Chapter 3: Class 3-2

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Although Xu Jie already knew how to practice the next stage through the institute’s library, he didn’t dive into practice to try and absorb the wonderful divine currents of natural energy he felt around him. He knew very well that rushing headfirst into it might cost him eight years of hard work and patience. Would he really all this time at an attempt to speed up his training? He decided to calm down completely, only afterwards did he start down the path of training once again. This path leads to how all cultivators should start off with, a stable foundation.

The start of cultivation is akin to the foundation of a building. Not only is the foundation the beginning, it is also the most important step. Once you build a vast and solid foundation, the road forward will never become narrower and narrower. As long as one presses deep into each single step, there are no boundaries to the road of cultivation. If you pursue a fast and unstable foundation, although at the start it will be a breeze, soon you will be left with no path ahead of you, with no way to turn back.

While Xu Jie was deep in thought and pondering questions, the wind, rain, and thunder had stopped. But the dark clouds still remain overhead, each layer seemingly as endless as the abyss. It seemed as if it was biding its time before unleashing a giant disaster.

“What’s that sound?” At the precise moment that the storm stopped, a mysterious sound resounded through the ears of Xu Jie.

“Weng, Weng…” this humming sound carried with it a strange and weird rhythm. In Xu Jie’s mind, it formed a strange musical pattern. Although it is only a humming sound, he heard some monstrous beast roaring, however this was purely an instinctual feeling. He even thought that is was some kind of call from something beyond his understanding.

Xu Jie tracked down the origin of the sound and was astonished to discover that the mysterious sound came from beneath the earth. Just as he wanted to further investigate the noise, it disappeared like smoke. It left Xu Jie with nothing to grasp. He felt like it was nothing but a hallucination.

Xu Jie shook his head, not only to throw off the water on his hair left over from the rain, but to also throw off that strange event that was still stuck in his head. After some serious shaking, he started walking towards the school building. Although his body had been thoroughly soaked by the rain, the joyous event that had occurred left his heart in an unprecedentedly carefree mood.

He entered the locker room and quickly took off his soaked clothes, and put on new ones. Although this was a set of old and dull clothes, at this moment it was extremely comfortable to wear.
Xu Jie dried his hair using the blowdryer that was on the shelf, and afterwards he stood in front of the mirror. Look at himself, it seemed as if after the awakening even these old black clothes have become decent, complimenting his tall stature and distinct atmosphere. A faint but furious aura slowly radiated out from his body.

He could not help but smile, this was a smile that could dissipate the dark clouds overhead in an instant and overshadow the sun. Even the past events with Xu Xue Rou became insignificant and his steps were lighter than ever before as he walked towards the 3-2 classroom.[1]

[TLN: think K-ON, I’m assuming it’s grade 12, senior year and the second class. Not sure if the second class has anything to do with the power of the individual or is just simply a second classroom because one wouldn’t be enough to fit all the students in.]

Xu Jie’s smile gradually faded away, but did not return to his usual solemn expression,. Instead a faint smile lingers, that created a mysterious and unexplainable atmosphere. Not only has his entire life changed because of the awakening but it cut through the haze in his disposition. His whole body radiated energy while the look in his eyes became more profound and shone self confidence.

Soon Xu Jie arrived at the entrance of class 3-2. Because it was break time, the classroom was as noisy as a class full of chimpanzees. But as Xu Jie entered the classroom it instantly became dead silent.


Everyone instantly locked eyes on Xu Jie. In the middle of the classroom, a female student had their face completely hidden by their hair. She was motionless as if struck by lighting, and although you could not see her eye, it was easy to see that she too, was staring at Xu Jie. As she was staring at Xu Jie through the gaps between her hair, there was a faint rosy red glowing from her ears.

The students who usually looked down upon Xu Jie saw him and recalled his behavior in the fierce rainstorm. As they were about to scoff and mock him, their words were stuck in their throat as their body stiffened in fear because of the mystical atmosphere surrounding Xu Jie.

Everyone noticed that something was different about Xu Jie, but they couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

As Du Xing Yu looked up from cuddling Xu Xue Rou, he discovered the unusual silence within the classroom as his eyes were drawn towards what everyone else was looking at. He saw Xu Jie and instantly squeezed Xu Xue Rou even closer to him and scoffed out, “What an idiot, what are you trying to prove, your girl still ends up being mine!”[2]

[TLN Note: Ok, so… we can tell this jackass squeezed and/or pinched something. But we honestly can’t tell what, it’s not written there, we know it’s her. But we’re not told what part.]

