Chapter 4: Joking About Escaping Earthquakes

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Once Du Xing Yu heard the sound of the bell he remembered the school’s rules. He didn’t rush to take his anger out and was afraid of getting into trouble so he restrained his fury. He glared at Xu Jie and said, “Pathetic ant, enjoy this little breather for now, after class I’ll show you hell on Earth!”

After he said that, he returned to his seat.

“I’m looking forward to it!” Xu Jie scoffed without a hint of fear as he also returned to his seat.

Everyone in the class released a sigh of relief, the previously tense atmosphere returned to normal as everyone headed to their respective seats.

The girl with the long hair that blocked her face, sat down. She was still clenching her heart as she was so tense earlier.

Right after the bell rang, the classroom’s door flew open and the sound of high heels walking across the floor filled the room. Ms. Huang Yue Juan came in right away without wasting a single second.

Huang Yue Juan, is the third year class two homeroom teacher, as well as class one and two’s music teacher. Her responsibility was to awaken students through music.

Today she wore a yellow formal suit, and she wasn’t very young anymore. Her complexion was a bit yellowish, and also had some wrinkles around her eyebrows. Her facial features were dauntless and carried a sense of maturity, which made it easy for people to guess her personality in her younger years.

Her butt swayed from one side to another as she slowly walked up to the front of the class. As she strutted up, the scent of maturity became even stronger. Her charm quickly dispersed as she gained her sense of professionalism in the front of the class.

Her gaze scanned the students, and cut straight into the topic. Using her professional attitude, she spoke loud and clear to the students, “Class, today we will not be talking about music. You all should have heard about the recent earthquakes in the Huai Nan province!”

All of the students nodded their heads in reply.

Ms. Huang was satisfied with the expected response from her students. She continued, “Right now everyone is still weak as an individual, an earthquake should not be underestimated. As such, today we will be talking about how to survive in the event of an earthquake!”

The students immediately clapped to try and disperse the anxiety and tension that was in the room earlier.

Huang Yue Juan talked like a robot as she read monotonously from the textbook, “Firstly, if an earthquake occurs, do not panic, you must remain calm, second, you must find a triangular area to hide in, scientists that study earthquakes have often found that triangular areas preserve life! Third is…”


Huang Yue Juan wanted to continue but was interrupted by this sudden cry. Xu Jie turned to look at the source of the noise and found out that it came from a male student called Liu Quan. He is Du Xing Yu’s henchman, and listened to Du Xing Yu’s every command, Xu Jie never thought that he would ever act on his own.

Liu Quan’s mouth perked up like a monkeys and revealed a mouthful of yellow teeth.

Huang Yue Juan wasn’t upset with the fact that she was interrupted by her student, instead she returned a warm smile and asked, “Liu Quan, what is your question?”

Liu Quan scratched his head, as his grin became wider and he started to talk like a dirty monkey, “Teacher, I want to know where the triangular area is?”

Liu Quan’s pair of yellow weasel eyes stared under Huang Yue Juan’s skirt and up her thigh to his perceived “triangular area”.

“Ha! Ha… …” his voice became lower and lower, all of the boys laughed out loud as they all understood what he meant.

The shy girls in the class naturally tensed up their thighs, and their faces were bright red, resembling apples on their trees in autumn.

In a flash the class was released from all previous anxiety and tension.

RN: I like this class clown, he seems almost… nice.

“That idiot, his mind is full of dirty thoughts!” Xu Jie looked at Liu Quan who was still laughing even though he was being cursed. His previous anger and feelings of tension also lessened by a lot.

“You… …” Huang Yue Juan was so angry that she couldn’t get her words out, her face became bright pink but quickly returned to normal, as she imagined that she hadn’t understood what Liu Quan had meant. She then began to answer him logically.

RN: Nope your first thought was correct.

“The so-called triangular area, is the triangle formed between the highest point of an object and the ground. For example, the front desk and the ground can be connected to form a triangular area!” Huang Yue Juan’s tone was very slow, and she pointed towards the area near the table, but everyone could tell that she was suppressing her anger.

