Chapter 5: Wild, Charming

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Translated by: wontoneh

Edited by: iballisticbunny

“Fuck!” Xu Jie stopped to a halt immediately, “The first time I do something with good intentions in eight years and I get shit on!”

The ceiling acted like dominoes as one crack appeared, leading to a devastating chain. Shards and parts of the ceiling began to fall off like rain pellets, as they surged like waves towards Xu Jie and He Dan Ya.

“Run!” Xu Jie shouted as he carried He Dan Ya tightly towards the back door, just as he left, a part of the ceiling collapsed and caused a cloud of dust to surface.

Xu Jie’s ran as fast as he could, large blocks of concrete followed in his wake just a few seconds later. These slabs almost seemed to have a life as they pursued Xu Jie.

“It’s getting closer… Closer!” Xu Jie kept his gaze on the back door, and tried to calculate the distance between them and the exit. When the door was five meters away from him, Xu Jie gathered all of his strength and leaped, ramming into the door.


Unleashing a roar of ferocity, Xu Jie rammed into the back door. All of his energy exploded from within and with a big BOOM!, the sturdy wooden door fell as Xu Jie escaped with He Dan Ya in his arms.

Peng, peng, peng[1], at the same time, classroom two of the third years completely collapsed and if the two had still been in the room, there was no chance of survival.

[TLN: Peng refers to the sound of something collapsing. There is no English onomatopoeia except bang.]

After narrowly escaping the classroom, Xu Jie didn’t even have time to be thankful for his survival before he was met with a new danger. The ceiling in the hallways had began to crack as well and rubble began to pile up as pieces fell off, right on top of the two. Xu Jie evaded and barely dodged the falling pieces as he carried He Dan Ya as fast as he could down the stairs.

The entire building seemed more and more ominous as it vibrated, the walls had huge tears and seemed like it could collapse on itself at any moment. The stairs were shaky and wobbly, while the pieces that were bombarding the inside of the school were unpredictable as rain from a storm falling from the sky. The entire hallway seemed like an apocalypse.

Xu Jie at this moment became like a swift cheetah. While cradling He Dan Ya, he dodged right, swerved left, and avoided any possible debris that could strike them at any instant.

Xu Jie faced this catastrophe head on, fully aware that one misstep could cost both of their lives. He ran even faster when he reached the ground floor,and was just a few hundred feet away from the exit where they could escape to the training grounds.

However, at this instant an unforeseen danger erupted. BOOM! A thundering noise struck as the earthquake finally reached it’s peak. The school building displayed it’s most terrifying shake as the entire ground floor crumbled away and created a flood of rubble, which eventually became a riptide and enveloped the entire first floor, counting to furiously spill outwards.

As Xu Jie rushed towards the exit, he seemed to have become like a moth, fluttering towards the fire. He charged straight towards the flood of rubble towards his way and because of the speed that Xu Jie ran at, the hair from He Dan Ya flowed from off her face. Xu Jie was curious about her real appearance and looked down to catch a glimpse.

[RN: Don’t drive and look at pretty girls people, least I think she’s pretty.]

“What! Oh my god… …” Xu Jie couldn’t help but gasp at the face of He Dan Ya. Xu Jie couldn’t ever imagine just how beautiful and elegant He Dan Ya truly was under her hair. Her face was perfectly shaped, and her skin was spotless with a tone that was beautiful from any angle. Her eyebrows curved and hugged her skin. Along with a crisp nose and soft delicate lips, her appearance could rival a goddess, and because she was frightened, her eyebrows curved even more and added to her complexion.

At this moment, a part of Xu Jie seemed to enter another dimension. While a part of him was stunned by He Dan Ya’s beauty, another was filled with energy as he could sense every piece of debris that was falling in slow motion. He felt like a god that could control time, predict where every piece of debris would fall, and the remaining time for the supports to crash down.

Xu Jie hugged He Dan Ya closely to himself as he charged into the main room on the ground floor. Xu Jie soon found himself dodging left and right once again, jumping over rubble, and ducking past falling pieces. Through all of the mess, Xu Jie found a route only using his extraordinary senses and charged through the final tidal wave of debris that was crashing down.

Just as he managed to escape, the entire ground floor began to crumble violently, Xu Jie with He Dan Ya in his arms finally escaped and reached the training grounds.

“Huff, huuff… gasp…” Xu Jie was out of breath and as he recalled his dangerous trip to safety, he was glad for the fact that he awakened in the rain earlier. Due to his awakening, his senses were heightened and sharpened, if even one mistake or one action was wrong, he could have become like a squashed bug under all the rubble.

He Dan Ya, who was still in Xu Jie’s arms seemed to realize that the danger has finally passed and slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes sparkled even more brilliantly than her face, the colours were superb and her gaze seemed to be able to calm anyone down.

Xu Jie also shook off his entranced feeling and he realized that his right hand was touching He Dan Ya’s backside, which was very soft and brought a feeling of guilt and embarrassment to Xu Jie.

Even though He Dan Ya closed her eyes during the escape, she knew perfectly well what just happened, and knew that she was saved by Xu Jie’s efforts. However, just when she about to thank Xu Jie, she felt her cheeks flush and also felt where Xu Jie’s right hand was feeling.

“Jerk, are you a pervert!” the thankful intention of He Dan Ya suddenly turned into crying out from embarrassment and harassment.

[TLN: Yo wontoneh, you sure he was just touching her back :P?]

Wack! He Dan Ya’s uncontrollable hand slapped Xu Jie clean across his cheek.

“Ouch!” Xu Jie didn’t know what to feel after accidently touching He Dan Ya and then being hit in the face. As such he let go of her, only to drop her into the puddles left by the rain earlier.

Sploosh! Water splashed everywhere and drenched half of He Dan Ya’s body.

Rumble! A loud and deep noise penetrated the air as the entire school fell, He Dan Ya who was still lying in the puddle realized what would have happened to her had she not been rescued by Xu Jie. She knew that Xu Jie didn’t mean to touch her on purpose, and she was soon filled with remorse and regret for slapping him suddenly.

Xu Jie remembered how elegant and beautiful He Dan Ya was, and he just dropped her onto the puddles on the ground. He too was filled with remorse and regret.

“Sor… …” Both of them stuttered, they both wanted to apologize for their actions but their voices were drowned out by a sudden noise.

“Hoot, hoot… …” a monstrous sound from above the heavens and the echo had pierced through the clouds, it seemed as if a beast was descending from the sky and was heading straight for the ground.


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