Conquest Chapter 99 part 1

Chapter 99 Ouke, Ouke, wife, wife part 1

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Shaar was maliciously thrown on the ground and the heavy fall woke him up. His face was buried in sand and soil. After shaking his head, opening his eyes, and looking up, he noticed that his surroundings had already turned dark. It was already late into the day and the sky was completely black.

Shaar’s head felt dizzy, but he immediately sobered up and remembered that he had been knocked out by Hasting. When he thought about that, his body immediately tightened and suddenly jumped up from the ground. He then subconsciously touched the fire pitchfork on his waist, inserted in his belt and only after finding that it was still there, did his heart slightly relaxed.

“Humph, you finally woke up.”

Hasting’s sound came from nearby. The black warhorse stood at the side and Hasting put a feeder bag on its head to feed it. Hearing Shaar making a sound, Hasting turned around and, with his feminine eyes, looked at him in the darkness.

Shaar stared Hasting in the eyes and immediately felt the opposite party’s sharp glare which seemed to penetrate him. While gripping his fire pitchfork in his hands, the muscles on his face kept twisting, but he didn’t pull out the fire pitchfork.

The difference in their strength was too big, whether to fight or not, it didn’t make any big significance.

Hasting’s eyes revealed that he was pondering for a while. He looked at Shaar’s hand that was holding the hilt and thought that he was gripping a sword. His face revealed a mocking expression: “Want to draw your sword? If you think you can win, you can try.”

Shaar took a deep breath and looked gloomy, but he finally decided to let go of the fire pitchfork. He stared at Hasting and slowly sat down.

“Oh? You don’t want to fight to the death?” Hasting grunted and turned around. His long spear was stuck into the ground and he didn’t even bother to take it. With empty hands, he arrived in front of Shaar and stopped two to three steps away.

Shaar shook his head.

“Fear me?”

Shaar shook his head.

“Hate me?”

Shaar raised his eyelid and nodded without hesitation.

“That’s the right way.” Hasting sneered: “Some Byzantine soldiers don’t even hate me, especially since you are from Rhodelia Cavalry Regiment you should.”

Shaar instantly thought of innumerable ideas on how to win. Besides facing the pressure of such a formidable enemy, he actually had a trace of strange feelings: “Didn’t this guy recognize me?”

Then immediately the hillbilly understood. During the duel on the battlefield, he wore a heavy helmet with a visor and the opposite party naturally couldn’t see his face. Moreover, he deliberately wore the biggest sized armor and each part of his body was covered.

However…..That’s right! His voice!

Even if Hasting didn’t recognize his personal appearance, he would certainly remember his voice!

Thinking about it, Shaar clenched his teeth.

Hasting sneered and didn’t doubt him. He sat down and took off the water bag from his waist to drink from it. After two gulps, he threw the water bag towards Shaar.

“It is really laughable when thinking about that Bonfret. Even if he was despicable, I thought that the guy was a powerful fellow after all and didn’t think that he was actually such a coward. When I killed him, he was completely scared silly. If I had known earlier that he was such a coward, I wouldn’t have taken the risk to kill such a trash.”

Shaar didn’t know why, but he felt as if Hasting didn’t have any hostility coming from his tone……there was even a faint trace of gentleness coming from him?

He remained silent and after gulping down two sips, he checked his own clothes. The light armor was so broken that Shaar decided to simply take it off. He then used his ripped-off clothes to tie up the Dragonscale on his chest by wrapping it around twice.

Hasting looked at Shaar full of interest and seeing the piece of oval Dragonscale in front of him, he couldn’t help but slightly raise his eyebrow: “Your chest plate armor is sure strange; it unexpectedly could block my spear. What material is this?”

He didn’t recognize the Dragonscale – after all, although Hasting was powerful, he personally had never seen a living dragon.

Shaar still didn’t speak. Although Hasting was curious, with his status, he wouldn’t do things like forcefully snatch it away from Shaar.

They looked at each other in silence for a little while, before Hasting finally spoke about the real subject. His complexion turned serious again and he looked dignified while carefully staring at the pendant hanging around Shaar’s neck. He then lifted his finger and asked.

“That thing ……Where did you get it?”

Shaar was shocked, he looked at the pendant on his chest and his face was unable to conceal his strange appearance.

Pendant ……It was this pendant again?! The pendant that brought him many surprises already……

Hasting unexpectedly recognized this pendant??

His mind was moved and he nearly started talking, but when the words landed on the tip of his tongue, he forcefully bit his lips. He then slowly shook his head.

