Conquest Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Breaking down the gate

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On the big street, Hasting’s shout created a ripple through the sky.  Like a death god from the netherworld, his awe-inspiring eyes slowly swept over the surroundings. At this moment, each person within the crowd of Byzantine soldiers on the street couldn’t help but unexpectedly and subconsciously lower their head. No one even dared to look Hasting in the eyes!

Shaar who stood at the corner of the street clenched his hand on the hilt of his weapon and bent down his body. He hid behind a dirt wall and carefully observed Hasting.

He watched as he was surrounded by the pursuing troops and how the Byzantine soldiers were so shocked under his pressure that they couldn’t even gasp for breath. He saw how the ground was dried in blood and how flesh flew in the air while not a single Byzantine soldier dared to advance again!

Hasting grunted and slowly withdrew on his horse and then gradually moved down the big street. His long spear pointed at the opposite Byzantine soldiers while fresh blood dropped down, falling on the ground turning the ground into a mass of red…..

The atmosphere seemed to have completely frozen and only Hasting’s warhorse gasping for breath could be heard. The horse’s hooves advanced one step after another and watching Hasting withdrawing from the big street, Shaar’s heart started to get anxious. Hidden behind that dirt wall, he grasped his fire pitchfork and his eyes stubbornly stared at Hasting’s back.

These damn soldiers, they were obviously numerous, but it seemed as if Hasting’s imposing manner made them fear to raise their swords and shields. No one dared to rush forwards into their death, and they all seem to be petrified. They were just going to watch Hasting walking away like that?!

Arriving at the turn of the street corner, Hasting’s mouth revealed a mocking sneer full of disdain, before saying in a cold manner, “Byzantines are cowardly as a mouse!”

After giving off a loud shout, he turned his horse and prepared to depart!

Shaar couldn’t wait any longer and he aimed for the moment Hasting turned his horse around. With a leap, he jumped over the dirt wall and took two bricks on the wall, before maliciously hurling them towards Hasting.

(TL: The famous brick to the head technique!)

With two bangs, the bricks were crushed as Hasting swung his long spear twice. As the broken stones bounced around, Hasting’s eyes stared closely at Shaar who stood behind the dirt wall.

“Come if you dare!” Hasting issued a long laugh. With a forcefully kick on the stirrup, he dashed towards Shaar and that black flame instantly arrived in front of Shaar. Even when Shaar concentrated all his energy, he still couldn’t catch how Hasting used his movement to instantly shoot in front of him with his spear. In order to dodge, Shaar could only growl and use all his power to jump backwards……

Chi! Just when Shaar threw himself backwards, the spearhead fiercely scratched past his chest and the black flame easily ripped apart his 13th Army officer light armor. The burst of metal scraping could be heard that made people’s teeth ache and hurt as the spearhead scratched against the Dragonscale that Shaar put between his armor. Immediately flame sparks were released! Under the black flame, the armor melted but that Dragonscale stayed firm under the attack of the black flame. A noticeable deep scratch was left behind on the Dragonscale by the spearhead.

Hasting was also slightly surprised after seeing that his spear didn’t kill his opponent with one swing. When his spear scratched Shaar’s chest and he saw that he dropped down behind the dirt wall. Hess lightly shouted, “Good skill!”

With a light wave of his arms, the long spear easily thrust through the dirt wall! When Shaar fell on the ground he didn’t even have the time to stand up before the spearhead was already once again in front of him. This time he was unable to dodge and the spearhead smashed against the Dragonscale on his chest. Bang, the Dragonscale that had being struck immediately sunk in and Shaar felt as if his chest was being hammered. His vision immediately blackened and blood come up to his throat, but he forcefully swallowed it back.

Within his body he felt a slightly warm feeling instantaneously spreading at the front of the Dragonscale. That black flame on the Dragonscale made a burning noise, before it couldn’t endure any longer and instantaneously got covered by a green smoke……

Hasting felt that the spearhead was gently pushed back by a soft power and with a shout, he withdrew his long spear. Beyond the collapsed dirt wall he saw Shaar who was lying on his back.

This was Hasting’s first time seeing Shaar more clearly and he saw that this young man had black hair and eyes. He wore an officer standard armor of the Byzantine Empire and his eyes were intensely staring at him.

Hasting was slightly startled since this was actually his first time seeing Shaar.

That time, when they faced each other on the battlefield, although it was a short distance, Shaar had covered his face with a visor helmet and Hasting didn’t see his face clearly.

Even ……Until a moment ago, Hasting thought that the one who initially did the sneak attack on him was “Bonfret”.

When he commanded his army to retreat this time, he turned back alone and after sneaking past the defense line of Byzantine, he decided to put this despicable coward to death!

