Conquest Chapter 94

Conquest Chapter 94 Bones penetrating chill

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“I must kill him, I must kill him. Hanging him to death, burn him alive, no. I will tie him up and cut him into a million pieces. I want to hang his corpse at the city gate and make the crows peck and eat his eyes.”

Bonfret’s eyes were bloodshot and the muscles on his face twisted. Inside the tent, he angrily roared towards Adrick and Ruhr. This handsome Sir Knight’s face twisted so much that it became scary and his eyes widened to round circles. While breathing heavily, his cheeks puffed up and his fists clenched tightly. On his wrists there were still the red marks from the tendon that tied him to his horse. Bonfret continued to walk back and forth anxiously like a mad dog.

“That bastard. That vulgar and despicable slave. I want to kill that bastard. I must kill him. I want him dead.”

Seeing Adrick’s expression grow more and more impatient and the scar on his face shaking, the nearby Ruhr knew that something bad was going to happen if this pretty boy roared again. This tyrannical general didn’t care and would draw his sword to split this guy in two right here.

The fat fellow quickly ran towards Bonfret and grabbed him, while laughing loudly: “Sir Bonfret, please calm down. Let’s get more clarification on this matter before…”, “What is there to clarify?” Bonfret screamed like a frightened little girl: “That bastard, he dared to tie me up and unexpectedly shut me in the storehouse. He dared to leave me on the battlefield. He is a murderer who wants to kill me. “

Adrick heavily grunted. Standing up, his hand laid on the sword hilt near his waist. This action immediately frightened Bonfret and he withdrew by several steps, before pointing at Adrick while shouting: “You, what do you want to do? Adrick, don’t forget your status. You are an imperial soldier. I, I am the Observer and special envoy. You, you dare to threaten me?”

Adrick suppressed the impulse to brandish his sword and left the tent with big steps while not even looking at this pretty boy.

Ruhr walked over and touched Bonfret’s shoulder. Bonfret suddenly twitched from fear, before looked at Ruhr’s smiling face. It seemed as if he immediately renewed his spirit: “General Ruhr, you bear witness. These guys from the 13th Army want to secretly kill me. These lowly plebs, these bastards wants to kill me.”

Ruhr’s smile was friendly and seeing his appearance soothed Bonfret a lot.

“Yes, Respected Sir Bonfret, I suggest that you shouldn’t shout right now. After all, we are still in the camp of the 13th Army.” Ruhr seemingly reminded him very gently, before lowering his voice and saying: “Look, although you received some disrespectfully treatment – ah, please don’t stare at me like that. Alright, I acknowledge that this treatment was extremely dishonourable and offensive towards an aristocrat.

However, this whole thing also has a good side. What do you say?”

“Good, good side?”Bonfret was enraged: “General Ruhr, are you teasing me now?”

“Of course not.” Ruhr forcefully shook his big cheeks and immediately made an effort to smile: “As far as I know, you personally faced Odin’s Hasting on the battlefield.”

“I was tied up.” Bonfret recalled yesterday’s scene and his legs started to shake, but when he thought about the bitter experience where he peed his pants, his heart was consumed by inexplicable shame and resentfulness. He then screamed: “That guy, he wants to kill me!”

“Wait a moment, let’s not rush things.” Said the fat, good natured fellow: “I understand that you were tied up on the battlefield and are angry. However, think about it, others may not know that you were tied up. Moreover, the thing that matters right now is: On the battlefield Sir Knight Bonfret faced Odin’s Hasting and fought a decisive battle. Hasting was injured and decided to run away.”

“That guy wasn’t me.” Bonfret said with a small voice.

“But others don’t know, only the Odin know.” The fat guy grinned very slyly: “Look, fighting Hasting alone on the battlefield of war is a great glory. Moreover, His Highness the Crown Prince’s goal of letting you join the front was exactly that.”

He looked at Bonfret and suppressed his voice to a very low volume, “Therefore, the person who contended with Hasting was Bonfret. This said, the soldiers could see and they all have heard of it.”

Bonfret’s heart was moved.

“Therefore, we can’t kill that guy for now.” Ruhr smiled, “We must at least wait for this military exploit to fall on you for real. Before this, he is also a witness. Moreover, he is only a foot soldier. Once everything is settled, we can deal with him however we want.  Are you still scared that he will fly away?”


When Ruhr went out of the tent, Adrick was explaining something to his lieutenants.  Seeing that fat fellow walking out, Adrick sneered and said: “Did you managed to coax that brat?”

