized she would never be able to give her thanks and apologize to her savior and express her remorse.

But the instant Xu Jie positioned himself in front of her, she experienced a drastic change of heart. While staring at the back which stood firm like an unmovable mountain, she suddenly realized the Ivory Skeletal Bird  was not as frightening as she thought it was, and the fear of approaching death seemed almost insignificant now. Xu Jie’s presence blocked her sight and occupied her heart. On her a face, a gentle smile slowly floated up onto the surface.

As the Ivory Skeletal Bird gradually descended onto the earth, its flight left an aftermath of fierce winds. This gust caused their hair to whip their faces and their skin to ripple like waves. The debris was easily swept up underneath the powerful winds and teared through the tightly enclosed space. The razor sharp cyclone slashed at those within the stadium, already leaving behind streaks of crimson and a hurricane of blood.

Everyone in the stadium knew the apocalypse was near, along with the unstoppable dawn of approaching death. As everyone was about to close their eyes and wait for their inevitable end, a vivid flash of light suddenly appeared in the sky. To those on the ground, the flare of light appeared to be miniscule, however it shone with such a striking flame that was so unmistakably bright, not a single person could turn their eyes away from the sight.

In a split second, the blaze crossed the distance of a hundred miles, rocketing straight towards the almighty Ivory Skeletal Bird. Right before the light reached the giant skeletal beast, the string of light suddenly bursted, metamorphosizing into a magnificent flame dragon who spanned across the sky like a rainbow. The next moment, the flame dragon swallowed the entire colossal monster without a second of hesitation.

[RN: heh, rainbows are not exactly great representations of a great dragon is it, hopefully you guys will know what I mean, you know, magnificent dragon here, not nyan cat or unicorns.] – Kiicchann

“Ah, ahh….*” the Ivory Skeletal Bird bolted out a heart tearing scream. Its howling cry  contained anguish towards the heavens, a short but violent scream. And then it was heard no more.

[*TLN: so the bird doesn’t actually say “ah ah”, the direct pinyin translation is “ao ao”, which sounds kinda like ow ow… it would be pretty wimpy if a monster said ow ow wouldn’t it? haha so I took a little creative license here (or tried to at least)] -Kiicchann

The flame dragon rose from the ground, and took off towards the tumbling clouds. In the vast skyline, the carcass of the Ivory Skeletal Bird reappeared. However the blood thirsty gleam of its eyes would never be seen again.

[RN: Gotta say, technically the ivory bird monster was mainly bones anyway.I wonder if the carcass looks any different from when it was alive. Minus the creepy eyes I imagined.] -iballisticbunny

Another wild gust of wind blew across the sky carrying with it the disappearing carcass of the once powerful Ivory Skeletal Bird.

“Holy shit!”

[RN: okay, so your editor decided to change “holy”, which is what I wrote before, into “holy shit” blame him lol] -Kiicchann [I REGRET NOTHHINNNNNGGGGG] – iballisticbunny

“What just happened?”

In this fantasy like moment, everyone so was dumbfounded by the unbelievable unfolding of events that their eyes and mouth hung wide open with jaws dropped.

Xu Jie himself was astonished as well, inside his heart a fierce storm was raging: “What exactly was that flame? It was able to swallow up that monstrous creature in a split second and turn it into dust, how hot that fire must be! But those of us on the ground never felt a single wave of heat!”

While the chaos below continued, the flame dragon ascended into the atmosphere and disappeared in the beds of clouds. The vast and ocean like clouds dissolved into thin air the as the flame dragon approached it, evaporating on contact of its stifling heat. In the blink of an eye, sky appeared without a spec of grey clouds and the ray of sunshine once again beamed down on earth. This concluded the mission of the flame dragon as it suddenly disappeared without a trace.


“We don’t have to die anymore!”

“The joy of living is indescribable!”

As the sun shone down on the arena, everyone gradually regained consciousness from their shakened state. In the spur of the moment, they suddenly realized that the familiar ray of light suddenly became much more amiable and appreciated. In the field of debris everyone felt a sense of compassion for one another.

