Chapter 2: The Awakening

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Translated by: wontoneh

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As Xu Jie’s fist thrust out from his body, he could no longer hold back his actions as one blow led to the next in a flurry of blows. His entire body became a storm, as his strikes resounded like thunder and his kicks flashed like lightning. His stance was solid to the point that the basic cornerstone fist technique flowed smoothly unlike anyone else’s.

From his earliest memories at ten years of age, Xu Jie practiced the cornerstone fist at every possible moment, through the toughest winters and the harshest summers,. Regardless of any weather condition he continued to drill the movements into his very bone. Not only did he practice at the institute, but at his part-time jobs and at home. Although Xu Jie hasn’t awakened his potential despite eight years of intense practice, his physical body had already been trained to the uppermost limits.[1]

[TLN: Not actually sure if it’s the uppermost limits of cultivators or just a normal human. Scratch that it’s probably humans.]

Xu Jie’s muscles pulsated as he went through the motions. He mentally created a scene of a fierce storm, with him at its center. Within the eye of the typhoon, he created thunderclaps with his fist and slashed apart the curtain of rain, disintegrating the solid wall into tiny droplets.

“HOU, HA!… …” the majestic and resonating sounds of practitioners echoed in the student’s hearts as it sparked their very soul and spirit, engraving itself upon them like an ancient chant. And despite the absence of the drums, Xu Jie’s movements became several fold more wild and fierce, his very atmosphere and actions began to resemble that of a hungry tiger. [2]

[TLN Note: My original edit of an enraged gorilla was overruled in favor of the hungry tiger. But hey crazy gorilla works right? I actually wanted to put like an Alpha Kangaroo, have you seen how big those things are… *Shudder* they crush metal buckets for fun. WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL DOES THAT!?]

As the chant slowly faded into the background, the beat of drums took their place becoming more and more intense as it neared the climax. The phantom cavalry finally reached their enemy, by now it was as if the two opposing armies had reached one another, close enough hear each other’s breath, and easily close enough to exchange life threatening blows.

Xu Jie’s movement became even faster and smooth, as if becoming a formidable gust of wind, he leapt through the air, leaving illusionsary images that soon faded into the void, only to be replaced by another.

The students who took shelter within the building looked through the windows and observed Xu Jie. Those who knew of his background started to heckle and mock him heartlessly.

“What an idiot, he still has so much vigor even though it’s still raining!”

“Idiot! Does that fool think that he can awaken by practicing in the rain or something?”

“He’s already past the best age to awaken, which is from five to fifteen, he should just give it a rest, just having effort won’t allow you to perform such a miracle.”

“Without anyone backing him up, he can’t possibly awaken given his background. It’s a fool’s dream, he should just give up sooner, and stop these worthless attempts!”

Du Xing Yu hugged Xu Xue Rou’s waist with an expression full of contentment. As he walked through the hallway, he noticed Xu Jie practicing. He rolled his eyes, throwing the thought of Xu Jie aside. In his eyes Xu Jie was but an insignificant ant, especially in light of his power and background.

Xu Xue Rou also wiped the thought of Xu Jie away from her mind, as she embraced Du Xing Yu. In her eyes, there were feelings of pity, and guilt, but there was nothing she could do. She giggled as Du Xing Yu’s hand became more and more reckless as to where he was touching.

[RN: I swear this girl is like bipolar, more than my feelings towards her. I can’t tell if I hate her more, or pity her more. The author is messing with my feelings. Like one sentence makes me like her, the next makes me hate her.]

Xu Jie naturally wasn’t aware of the fact that people were talking behind his back., however he became accustomed to ignoring taunts and teases long ago. Although at a glance, his practice of techniques may just seem like a flurry of punches and kicks, but with another look, it became clear exactly how much he wanted a name for himself, to become someone who was respected.

Xu Jie’s movements were more fluid and easier on the body as he practiced today, this might have been because of the sudden storm that refreshed his body, but he soon found that his heart pulsed with his movements. As he struck through the air, his heart seemed to open up and become rejuvenated, being cleansed by the cornerstone fist’s techniques.

