Conquest Chapter 99 part 2

Chapter 99 Ouke, Ouke, wife, wife part 2

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Where there was life, there was hope!

When Shaar attacked in Primal Wildfire Town, it was because he wanted to delay Hasting, so that the surrounding soldiers would have time to catch up and have a chance at killing this Hasting punk! However, who would have guessed that the troops garrisoned in Primal Wildfire Town were so useless! Hasting had killed so many of them, and yet they still let him escape!

However, uncle Shaar was now alone. And from the looks of it, he was at a disadvantage, too.

Someone who knew that he was obviously not a match, and still fought to the death, wasn’t called brave, but dumb. Even if he had fought to the death, there would be not one bit of gain! In certain situations, even if Shaar knew that he would die fighting against the enemy, it would still be an honorable death. However, he was currently caught by Hasting, and would have to die in the wilderness. Such a death was rather meaningless!

Shaar squinted his eyes and immediately turned around to leap toward the dark horse. With a furious jump, Shaar had unexpectedly mounted the dark horse! He let out a cry of happiness and burst out laughing. Firmly tucking his legs on the horse’s belly, Shaar fiercely flicked the reins.

The Dark horse let out a long neigh, and suddenly reared back, raising its legs. The horse shook its body and Shaar, who didn’t have enough time to firmly sit down on his ass, was immediately thrown off!

The moment Shaar fell onto the ground, the horse next to him was already using its legs, and rushing towards Hasting’s side.

While sneering, Hasting pointed his long spear at Shaar and slowly approached him. Step. By. Step.

While still in shock, Hasting’s long spear already stabbed towards him, even before Shaar had started to struggle off the ground!

At this moment, the spearhead instantly and infinitely expanded in front of his eyes, and he could feel the black flame’s heat fiercely caressing his face. In this critical moment, Shaar could only hold his breath as he desperately used his fire pitchfork to block the incoming spear!


Shaar whole body vibrated, as his fire pitchfork once again showed its worth, cutting the the spearhead apart. However, the one who flew away from this exchange was Shaar! His body was pushed away by the force of the impact, and was paralyzed for a moment. Falling on the ground, his body felt severe pain. His left hand was unable to grip the fire pitchfork, and his whole arm shook so violently that he wasn’t able to suppress it.

“Crimson rage ki?” Hasting continued to slowly approach him while sneering, “So you were actually using crimson rage ki! Now that I’ve seen it, I finally understand. Humph…..Can your ki even be called crimson rage ki? What a disgrace!”

Shaar was suppressed by Hasting’s powerful ki and almost suffocated. While struggling, he let out a mighty roar as he jumped up from the ground and turned around to run.

As he ran, he quickly pulled out a ring from his bosom. It was the magic ring that was blessed with the wind magic that he had previously used. After putting on the ring, it immediately felt like he was floating, and his speed doubled! It felt as if the air formed floating platforms under his feet, lifting him into the air!

Seeing Shaar only barely escaping, Hasting was somewhat surprised as he angrily laughed, “His ability may be lacking, but he has many tricks!”

He didn’t even have to hurry to mount his horse, with one shout it came to him!

Shaar started to madly sprint and travelled over several hundred meters in one breath. However, he immediately heard the sound of a horse galloping behind him, and when he turned around to have a look, he saw Hasting’s dark horse galloping with flying speed!  Its speed was much faster than his! He could only watch as they rapidly got closer and closer with that speed!

Exactly at that moment, he heard the sound of people and horse’s hooves, as well as the ring of a bell! Shaar grabbed this strand of hope and rushed towards it.

This should have been a group with more than ten people, and six to seven horses saddled with large baggage. Only now, Shaar saw clearly……

That those guys leading the horses had short and small statures. Although it was dark in the night, and even though they were wearing loose robes, their green skin with that strange appearance……

Unexpectedly, they weren’t human?

But ……goblins?!!

Seeing Shaar rush towards them, the crowd of goblins suddenly got wary and gathered in a circle while shouting “Ouke Ouke” in alarm.

Without any other options, Shaar threw himself in to the goblin formation and saw an especially big goblin, his height even reaching that of an ordinary human’s. This could be considered rare even amongst burly goblins.

This goblin wore leather armor with several hundred sheets of iron covering it, and wore an animal head as a helmet. On his foot, he wore shoes made of cow tendons and his bare, green skin actually wasn’t like other hairless goblins, it was covered with thick hairs!

This goblin seemed to be the leader, carrying a huge, iron staff at least as tall as himself. As he approached, he shouted with a deep voice,

“Ouke, Ouke! I! Goblin feudal lord! Sky Raider! Powerful! Enemies! Siji, siji!!”

The moment Shaar rushed in, the goblin chief’s iron staff was already rushing towards his head. Even when the iron staff was still quite a distance away, it was already unexpectedly pushing a powerful wind towards him!

Roaring with the wind, Shaar felt a stinging pain on his cheeks as the staff quickly swept passed it.

Furiously twisting his body, he took a step toward the side as the iron staff scratched both his shoulder and arm before smashing against the ground with a gigantic boom. The earth was smashed apart and there was even a small hole from the impact!

The goblin was actually this strong?!

Shaar wanted to continue dashing with flying speed, but he suddenly felt that the floating feeling on his body vanishing. With a gentle crack, a thin line suddenly appeared on the wind magic ring on his finger. Its magic was finally exhausted!!

