Conquest Chapter 97 part 1

Chapter 97 Come at me if you dare! part 1

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Listening to these two adventurers’ conversation, Shaar’s eyes lit up; he had already guessed most of it. However, he didn’t say anything else and casually drank several sips of wine before putting down his cup.

The bunch of cavalry soldiers caused a ruckus in the tavern, only disbanding late into the night. Tatara, Solleater and the other squires also returned triumphantly. It was said that the magician had robbed the thugs, beat them up severely, before stripping them naked and throwing them out near the city wall.

The magician who had finally let out his steam was wholeheartedly satisfied. In the evening, when he went to fetch water to wash Shaar’s foot, his movements were obviously a bit faster than usual.

That night, without a word, the cavalry soldiers temporarily resided in the city garrison camp. The morning of the second day when Shaar set out, he casually strolled for a while in the town and only when the noon arrived, did he go to the garrison inside the government office to urge Bonfret to leave. However, after arriving at the entrance to the garrison and asking someone to convey the message, Shaar waited for quite a while before someone came with the reply that Sir Bonfret drank too much wine last night. He was still having a hangover and had not awoken, making Shaar wait even longer.

Shaar rolled his eyes and wanted to directly break in. However after thinking it through, he changed his mind since they were given exceedingly abundant time for this mission. Since this pretty boy didn’t want to hurry, he could let his brothers rest for an extra day in Primal Wildfire Town. Because he was bounded by the mission, he endured his temper and let the attendant at the entrance transmit the message to Bonfret that they would take another day rest today and start their journey tomorrow.

In fact, Bonfret was already awake inside the garrison building when Shaar arrived in the morning. He was inside the building accompanied by the garrison officer of Primal Wildfire Town, where they both sat in the hall, drinking wine.

Although, this hall could be regarded as being too big, it is also able to accommodate dozens of people for a casual drinking session. In the middle  was a brazier filled with superior white charcoal and the flame didn’t issue any smoke and soot. On the iron stand above the brazier hung an already brown and crispy roasted lamb. Two women with the air of escorts wearing thin robes, sliced off pieces of the lamb with machetes, before handing it over to Bonfret.

Bonfret sat in the middle and there were some dried fruits, cooked food and a jug of wine in front of him. This handsome knight had already fully recovered to his previous state and his face didn’t show the panic-stricken frightful look that he had on previously in the battlefield.  He actually straightened his back and lifted his chin high while looking down at the garrison officer and several medium-ranking officers with squinted eyes.

Seeing those military people in front of him spilling soup and inferior wine while holding their glasses shouting heartily, Bonfret could only frown.

Too vulgar. Too vulgar ……This damn countryside. These guys don’t even have simple education and etiquette.

Furthermore, these women ……Each man inside this building was next to a white powdered woman. However, these girls were obviously forcefully recruited by the garrison officer from that Powder Street. Although the officer wanted to flatter Bonfret and already presented to him with the youngest and most good-looking girl, he, however, was from a knight family which had riches as well as a powerful background within the Empire. How could he like a prostitute with a lowly status from this place?

Although he had never patronized a brothel in the Royal Capital before, that place was where the rich and powerful families would spend big bucks to satisfy their desires. How could the girls there compare to this type of common, vulgar white powdered prostitutes here?

Bonfret continued to drink, somewhat depressed, but his heart finally settled down.

Regardless of the method used by the garrison officer to curry favour with him, it let him get back some of his self-esteem and thus, he continued to drink happily. There was even a girl serving next to him……uh, it was 10000 times better compared to the 13th Army, where he got bullied by that Hillbilly!

Thinking about it, Bonfret bitterly took a sip of his wine.

Just when he thought about it, someone came to notify him that Shaar was in the garrison building. Getting angry, Bonfret cursed a few time and maliciously came up with the excuse that he hadn’t woken up yet. How would he be willing to face Shaar at this moment?

While Shaar waited at the entrance for a while, he got bored and gradually annoyed. He had the mission to protect him and wasn’t willing to slack off.  That was why he came to ask for him, but that ass seller actually gave him the cold shoulder. Suit himself! In any case, this pretty boy was safe inside the garrison building and he wouldn’t have to worry about any security problems. Since this punk wasn’t willing to leave, then uncle wouldn’t waste his time to wait here and would find his own fun somewhere!

Thinking about it, Shaar laughed, held his head high and chest out before departing. In front of the garrison building gate was a road with a wide width. However, because half it was occupied by the garrison, there weren’t many businesses and even if there were any, the garrison guards would temporarily occupy it.

Shaar walked a few steps, before seeing a carriage. The horse pulled a large cart fully loaded with firewood and charcoal, and the horse’s fur was completely black. Now that Shaar had become a cavalry soldier, he could already tell whether a horse’s quality was good or bad and he couldn’t help but take a closer look at it.

Although it was covered by dirt, one could still see that it had an amazing build. Even though this pearl of a warhorse was being used to pull a cart and had been partnered up with an inferior horse, this horse’s giant and brave forward strides as well as its stance was extraordinary. Adding to the horse’s extremely well-proportioned physique, majestic and vigorous……

With one look, Shaar was somewhat tempted in his heart. How could such a good warhorse actually be made to pull a cart?

He immediately got a bit excited and since he had a lot of gold coins in his bosom, he might as well ask this cart owner if he could  buy it……

However, thinking about it again, there were many powerful hidden experts inside Primal Wildfire Town and only god knew who this cart’s owner was ……Perhaps that guy was intentionally trying to stay low key and if he rushed over, it would provoke trouble instead.

Shaar sighed, before shaking his head and continuing move forward. However, after walking several steps, he couldn’t help but turn his head to steal another glance at that carriage that was moving towards the front door of the garrison building.  A cart driver sat on the carriage and donned a thin leather jacket. In order to protect against the wind, he covered his head with a large piece of cloth. With a medium stature and in a whip in hand, he lazily leaned against the carriage. His legs were dangling weakly as he casually waved around his whip.

However, that dark horse made Shaar’s heart pump and gave him a feeling that he couldn’t describe.

After not being able to remember, Shaar shook his head and continued to walk for a little while until the end of the street. He then made a turn and in a good dozens of steps, Shaar’s complexion suddenly changed while his footsteps came to a sudden stop! His mouth instantly felt dry and his heart started pounding. It gave him the type shock, that made the body feel weak after an episode extreme excitement.  A heavy pressure was pressing against his heart, almost making him unable to breath!

It can’t be! It can’t be!! It can’t be!!

That horse, that horse ……The feeling in his heart was……uncomfortable! Extremely uncomfortable!! That horses, that dark horse, he had seen it before!!!

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