Xu Jie’s movements were more fluid and easier on the body as he practiced today, this might have been because of the sudden storm that refreshed his body, but he soon found that his heart pulsed with his movements. As he struck through the air, his heart seemed to open up and become rejuvenated, being cleansed by the cornerstone fist’s techniques.

His entire body seemed to become one with the heavens and earth, along with the rain that just fell. The drumbeat became quick and heavy once again, and the rhythm gradually became more and more ferocious. As beat reached its climax, Xu Jie felt that he too, had entered a new height in his training. The positive and surging energy coming forth from the earth seemed to surface and enter his body, forming a mysterious lock that tightly wrapped around him.

The drums became heavier and heavier, and the energy surrounding the earth gathered and became more and more dense, as it added more and more pressure onto this lock, it was as if he a horse that was chained to the earth, struggling to break free of its constraints and unleash its energy.

THOOMP! The drumbeat exploded in its strongest and most resonant sound. Xu Jie’s body struggled to handle the sheer amount of energy that was building up in his body. He could only release this energy by practicing the cornerstone fist techniques and using up all of his momentum and spirit. Xu Jie flew into the air and struck out the last fist of the practice. In that instant, all of the pressure and energy dispersed like steam from his body and left him as light as a feather.

Thus, the energy bound within his body erupted, and a giant streak of lightning flashed right in front of Xu Jie. From there, Xu Jie saw a vision, his body was in midair and he held a strong and powerful stance, as if he was reincarnated into an undefeatable war god.

BANG! The sound of rolling thunder followed after, as the very earth seemed to tremble beneath his might.

Xu Jie’s shocking discovery wasn’t limited to just to the vision, the lock that formed within himself earlier seemed to shatter in an instant. Xu Jie no longer felt and viewed the world in the same way.

“It couldn’t be…”A crazy thought flowed in Xu Jie’s brain. He couldn’t believe it, his entire person seemed to behave as if in a dream, completely weightless and free.

Xu Jie opened his eyes, and he could tell that his body and mind felt different from before, an immense amount of happiness and joy emerged from the bottom of his heart. After he beautifully somersaulted backwards, he turned and yelled towards the grand sky “Ah… I finally awakened!”

After eight years of intense training, and dedication, he had finally received a heartwarming repayment. Although there was a saying that “tears from men do not come easily”, at this moment, Xu Jie cried from joy, both eyes blinking away tears.

After a several moments Xu Jie finally stopped shedding tears, as his joyful mood gradually stabilized. He felt as if before, he was completely blind. But now, due to an immense stroke of luck, he had somehow regained his sight for the first time. The hardships and pain that he endured could all be seen through his eyes, as he once again took a look at the world that he thought he knew.

The few small water droplets that were still falling from the sky seemed more than just a dribble of rain to Xu Jie, he felt the rain. He could examine any single droplet of rain, and predict from which angle it would fall, when it would fall, and where it would fall. He could also predict how many droplets of water would appear after the droplet splashed onto the ground, and hear the most definite and clear sound of the rain hitting mud.

Xu Jie took a board view upon the horizon, and realized he could see details that were three kilometers away. He could see into the vein of a leaf on a spruce tree, and the ant that was hiding from the rain under another leaf.

As he focused his view near the ground, five kilometers away, he could sense a small worm trying to wriggle away from a puddle, looking for suitable soil to survive in.

In an even farther place, a navigation ship was sailing in the Lung Chiang lake. Xu Jie’s vision pierced through the moist atmosphere and saw clearly the emblem of the vessel upon its sail.

Xu Jie never thought the world could be so interesting and exciting. Only now did he realize that no matter how many dense storms covered the earth, it could never strive to cover the very essence of spirit and life of the earth. Through this fact alone, he knew that the doors had finally opened for him and all he needed to do now was take that first first step.

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  1. Technically it’s trained his body to finesse.
  2. Ok so more like a wild ominous crazy animal, but hey crazy gorilla works right?

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