Shaar’s body immediately lost his balance and heavily hit the ground. Seeing this, the several goblins nearby took advantage and cheered “Ouke, Ouke”. Raising their rusty swords, they rushed towards Shaar to cut him down.

Struggling to stand up, Shaar lifted up his fire pitchfork and blocked the incoming attack. Suddenly, he heard a neighing sound closing in as Shaar’s whole body turned cold! Turning his head to have a look, he saw that Hasting had already rushed in front of him, and that his broken spearhead turned into a black blur as it rapidly approached him!

Shaar would never think that just because Hasting’s spearhead was broken, he wouldn’t be able to stab him!  Gasping air for a moment, Shaar furiously blocked the attack once more and with a bang, the incoming spearhead lost a piece once again. However, Shaar was also once again sent flying. Even in midair, he had already started to spurt blood as his hands let go of the fire pitchfork, before it fell onto the ground.

After falling to the ground, he laid there, unable to move.

Seeing that Hasting was riding towards him with an awe-inspiring expression on his face, Shaar’s scalp turned numb. In this moment, Shaar suddenly had an inspiration! He suddenly remembered this goblin chief’s words……

Turning his head toward that majestic goblin chief, Shaar furiously shouted, “Sky Raider! I know Oaks!! I know where your wife is!!”

The spear that lost its spearhead was already in front of his eyes and stabbed towards him. He kept stubbornly staring at the opposite party.

Finally, an excited roaring could be heard next to him.

“Ouke, Ouke! I want wife!!!”

Sky Raider went mad and suddenly rushed towards him. Although it was too late to save Shaar, he wielded his huge iron staff and smashed it towards Hasting!

The strong wind coming from the iron staff made Hasting’s heart slightly tremble as he was forced to pull back his long spear!

An astonishing clash and buzzing pierced the sky! With a shout, Sky Raider that was standing on the ground was forced more than ten steps back! Immediately, Hasting, who was riding on his horse let out a “huh”, as his eyes closely stared at this goblin opponent.

This goblin had actually managed to take one of his hits?!

Sky Raider was pushed back several steps, but it looked like he didn’t receive any injuries. He forcefully shook his head and roared with a majestic voice.

“Ouke, ouke! Wife! I want wife!!!”

He then immediately went berserk and threw himself and his opponent, while maliciously pounding his iron staff towards him!

Bang, bang, bang! Sky Raider’s body suddenly unleashed a mass of faint light from his body that covered his whole iron staff. It was a simple swing of a staff, but Hasting was still forced to block three times. His spear was even slightly bent after receiving the impact! However, Sky Raider stood there with his chin high and chest puffed out. As he revealed his grievance, his powerful arms once again lifted that iron staff!

Grunting, Hasting furiously swept his spear against the iron staff and immediately an intense metal clang issued through the surrounding!

Sky Raider’s strength was astonishing! Furthermore, each of his strikes was combined with a light that resembled a human’s battle ki. What frustrated Hasting the most was, that the goblin went all out with every attack. Although his martial arts had since far surpassed his opponent, this fellow actually seemed to not fear death or injures. Each of his strikes seemed as if he was ready to perish together as he aimed at his fatal spots……as a last resort, this goblin even used his staff to directly smash against his dark horse!

Hasting regarded this dark horse as his treasured partner, how would he be willing to let a lowly goblin injure it?! The ability of this goblin was strange; it was not weak, since it had a battle ki like strength. However, it couldn’t be called strong either, since his fighting style was a mess, and only god knew where he learned this mishmash of a martial art.

What irritated Hasting most was, that while this goblin madly attacked him, he was shouting something to the likes of, “Ouke, ouke, I want wife!” What did this messy sentence even mean?


Who would fight a deadly battle with the enemy while desperately shouting for his wife?!

Finally, the long spear made of ordinary material in Hasting hands broke into two pieces under the furious pounding of Sky Raider. Trembling with anger, Hasting grunted and threw his long spear on the ground. Turning his horse around, he ordered his black warhorse to dash into the wilderness, before instantly vanishing into the curtain of the night.

After Hasting left, Sky Raider immediately put down his iron staff and raised his head to shout against the night sky.

“Ouke, ouke! Wife! Wife!!”

Then, the goblin turned the head and looked at Shaar who was on the ground. Suddenly, green blood started to endlessly flow out of his mouth, nose and ears at the same time. His burly body shook a few times, before falling down backwards on the ground.

“Ouke, ouke….wife….”

The dozen goblins on the side were scared silly and quickly surrounded him, before helping Sky Raider up. They cleaned away the blood on his body, and after breathing for a while, Sky Raider spat out a mouthful blood. He then pointed at Shaar and said something, before closing his eyes, finally fainting.

Shaar, who was lying on the ground, was still unable to move. He saw that several goblins rushing over as they kicked him several times while he was still down. A group of goblins immediately came up to take his armor and boots off. They only let him keep his clothes on, with even his fire pitchfork was picked up by a goblin, before he proudly inserting it on his own waist.

Two goblins tied Shaar up with a rope and threw him on a horse. The goblins then cheered loudly, and under the sound of bell ringing, the horse caravan continued towards the depth of the wilderness……

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