Era of Cultivation: Chapter 7

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, we’re alive again! Sorry it’s been like a month and two weeks, we’ve been really busy with school work and exams 🙁 We’re going to be starting up again soon, and trying to get out chapters as soon as possible, we can once again guarantee one chapter per week at least!

Also we have a new translator on board again xD, Welcome Kiicchann!

“Hey guys, I’m Kiicchann a new translator, who is in desperate need of a CAS project, and decided to join this project haha. Well obviously that is not the only reason. I hope you guys enjoy the new chapter, and hope you don’t mind any minor mistakes since this is my first time translating. Any constructive criticism is appreciated and I look forward to translating more chapters for all of you! ^^”

P.S. lil shamless self promotion here, you can also find my personal blog at 😉

You’ll be seeing her more often around, and she’ll be redesigning our website since I’m obviously terrible at it :P, you might see some new pages pop up, including an about us section. Happy Chinese New Years Everyone! ~iballisticbunny

Oh and before I forget, here’s Chapter 7!

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