After a walk on the tightrope of death, everyone was filled with an indescribable feeling in their hearts.

He Dan Ya stood up from the puddle of water and stood beside Xu Jie. However, Xu Jie sensed that something was wrong. He stared at the direction where the flare had originally appeared and saw that an object was flying toward the arena. At first glance the object seemed to be a dot of light to the human eye. However upon upon further inspection, the object turned into a colossus creature appeared above the Jiang Long City Academy.

The colossal creature made no sound, as if it appeared without a warning. At this moment, everyone noticed the presence of the creature and headed to have a look.

“Holy shit, what’s that?!”

Screams rang out once again.

“Thi-, this…” the old principal Yan Xing Hai’s voice shook with indescribable excitement: “This is the flame dragon, our academy’s Flame Dragon Ark”.

The object that appeared in Xu Jie’s sightline was an incomparably large, magnificent and compelling titanic ship. The presence of the ark released a sense of brilliance into the air, and everyone below couldn’t help but want to worship the sacred structure. The dragon ark shone with a distinct red light, as if a layer of ruby flame was surrounding it, that burned without discontinuance. With the arrival of the ark, even the sole sun in the sky had lost its colour and brilliance under the light of the ship.

“No need to be afraid, everyone!”

The beaming voice from the ship carried so much power that the gathering crowd below soon became silent.

At the bow of the ark, the silhouette of the voice appeared. A friar in a long robe stood with amongst the atmosphere. He stood proudly with a sense of holiness. His stature paralleled the strength and intensity of the legacy he rode. Flames of ruby red circled around his hands, shining as brightly as the speck of light that had appeared earlier.

“Who is that?”

The arrival of this mysterious individual gave Xu Jie a mind blowing sensation. He could not be believe that the world could produce such an existence. But as he glanced at the surrounding flames, he suddenly realized that only one creature was capable of producing such vivid flames. This individual is none other than the flame dragon himself.

Everyone below, was just as shaken as Xu Jie.

“I am the elder of the Flame Dragon Academy Li Ming Yuan. While working on my mission I happened to pass by Long Jian City. I never expected the Ivory Skeletal Bird to make his appearance, but I guess his arrival was both lucky and unlucky at the same time!”. The silhouette in the sky bolted out these words, clarifying his identity.


“He is the Flame Dragon Academy’s elder!”

“What are they doing in Long Jiang?”

After Li Ming Yue concluded his statement, chaotic exchanges rose again in the academy area.

“Look at how time flies!” Principal Yan Xing Hai spoke as if he had just remember something, expressing his final lament.

“I came here today, to announce something important. Half a year later, Flame Dragon Academy will open its doors and welcome a new generation of students, I hope that those who have the ambition and potential will be able to participate in the annual Flame Dragon Academy examination” Declared Li Ming Yue

“Ah! That’s great!”

“I will definitely get into Flame Dragon Academy!”

At this moment, the students have long forgotten their fearsome encounter with the Ivory Skeletal Bird. In their eyes, there was only a sense of hope and determination for what the future will bring.

Xu Jie’s eyes shone brilliantly, his fists tightened violently, and in this moment his decision was made.

Just when the crowd below was stirred up by this shocking news, Flame Dragon Academy’s Li Ming Yue decided to send them a second blow.

“Two years after the start of a new semester, my Academy will be holding the welcoming tournament, the sole winner will be given three awards. The first being, Violet Flame Heart Crystal”

“I heard that’s a legendary nature’s jewel!” the crowd below acclaimed

“Secondly, the ancient artifact, the Gravity Drum!” Li Ming Yuan spoke with a smile

(EDN: Ok, so our translator called this the heavily drum. I decided to use a noun instead of an adverb because it was better grammar. No one actually understands this bit.) – Geoffrey Hilton

“WHAT?! There must be something wrong with my ears, an ancient artifact?! Holy!” As Li Ming Yuan delivered his news, each reveal became more and more shocking. Everyone could not wait for him to announce the last of the three awards.

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