He didn’t give him the glory of a fair duel, but this despicable and shameless guy actually dared to insult his warrior glory. How could he let him live! No matter how Hasting must kill “Bonfret”! Moreover, he heard that this fellow unexpectedly shamelessly claimed that he had wounded him on the battlefield and openly accepted a military medal?? As a result, he could be kept alive!!

I, Hasting have my honor, how could I let these despicable ants insult my prestige?!

He really had extraordinary courage and depended on his supernatural power to sneak into the sphere of influence of Byzantine single-handedly. After arriving in the Primal Wildfire Town, he stormed the garrison building that was protected by several hundred of guards with only a spear. He then struck down and killed “Bonfret” on the spot and also completely wiped out all the military officers that were present!

Hasting, who only thought how he finally let out the anger in his heart, looked at Shaar at this moment. Where would he have thought that the one who truly tarnished his warrior honor on the battlefield was actually that guy in front of him?
When the spearhead was reflected, although Hasting was somewhat surprised, he immediately relaxed. For this ambush, in order not to get unwanted attention, he didn’t carry his triangular spear with him. After all, he was sneaking into the enemy’s sphere of influence and if his identity was exposed, because of the huge enmity between him and Byzantine Empire, his enemies would try to eliminate him as quickly as possible. They would probably not shy away from any cost and would naturally assemble all the manpower to kill their scourge!

Although Hasting didn’t fear death, he wasn’t a fool. Even though he had unrivalled martial arts, he wasn’t someone brainless.

At that moment Hasting pulled back his long spear and could only regret his long weapon’s ordinary material while the opposite party was wearing something underneath his armor. Looking at this guy in front of him staring back, he thought that this black haired boy was quite interesting. Those Byzantine soldiers were already so frightened that they didn’t dare to advance after hearing his name, yet this boy unexpectedly dared to look him in the eyes? His eyes were also unexpectedly reflecting fearlessness?

After getting a better look at Shaar’s body armor, Hasting sneered and immediately identified the Byzantine Army he found for many years: “So you are from the Rhodelia Cavalry Army, no wonder you are so unyielding. ”

Although he praised him a bit, Hasting wasn’t lenient and flicked his long spear while maliciously stabbed at Shaar’s throat. Shaar, who just received a hit on his chest, was still in pain and didn’t yet have the strength to block and could only wait for his death. Then suddenly, he heard Hasting calling out.

The spearhead was stabbing towards his throat and that black flame was almost touching his skin. Shaar felt that icy chill streaming out from that black flame….

Hasting’s spear suddenly stopped!

Hasting tightly grabbed his spear and his feminine eyes widened while staring at Shaar. He kept staring below Shaar’s neck!

There, on Shaar’s neck, hung a pendant, the one that the old man left him!!!

Hasting complexion instantly changed a few times; confusion, surprise, shock and a trace of a strange indescribable emotion could be seen in his eyes. At this moment, the Odin’s God of War’s hands were slightly trembling!

He suddenly took a deep breath and pulled up his backhand to smash his spear on Shaar’s chest. After the hit, Shaar’s body suddenly trembled and fainted on the spot. Hasting then picked up Shaar at his belt with his spear and with a flick of his arm; he tossed him into the air. He then grabbed him midair with his hand, and put Shaar on the front of his horse horizontally. With a yell, he leapt away with his horse at the end of the street and galloped away.

Riding on his horse, he dashed unhindered through the street of Primal Wildfire Town. On the road, there were some Byzantine patrols trying to stop him, but his long spear soon transformed into a black flame and swept over them. Creating carnage wherever he passed, he easily opened a road in front of him! Everywhere he went, the Byzantine received heavy casualties and before they managed to encircle him, Hasting already rushed past them.

In only a few moments, he rushed beneath the city gate of Primal Wildfire Town and the warning trumpet was resounding rapidly.  The soldiers who guarded the gate immediately closed it and after seeing that Hasting’s horse bolted towards them, a team of soldiers went in formation. While raising their shields and spears, the military officer shouted loudly, “Death, if you try to break down the gate!!”

Why would Hasting start argue with him? With a long shout, the spear in his hand turned into black lightning and shot out before smashing into the formation with the black Qi. Several soldiers were immediately pierced and the black light crashed into the city gate, immediately bursting it open!

Hasting fiercely pushed his warhorse and with a neigh, that dark horse, who was a godly steed, smashed its hooves against the ground before leaping out. While the Byzantium officer and soldiers shouted in panic, it jumped over a dozen swords and rushed out of the city gate!

The warhorse dashed out of the city gate into the boundless wilderness. The Byzantine soldiers shouted out in confusion and were panic-stricken. Hasting suddenly turned around his horse and sneered while looked at the Byzantine soldiers at the city gate. He then suddenly pulled out a long sword from his saddle and shot it in the distance. With a bang, the sword nailed itself to the stone wall near the gate and it was so deep that the handle could be barely seen!

“Go tell to your commander in chief! Someone wounded I, Hasting, on the battlefield? What a joke!”

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