Chapter 1:A Youth named Xu Jie

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In the morning, at the Lung Chiang, Primary Institute of Knowledge that was located within the Huainan state of the Xia empire, the wide open space that was designed for training was filled with disciples preparing to practice their everyday skill, the basic cornerstone fist techniques.

In this era, the strong are revered, power is supreme, and might is right. The cornerstone fist is the very foundation of many cultivators.. The early records of the cornerstone fist boasted that “So long as you strongly believe in yourself, as long as you continue to practice diligently, one day you will awaken, and step onto the road of true cultivation!”

The sky was filled with a deep azure blue as if the ocean was flipped upside down in the skyline. The sunlight shined upon the student’s uniforms, which created a golden glow upon their bodies. The atmosphere was one filled with liveliness and the spirit of youth.

However there was an exception, in the back row of the second class for third years stood a youth. The uniform he wore was old and tattered because of constant washing. The colours on the uniform have already faded and retreated ages ago. An atmosphere of poorness surrounded him and there wasn’t a single trace of what is to be expected of a youth’s presence for his age.

Despite this, the youth didn’t seem inferior to any other student. His body was tall, lean and straight. He had a stern facial expression and his entire person was like a single rock in face of a roaring ocean tide, unmoved and untouched. He was filled with an unyielding spirit and unstoppable determination, that completely disregarded the cards he was dealt. His gaze shined which revealed even more confidence, threatening to break free from the lock which is placed on him by his predetermined fate.

The name of the youth was Xu Jie, an orphan currently 18 years of age. However his experience was vastly different compared to other orphans. He was not adopted by a warm friendly family, nor was he taken in by a cruel abusive family. In fact he was not taken in by a family at all! His own set of strange circumstance lead to a limiting understanding about the world around him, specifically a lack of knowledge on the human heart and it’s vast capacity for both good and evil.

Eight years ago, on a foggy morning where the air was thick and heavy, Xu Jie woke up in a ditch on the side of Lungchaing road. On the ground underneath his body, cracked patterns were carved into the dirt that resembled numerous spider webs. He felt like an alien in both mind and body, as he forgot all about the past, only knowing two facts. Those two facts were his name is Xu Jie and he is ten years old.

(TL note: I would swear he was drunk if not for his age.)

The only item that could assist in uncovering his identity was a necklace that looked like a black and white cube. Whenever he would attempt to remember what happened before this incident, his cloudy thoughts would be interrupted by a mysterious golden-like mist. Soon being overcome by skull splitting headache after each and every attempt.

Xu Jie’s blood seemed to contain the very essence of pride and dignity, he never begged or asked for pity from others. He wiped shoes, delivered packages, washed dishes, served customers in restaurants.. No matter how hard or dirty a job was, he never gave up which not only supported his living conditions, but also earned himself a place in the Primary Institute of Knowledge. He never once complained or cursed how his life was unfair or unjust, he only displayed his limitless dedication to work harder.

Currently Xu Jie’s mouth was slightly curved. His sight was set on a beautiful girl’s back, with her black hair that rivaled a raven’s feathers, and flowed down delicately like a gentle waterfall. Along with her exquisite curves, her back seemed even more appealing and attractive.

The young girl’s name was Xu Xue Rou and not only was her back beautiful, her appearance was even more divine. She is Xu Jie’s first crush, he was shocked and attracted by her beauty while Xu Xue Rou was attracted to his determined attitude and righteous atmosphere.. Thus, the two young hearts became entangled.

Xu Xue Rou’s appearance was like a beam of holy light, which brightened Xu Jie’s dark and gloomy life. However sadly he hasn’t even held her hand once. He didn’t have chance to experience love in the sweet spring, before the severe bitter autumn descended.

One day, Xu Xue Rou faced Xu Jie with a face full of regret. She was stuttering as she tried to convey her message as an uneasy feeling arose from within Xu Jie. Anxiety clenched his heart as he waited.

Xu Xue Rou finally said, “Xu Jie you are a good person, but we are not suitable, I hope you can find a better girl who can truly give you happiness!”

After Xu Xue Rou said that, she fell back into the arms of Du Xing Yu who was a second generation student at the institute.

Xu Jie’s line of sight followed closely to Xu Xue Rou’s left hand as it moved. In the next instant Xu Jie had found that Xu Xue Rou’s delicate, soft and white hand was holding someone else’s hand, Du Xing Yu’s.

(TL Note: Is it bad that my heart hurts for him already? I mean he didn’t even get as far as to hold her hand and now right in front of him…)

Xu Jie’s clenched his teeth furiously, as his grip became so tight that as his nails dug into his own palms blood began to flow. “Strength! Power, I want power…. I NEED STRENGTH!” At this moment Xu Jie swore to himself that he would obtain more then enough power needed, in order to never let the precious people or things close to him slip away because of his weakness.

Thump, thump, at this time, in front of the training grounds, the loud speakers began to play a steady rhythm of drums that signalled the beginning for the practice of the cornerstone fist techniques.

All of the students had high spirits, their two feet wide and lined up with their shoulders. With a slight crouch, both fists at the sides of their bodies, and paying careful attention to the signal of when to throw the first punch.

The weather suddenly changed, as a strong and unyielding wind descends. Wisps of dark and ominous clouds appeared in the sky but soon blotted out the entire sky. The clouds rolled as if a demon possessed it’s actions, signifying the incoming storm.

The students started to moved restlessly and they often glanced up into the sky. But because of their everyday training turning into habit, they continued to listen to the beat of the drums, waiting for it to cue them into their next strike.

Suddenly, a giant white streak of lightning flashed through the air, seemingly splitting the heavens. A deep, monstrous, thundering noise came after, completely overpowering the beating of the drums. Some young girls started to cover their ears and crouch down.

At the same time, huge globs of rain were falling from the sky, and as it hit the training grounds produced numerous splashes.

“Shit, It’s a giant rainstorm.”

(TL Note: ok, so technically it’s “Oh no, it’s raining.”)

The student body was in mess, as nearly all of them no longer cared for the music and dashed for the school in an attempt to shelter themselves from the downpour of the rain and the fierce storm.

As the downpour reached it’s peak, the entire earth seemed to be experiencing the rage of a angry dragon as the storms raged on and seemed to flood the land. All of the students had escaped to the shelter of the building. As they looked on, it seemed like the harsh and heartless rain and gale was all remained in the world.

No! One youth has not run yet, as he continues to stand on the training grounds. It seemed as if he was an unmovable building in a flood, no matter how hard the wind blew, how cold and hurtful the rain was, he kept the starting formation for the cornerstone fist, with his knees bent and ready to fire out his fist at a moment’s notice. That youth man, was Xu Jie.

As the storm finally quieted down, the booming rhythm of the drums, no longer being suppressed by the fierce storm, seemed to grow louder and more majestic. Encouraging people to step onto the training grounds once again.
THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, the music had finally reached the prelude, THUMP! Xu Jie steps in harmony with the beat, as his fist emerged from a hardened and sturdy stance, thus beginning the training of the cornerstone fist.

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