Conquest Chapter 95 part 2

Chapter 95 A cursed mission part 2

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During the several days during they finished up their tasks, General Adrick went to visit Shaar a few times. Regarding the great merits that Shaar had earned this time, the general had already made it clear to the superiors in his military report. As for the reward, the higher-ups would make the final decision.

However, there was one issue: wounding Hasting on the battlefield—this merit wouldn’r fall on Shaar’s head. After all, according to the name that was used, the person who duelled with Hasting was “The Empire’s First Rated Knight, Sir Bonfret”.

Shaar wasn’t really interested in this merit and readily accepted this seemingly unfair decision.

From this hillbilly’s point of view, accepting this merit was equal to being on Hasting’s watchlist! Where was the merit in that? The attention was equivalent to a huge black mark that decided who would die!

However, Adrick readily agreed to Shaar’s several requests. They included that Sarbar and Kato would be transferred into Shaar’s platoon. Sarbar became the vice-captain of the platoon, and the heroic large fellow became Shaar’ helping hand. As for Kato ……with his arrival, the original 50 cavalry soldiers were all excited and had a favorable impression of Shaar. Everyone knew that having the army smuggler join the platoon meant that obtaining contraband goods would be greatly facilitated

Shaar had another request: a man under the name of Solleater was to be assigned under him as the second squire. Although Shaar was only a platoon captain and having two squires was too assertive and incompatible with the regulation of the army, Adrick still authorized it without hesitation.

This was because the man called Solleater was the bald man Kevin’s squire. After Kevin died in battle, Solleater should have retired from the army and gone home or entered the auxiliary barracks to act as an artisan, a stableman, or some other profession. However Shaar actually specially requested for this man to be placed under him.

Solleater was a stableman and knew some simple blacksmith work. He was an honest and brave man who knew how to ride a horse and had a decent strength. He even studied a bit of fighting as a cavalry soldier within the army. Unfortunately, he was born slow. Regardless if he was speaking or working, he was always a step closer than the others. Therefore, he had remained a squire and was unable to go a step further.

His reaction was slower and could be seen in situations like this: If everyone was listening to a joke together, they would laugh once the joke finished. Solleater, on the other hand, would maintain a calm composure. However, after a long time had passed and the other people began talking about a new topic, this fellow would suddenly release a good laugh. Or ……If someone hit him with his fist, Solleater would look at him indifferently. After half an hour, he would suddenly wail in pain.

An important reason why Shaar wanted to obtain him under him was that Solleater had been Kevin’s fellow villager.

With Solleater’s arrival, Tatara began to get excited. This noble magician joyfully thought that he could finally escape the lowly career of a handyman. This newly arrived fellow seemed a bit stupid, and with his own intelligence, how could he not push this guy around?

However, the magician quickly created his own tragedy…

Solleater worked hard and honestly. He would scrub the horses until they were extremely clean, and if a horseshoe or suit of armor needed repair, he would do the job. Moreover, he was quick and did it well.

As the saying goes, one shouldn’t worry about not knowing much about certain products. An individual only needed to compare them to see the difference.

Originally, when Tatara was been Shaar’ squire, he had been lazy and ate a lot, slowing down his work. However, Shaar felt that it was acceptable, so he accepted Tatara’s work. But after Solleater came, the magician’s exceptionally poor performance became especially obviously against such a stark comparison ……as a result, the pitiful Tatara – because of his low efficiency, would get maliciously scolded every day by the hillbilly.

On the third day, Solleater took the initiative and approached Tatara, before putting forth a proposal to him: “Give me a third of your wage, and I will do my tasks deliberately slower.”

Tatara felt an inexplicable grief and anger!! He thought of making accusations against that fellow, but thinking carefully, he compared Solleaeter’s honest and simple face with his own treacherous appearance……….no matter how he thought about it, he could guess that no one would believe him!

An outrageous contribution of a third of his wage, the magician’s face turned towards the sky, filled with grief.

“F*ck! Who is the fool in the end!!!”


After several days of rest, the newly appointed platoon captain Shaar was summoned in the big tent by General Adrick. There, he accepted a mission to deliver a detailed army report to the military headquarters.

Simultaneously, because he stood out during the current war, Shaar would receive the Empire’s “Eagle Medal”. He would be personally given this award by the war zone’s commander in addition to a rich reward.

This was a good errand mission without much danger. It also raised both his fame and fortune.

However, beyond this mission, there was an additional small task.

Shaar had to lead his 50 cavalry soldiers to the south and escort an individual with a noble status on the way back. As long as he returned to the military headquarters, the mission would be completed. However this escorted precious fellow was……

It was the one who had duelled with Odin’s “Lord of War” Hasting, and with his strength, he wrecked heavy losses on the enemy. The person he had to escort was the Empire’s new hero and its First Rated Knight, Bonfret……

Hearing this order, Shaar froze on the spot.

He carefully stared at General Adrick, but from the opposite party’s serious expression, he determined that the general wasn’t cracking a joke.

But ……making me escort the pretty boy Bonfret, who was selling his butt?

Was there a mistake? The entire 13th Army knew that this mountain boy had tied the pretty boy to a horse out of hatred!

Hesitating for a long time,  Shaar issued a forced smile with a straight face. “That……General. I would like you ask you with great courage. You……ehm. You ……”

“If you have a fart, then let it out quickly!”Adrick ridiculed him.

“Ehm ……You are sure. Are you sure, you are really not implying that I ……can seize this opportunity to get rid of that punk?”

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