Even after saying these words, Huang Yue Juan was afraid that Liu Quan would cause mischief again and continued to say, “Third, if the situation is not very promising, and you have to run outside, you should always protect your head and be careful for falling debris. The most important tip for surviving is you must not panic. I will make sure that everyone can escape… …”

“If you’re about to lose your life, who cares about being in order! During a time like that, everyone must’ve wished that their parents could provide another leg or arm for them!” Liu Quan interrupted once again. Ju Xie couldn’t help but chuckle at Liu Quan’s act. Liu Quan thought that the procedure suggested by Huang Yue Juan was very idiotic.

Boom, just as Huang Yue Juan was about to reply to Liu Quan’s remark and Xu Jie was chuckling, a tremendous sound of rumbling came from within the earth. An earthquake was really going to occur at this moment.

The monstrous sound became more intense as the entire school shook from the force. The lights on the roof were wobbling vigorously and the desks were sliding around the classroom.

Xu Jie understood at this moment that the sound he heard earlier was a signal for the beginning of the earthquake.

“Motherfucker[1]!” Ms. Huang Yue Juan was at first stunned, but after a short moment, she flew out of the classroom. Normally she could sway her butt from side to side and strut as slow as she walks, but under this situation she moved faster than a rabbit being chased by a wolf. As she ran, her high heels flew off from her feet and she disappeared into the stairway leading to the main floor.

[TLN: So technically speaking it’s 妈呀, which sounds like mother and is basically a “OH SHIT” kind of thing. It could be alternatively be translated as, Crap! Shit! Fuck! WTF! OMG! etc. I choose motherfucker.]

The students were dumbfounded at the scene. They saw that the teacher had already bolted and finally they realized that this wasn’t a dream. When Du Xing Yu fled, he didn’t even take a glance at Xu Xue Rou, thankfully she wasn’t a weak girl at all. She followed closely behind Du Xing Yu towards the exit of the building.

Under the impulse of surviving, all of the students regardless of male or female, bolted for the door, which only created a even more chaotic situation.

Xu Jie noticed the crowd of students that were trying to escape, and was also planning to escape. This was because the entire building shook so intensely that even if he found a triangular area, what good would it serve. At this rate the entire building would collapse!

Just as he was about to escape, his eye caught a girl who was in the middle of the room. Her name was He Dan Ya and she was known for her especially long hair which blocked her face; in fact one knows what she really looked like.

[RN: Oooooooooh is this going to be a female character I won’t feel mixed feelings towards? :3]

Currently He Dan Ya was lying on top of a desk and her slender and delicate body was trembling as if she was trapped in a terrible nightmare.

Ping, ping, the situation was getting worse and worse. The lights on the ceiling were falling and breaking into shards on the ground. The wall above the door was starting to tear and seemed like it was about to come crashing down at any moment.

As Xu Jie observed all of these details, his attention slowly moved away from He Dan Ya. There was only one thought on his mind. “The most important thing to do right now, is to secure my own safety, if I waste any more time I’ll have less of a chance to survive!”

As Xu Jie listened to his thoughts, he decided to head for the door, but then a feeling of betrayal came over him. He felt like he would regret his actions for the rest of his life if he didn’t care for He Dan Ya’s safety.

“Shit![2]Xu Jie cried out, “I’d rather have a quick death than live a life full of regrets and shame!”

[TLN: This one… 他爷爷的, which if translated literally means their grandfather. What’s with Chinese people and using family people to swear.]

Xu Jie immediately appeared beside He Dan Ya and princess carried her as she was still paralyzed from fear, and dashed straight for the door.

Boom! At this time the doorway collapsed under the immense stress, as debris feel and blocked the exit, Xu Jie’s only chance at escaping.

Cliffhanger… I didn’t choose this!

  1. It’s 妈呀, which sounds like mother. Which if translated literally would mean mother. It’s basically a word that has connotations with a feeling of “OH SHIT”. It could be alternatively be translated as, Crap! Shit! Fuck! WTF! OMG! etc. I choose motherfucker.
  2. It’s 他爷爷的, which if translated literally means their grandfather. It’s basically the same as above and no I’m not going to put grandfather**** that’s just weird and creepy and NOT A THING

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