“Ha, he is indeed a brat, a spoiled one at that. “The fat man curled his lip, “However, that brat is the entourage from His Highness the Crown Prince. Ah, we’re just coaxing him with a few lies. We won’t lose anything.”

Adrick sneered and didn’t speak.

The fat fellow sighed, “I know that a fellow like you is very proud. These matters can be left to me. In everybody’s eyes there is no difference between a running rabbit and this… F*cking ass selling rabbit.”

Adrick looked the fat fellow deep in the eye and suddenly walked towards him, before forcefully patting his shoulder. He then sternly said: “You are an outstanding soldier, General Ruhr.”

He then immediately sighed, “I will go have a look at that other brat. His situation isn’t so good either.”

Ruhr grinned faintly inhaled and rubbed the shoulder that Adrick just patted. He watched Adrick depart and suddenly shouted: “Hey, Adrick.”


“You.” The fat fellow waited a moment and suddenly took several steps to catch up, and whispered: “Don’t think that if you tell me that I don’t know, that boy, he is…”

Adrick eyes flashed a strange light: “You also found out?”

The fat fellow sighed, “Our age difference isn’t that big. In the past matter, although I haven’t witness it, but I still have ears and have heard about it.”

“Then you had better keep this secret.” Adrick immediately cut off Ruhr and sternly warned: “People who know about this matter would die very quickly. I don’t know how much you know and what you know. But please keep it for yourself. This is not a request of mine, but is my advice.”


Shaar was sitting in the tent in a daze. Sarbar and Kato had just left and Kevin’s body had been buried. The close friends of Kevin among the Praetorian Guards already wept bitterly.

The only exception was Shaar, who didn’t shed a single tear. Even when Sarbar and Kato who were worried came to see him, his face still remained calm. It seemed as if the person who went crazy and howled like a maniac wasn’t the same person today.

Shaar sat on his bed, while holding a piece of linen in his hands. He repeatedly cleaned his fire pitchfork and seemed enthralled while rubbing it. Even when Adrick walked in, he didn’t notice. Only when he was in front of Shaar, he suddenly stood up.

“Sit down.” Adrick pressed down Shaar’s shoulders. He took a look at Shaar and asked him: “How is your wound?”

Shaar smiled, “I won’t die.”

This hillbilly’s smile was like usual: simple, honest and straightforward. Even his eyes didn’t have a sad appearance. Adrick sighed and looked at the fire pitchfork in Shaar’s hand. His expression slightly changed and he immediately turned away his head while looking elsewhere, “You.”

“I am all right.” Shaar suddenly talked in a relaxed manner.

“Ah?”Adrick was a bit surprised.

“I am really okay.” Shaar said in a very serious tone: “This is the war and people die. I now understand this truth – it was only that death fell upon Kevin this time. However next time, perhaps it will be my turn. Therefore, these things happen.”

His expression was too calm, so calm that it was almost indifferent. This made Adrick frown: “Do you really think that?”

“Really.”Shaar looked very frank, “Today, when I saw Kevin die, I was very angry and even wanted to take my weapon to run out of the camp’s gate to go wipe out all of the Odins. However right now, I am not angry anymore.”

Stopping here, Shaar smiled and his smiling face was relaxed and pleasant. However the hint of unusual coldness in his eyes let Adrick feel a sense of caution.

“My foster father once told me a few words – ah, although that old man was a good for nothing, but some of his words were very reasonable. He said: against helpless matter, staying constantly sad, angry or mad, these are all cowardly actions.” Shaar exhaled, as if he was breathing the depressing things out of his chest. He then squinted his eyes and smiled: “Therefore, it’s not that I am not angry or sad. I just won’t let myself be consumed by it. I choose to act.”

“Act? Do what?”Adrick looked at Shaar somewhat strangely.

Shaar frowned and his expression was very serious. His mouth gently replied: “Kill people. Kill the Odins. This is my plan. I will go step by step – till one day I’ve killed them all.”


“I know that this is something very difficult.”Shaar made a mocking smile, “Ah, as for the Odins, although their numbers are many. However I will kill some today and some tomorrow. Kill them slowly. I will kill them until I can’t anymore. Having something to do was always better than wasting my time being sad.”

I will kill some today and some tomorrow. I will kill them until I can’t anymore.

Adrick took a deep breath. Shaar’s indifferent tone gave him a bone penetrating chill and almost took away his breath.

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