The mystical atmosphere created by Xu Jie a moment ago was destroyed by Du Xing Yu in a flash by his actions and words. The classroom became noisy again, and no one paid any attention to Xu Jie’s response. Everyone thought that against the presence of Du Xing Yu, Xu Jie would back down just like everyone else.

After Xu Jie heard what Du Xing Yu had said, he observed his movements and gaze. Because of his recent awakening Xu Jie had forgotten all about the shame and hatred that was deep in his mind. Those feelings once again surged forward and caused him to clench his fist harder and harder.

“Bastard!” shouted Xu Xue Rou tenderly, she freed herself from Du Xing Yu’s grip and looked toward the classroom entrance, Xu Jie’s face was filled with confusion and uncertainty, and so at this moment, feelings of bitterness and guiltiness rose from within Xu Xue Rou, she knew that now the relationship between her and Xu Jie are now completely strangers.

“Yes, I am a bastard, and I will be even worse!” Du Xing Yu shouted with contentment, and grabbed Xu Xue Rou once again, and placed a kiss on her cheek with a satisfying sound, he turned towards Xu Jie and scoffed, “Hmph, useless sack of shit!”

In that instant Xu Jie’s heart which was already filled with hatred, overflowed and erupted like a volcano. His eyes turned blood red and sent out a thunderous roar to Du Xingyu; “YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DEATH!”

As he was yelling, Xu Jie raised his fist, to attempt to protect his dignity.

In a flash, the entire class was shocked to their bones and seethed with excitement. Everyone once again condensed their sights on Xu Jie. This was unprecedented, and many of them could not trust their ears.


“He dares to roar at Du Xing Yu?!”

“Not even mentioning the fact that no one dares to annoy Du Xing Yu because of his background in Lung Chiang, but he himself is cultivator who has awakened from the teachings of the cornerstone fist!”

The students from class 3-2 called out in alarm while at the same time imagining the various pitiful situations that could occur to Xu Jie.

Du Xing Yu never thought that Xu Jie, who in his eyes was nothing more than an ant, would dare to speak to him like that. He was temporarily stunned at how blatantly he was just threatened. He snapped back to reality as he leapt from his seat and snapped back, “Pathetic ant! You’re impatient to end your life!”

Between Xu Jie and Du Xing Yu, there was a thick atmosphere of danger, like the smell of gunpowder, making students instinctively move back for fear of being involved.

Xu Xue Rou who abandoned Xu Jie, felt guilty towards him. She knows that there is no way he could defeat Du Xing Yu and doesn’t want Xu Jie to be heart because of her. She moved closer, hoping to prevent their fight.

“Piss off, matters concerning men don’t need anyone else being involved!” Du Xing Yu roared as he shoved Xu Xue Rou aside, not showing even a tinge of affection, as he took a step forward and shot a bone-chilling killing intent towards Xu Jie.

RN: You… son of a….

Xu Jie is imposing and fearless, although he knows he cannot beat Du Xingyu at this moment, he would rather die than be forced to accept this humiliation.[3]

[TLN: Technically forced to eat dirt, but it has the same meaning.]

Du Xing Yu with his killing intent and Xu Jie with his unwavering atmosphere caused the friction between the two to rise to a new level. In fact many people thought that at the slightest spark, a deathmatch would break out.

Du Xing Yu with his killing intent and Xu Jie with his unwavering atmosphere caused the friction between the two to rise to a new level. In fact many people thought that at the slightest spark, a deathmatch would break out.

The class cautiously watched on with bated breath, waiting for something to occur.

Ding, Ding ,Ding.. At this moment the bell rang.

  1. It literally says class 3-2. We do not know if the second class is weaker then the third class or just simply there
  2. This is the passage where we can tell that the jackass pinched something. Something about tall: “正搂着许雪柔亲亲我我的杜星宇,也发现了教室中的异常,他顺着众人的目光看去,立刻看到了徐阶,他狠狠的在许雪柔的高耸上捏了一记,然后挑衅般注视徐阶冷哼一声:“白痴,耍什么帅,你的女人,还不是被我随便玩!”
  3. Ok so this basically has to do with the fact that people who kneel are close to the ground, dirt. As such eating dirt is considered shameful. Or at least that’s how I interrupted it, then again there are plenty of weird people who claim it’s healthy for you… but sounding like he doesn’t want to be healthy just makes no sense whatsoever.

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