Conquest Chapter 97 part 2

Chapter 97 Come at me if you dare! part 2

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Editor: Sara

The reason why he hadn’t recognized that horse a moment ago was because every time he saw it, it was on the battlefield! Every time he saw this horse, even if it was a godly steed, its light would be soon overshadowed by its master! Each time he saw this horse, its whole body was clad in armor and on its head was a half moon helmet!!

Because of these reasons, he didn’t even recognize it until now!!

This dark horse……

It was……

It was the horse that Hasting rode!!!

When it reached the turn on the street, the cart slowly arrived at the front door of the garrison building where it suddenly halted.

When the gigantic cart blocked the big gate of the garrison building, several guards started to fiercely shout, while rushing towards it. That cart driver jumped and totally ignored the shouting of those several guards. After leisurely opening the cover of the cart, he started to search through the random pile of firewood, throwing some aside.

Several guards rushed in front of him and the cart driver that was being shouted at, sneered. Without seeing him move, a black light flashed before the two guards were sent flying. When they landed, their bodies were already burned black!!

The cart driver took out several thin metal poles, the thickness of an egg, which had a screw head and quickly connected them into a long spear.  He then tore the cloth off his face before throwing it to the ground!

He had seemingly mediocre and simple features, but in addition to that, his pair of slightly feminine eyes, that occasionally flashed a strange light, made his ordinary face immediately turn vivid!!

Hasting! Odin’s Hasting!!

After freeing himself from his previous hidden identity, he suddenly issued a long laugh and leaped onto his horse, before rushing towards the doorstep of the garrison building. The guards in the vicinity roared in anger, but the dark horse let loose a neigh as it raised its hooves. With a kick, it trampled through front gate, the wreckage flying towards the several guards standing behind it, immediately throwing them to the ground.

Holding his long spear, Hasting sat on his horse while blocking the garrison building’s front door! At this moment, numerous guards flocked towards the building and a team, clad in armor and armed with swords and shields, rushed out. However, Hasting’s face only revealed an arrogant sneer.

With a loud shout, he leapt forward with his horse and spear!

“Bonfret, you cowardly fellow, I already said that I will come and take your life!”

With a long laugh, the dark horse leapt forward, while the long spear swept around with its stream of black flame. The several armored guards at the front were immediately crushed by that black light! Both men and their armor were instantly smashed to pieces!

The long spear made a sweep and several guards immediately were sent flying, the sharp edges of that black light instantly splitting the people into half in midair! By the time they landed, only a few pieces of the mutilated bodies that were charred from the black flame could be seen!

With a leap, Hasting stormed into a crowd of the garrison guards, brandishing his long spear around, the armored guards could only cry miserably, before falling down. That black light caused a rain of blood!!

There were dozens of armored guards in the courtyard, but they were actually unable to block Hasting and were utterly destroyed!

Bending his waist, Hasting picked up a long sword belonging to a Byzantine soldier from the ground. Holding it in his hands, that long sword started to emit a black light, after which he hurled it at the hall’s door, smashing open it with a loud bang! Leaping forward, with his horse and spear in the hand, he trampled over the hall door!

In the hall, the garrison officer was completely dumbfounded! Seeing one man on a horse rampaging and rushing into the hall, while covered in a black flames; it was as if a death god ascended from the netherworld!!

Bonfret, who was in the center, already had a pale complexion that could be compared to a dead person. With a clink, his wine glass dropped to the ground as his body started to tremble uncontrollably. He rigidly stared at Hasting and his throat had produced only gibberish……

Others might not recognize Hasting, but how could Bonfret, who had once faced off against him on the battlefield, not recognize him?!

“Bonfret?” Hasting’s eyes found the guy in the center and they radiated full evil intent, “I already told you that I will kill you! I didn’t declare a fair duel, so that you won’t be able to die a glorious death! A weakling like you, is only fit to be lowly put to death by my hands!”

With a shout, he suddenly wielded the spear in his hand and it transformed into a bolt of black lightning! The black flame suddenly rose, sending a pressuring heat towards the faces of the other people in the hall!

The black lightning instantaneously shot towards Bonfret. How could this ass selling pretty boy have the skill to block it? Furthermore, it was a strike of Hasting filled with anger!

With a bang, his body was pierced by the black lightning and immediately pulverised! The combustion of the black flame immediately burnt his body to ashes! The pitiful Bonfret couldn’t even leave a body behind!

The woman next to him was so frightened that she was already sitting limp on the ground. Hasting rode forward and his horse’s hoof trampled down onto the brazier in the middle, before slowly arriving at the middle seat. A spear covered with black flame was pieced into the spot where Bonfret was originality sitting. Hasting gently took the long spear into his hand and turned around, his eyes swept over the hall like lightning.  Only now, the several military officers suddenly came to and drew their swords rushing towards him to kill.


The corners of Hasting’s mouth rose slightly and the long spear cover with black flame emitted a light resembling the netherworld……


More and more soldiers swarmed towards the wide street, but a side of the wall suddenly exploded, and it came crashing down. A black shadow leapt out of the wall and several soldiers were fiercely knocked into the air, blood spitting from their mouths!

Hasting, who stood at the end of the wide street, looked at Byzantine soldiers in front of him. Raising his long spear into the sky, he issued a loud shout mixed with laughter.

“Hasting of the Odins put the Knight Bonfret of Byzantine to death!!”

With a laugh, Hasting suddenly bent down and rode toward the mass of Byzantine soldiers in front of him! While the long spear swirled up a mass of black light, the crowd was immediately chopped to pieces!!

As the spear’s shadow flashed through, pitiful yells could be heard and the crowd dispersed! No one could resist against Hasting’s spear strikes; it resembled a wind cutting through a wheat field. Men dropped to their knees one after another as blood sprayed in all directions.  Hasting, who rode on his horse, had simply penetrated through the crowd of Byzantine soldiers! Only when he arrived at the end of the street did he stop, and at that moment, Hasting’s body was already completely covered in blood. With a groan and a flick of his long spear, the spear head pierced the wall next to him with a boom! When he casually pulled it out, the entire wall came crashing down, broken stones piled up along the entire street!

“Those who block me, await death!! Those who pursue me, await death!!” Hasting’s hoarse bellow resounded through the long street and his high-pitched tone was full of ridicule, “Come at me if you dare!!!”

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