Hasting frowned and his eyes seemed somewhat dissatisfied: “Are you mute?!”

He stared at Shaar: “Seeing from your attire, you should be an officer of the Praetorian Guards? How could Adrick choose a mute as the captain of his Praetorian Guards?”

Shaar did not speak.

Hasting seemed to get impatient and his face revealed a trace of anxiety: “I ask you another time, where did you get this pendant!!”

Shaar stared at Hasting and still didn’t speak, but sat on the ground and quietly put his hand on the floor……

Exactly at this time, just when Hasting was about to speak, his complexion suddenly changed and he slightly tilted his head to listen attentively. He then frowned and said: “In such remote place, how come someone is here?”

Sure enough, just when Hasting’s voice fell, Shaar subsequently also heard a faint bell ring in a distant place – some adventures who rode their way through the wilderness would have the habit of hanging a bell on their horse’s neck. These bells would issue a ringing sound when knocked against the wind.

Hasting grunted and the moment when he turned his head, Shaar finally found the long awaited opening!

Shaar suddenly jumped up from the ground and plunged into Hasting with a diving posture, while stretching out his arms! Using both of his hands, he grabbed handfuls of dirt and tossed it.

The dirt cloud suddenly blocked Hasting’s line of sight and Shaar used all his strength to leap and to grab Hasting’s throat with one hand. He then swung maliciously with his other elbow and planned to smash it into Hasting!

This was his only opportunity. His martial art might be very strong, and perhaps his spear art was very powerful, but ……right now he was unarmed! Maybe his unarmed combat ability would be slightly weaker?

This was Shaar’s only opportunity!

However ……Shaar was wrong!

As soon as he rushed out and threw the dirt on Hasting, the opposite party only sneered while twisting his body. Hasting let Shaar leap into empty air and immediately kicked Shaar to the side, making him stagger. Shaar was almost immediately thrown on the ground, but the moment he was thrown forward, he fiercely pushed with his hand against the ground. With one push, his body shot up and he performed a furiously twisted his waist. While screaming, he pulled out his fire pitchfork and maliciously stabbed forward!

At this moment, both of Shaar’s eyes turned crimson and unleashed the crimson rage ki as his fire pitchfork already radiated a faint trace of crimson light! When Hasting saw Shaar’s fire pitchfork, his complexion immediately changed!!

Just when the fire pitchfork was about to stab Hasting’s chest, he suddenly jumped backwards and pulled out a dagger from his sleeve. Gripping it in his palm, he maliciously blocked the fire pitchfork with a swing!

A clear cutting noise, half of the dagger broke off and flew away. However, Shaar actually also felt a great shock while holding the fire pitchfork. This powerful strength made his entire arm go numb from the shock! His hand nearly let go at that moment but luckily he clenched his teeth to stop it from happening. However, blood flowed down from his palm and his hands unexpectedly split open!!

After blocking against the hit, Hasting already leapt backwards. He looked down at his broken dagger and his face was startled a bit before saying: “What a sharp sword!”

He then looked up and stubbornly stared at Shaar’s face. Anger swelled up in a crazy pace: “It’s you! So it is you! I recognize your weapon!! You were that despicable guy that did the sneak attack on that day!! You are Bonfret!!”

Since he was recognized, Shaar who had severe pain in his palm and who’s arm was numb worn, simply took the fire pitchfork in his left hand. Pointing the fire pitchfork at Hasting, he raised his head and laughed wildly: “Haha! Hasting did you just recognize me now! When I told you that his uncle was Bonfret, I simply deceived you on that day!”

Anger swelled in Hasting’s heart, he single-handedly went to Primal Wildfire Town to kill Bonfret and wash away the insult to his belief. Who would have thought that after taking such a big risk, he actually unexpectedly killed the wrong person?!

At this moment, he only wanted to cut this punk in front of him into a million pieces!
Hasting grunted and threw the broken dagger to the ground and suddenly raised his head. The spear inserted into the ground at the distance immediately vibrated and issued some humming sounds. It suddenly automatically emerged from the ground and flew into Hasting’s hand and immediately turned into a piece of black flame!

This beautiful technique let the hillbilly shout out in great surprise and he couldn’t help but tighten his hold on his fire pitchfork. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, but with such a huge difference between his strength and this powerful enemy’s which could he possibly use?

Crimson rage ki? Couldn’t beat him!

Dragonthorn? He was afraid it wouldn’t work……

Since he couldn’t beat him, Shaar who didn’t get any bad consciousness from escaping, naturally gave birth to an idea: Run!

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