Conquest Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Last time tolerating it

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When the early morning sunshine finally cascaded down, the slaughter fest, within the dawn’s lighting, seemed as if it had already passed a long time ago.
The big tent had been erected within a small forest, a few meters away from the battlefield. Several giant nails made from pure gold that where the thickness of a cow’s horn were maliciously stamped into the soil. Using extremely solid hemp ropes, the umbrella shaped tent was held up.  Dozens of superior sheepskin blankets were lying on the grass, making the feeling of stepping on the ground feel exceptionally soft.

More than a dozen clean-shaven and topless Odins were standing on their bare feet and wearing gigantic rings in their earlobes, while they nervously bustled about with colourful accessories.

Kekkan stood in front of the forest with four attendants prostrated at his feet as they each held a silver plate in their hands.

Kekkan gently stroked his hair, as it was made into small tufts one after another. He was wearing an extremely magnificent and luxurious robe today, and on his neck was a snow-fox fur cloak that only existed within the coldest snowfield in the north. Several hundred pieces of the finest silver-fox furs were sewn together and into his silver cloak. Underneath his silver cloak, he wore a red, eye-catching armor with a beautiful pattern carved on it. The pattern was of a snow lotus flower in full bloom, which, on his chest armor actually caused a sharp contrast with his bright red armor. It was as if the snow lotus flower was actually blooming, and the flower petal had been inserted into the silver. Under the reflection of sunlight, it was as if the moon’s rays were flowing through the pattern.

He was also wearing the superior shark leather boots, made by the Island Kingdom of Atlantis, with even the spurs of the boots made from pure gold.

Kekkan calmly looked into the distance, before reaching out towards the silver plate that was carried by his attendants in order to take the golden bowl filled with red wine and put it in front of his mouth. In the distance, the Odin attendants with bare bodies had already set up a bonfire and an iron grill, before setting a lamb to roast above the camp fire. While rotating it, they took a giant brush to rub the best honey and spices they had layer by layer on the sides of the sheep.

“Ah…how come once I’ve seen some slaughter, my heart becomes soft…”Kekkan put down the golden bowl and smiled. Revealing a hint of sadness that didn’t resemble an Odin, his pale face turned to face the other direction as he grabbed a delicate small harp from the hand of another attendant.

“Ah, I want to listen to the sound of harps….”

Just as Kekkan sighed while looking at the sun rising above the forest, rapid hoof beats could be heard in the distance. A dark horse rushed over, and everywhere he went, the dense and numerous Odin warriors bowed down while making way on both sides — like a tide retreating . They’d already created a path from very far away.

Hasting, who was still wearing that black cloak, rode his horse and only dismounted when he was less than ten meters away from Kekkan. As he stabbed his heavy triangular spear into the ground, his black cloak fluttered in the air. His whole person was like a mass of black flame as he slowly walked to Kekkan’s side.

Only when Hasting was several steps away from Kekkan, did he stop. His pair of slightly gentle eyes stared at Kekkan’s face. At that moment, he narrowed his eyes, before speaking a few words with his unique hoarse and calm voice:

“I don’t know why every time I’m so close to you, I always have the urge to draw my sword and behead you.”

At that instant, Kekkan felt an intense murderous intent flood his body. He, however, raised his brow and looked at Hasting with a weird look. Casting a kind of smiling face, his pair of deep green eyes looked as deep as a calm secluded lake, “Oh, it’s our Odin’s great Lord of War. I was just watching the sunrise, and my heart was sighing with emotion. Only in light of your wisdom and bravery, were we able to come to these lands. However……”

He slightly wrinkled his nose, and forcefully smiled as he said, “Before you come see me, couldn’t you change your clothes first? You know that I’m always repulsed by the smell of blood.”

The killing intent coming from Hasting’s body gradually dispersed, and he also widened his gentle eyes.  He carefully looked at Kekkan, and it was as if the words filled with murderous intent just a moment ago were only a simple greeting between them. He pondered for a moment, before whispering, “How long do I have to tolerate you, Your Highness Kekkan?”

Kekkan’s deep green eyes flashed with slyness. Revealing a relaxed smile, he snapped his fingers, and deliberately issued a fake laugh, “Do I really need to answer that question? The answer is very simple: First, once I’ve inherited the throne of my great father the Emperor — at that time you won’t need to keep up with me anymore, and can directly submit to me. Second…once my dear brother becomes the Emperor of Odin, at that time, your blade can harvest my head — however if that day truly comes, I hope that you will be gentle, since I’m scared of pain.”

“This is the last time.” Hasting suddenly lifted up his finger, and his expression became very serious. His eyes fell on Kekkan’s face as he stared at his deep green eyes, “The last time, Your Highness Kekkan. I swear by my heart that this is last time I’ll tolerate your deliberating nonsense. If there is a next time, regardless of the place — even if it is in the imperial palace and in front of his majesty — I swear that your neck will taste my blade. I’m not joking, and I hope you keep the words that I say today in your mind.”

Kekkan stayed silent for a moment. as if he was seriously and deeply pondering Hasting’s words — however his face didn’t reveal even the least bit of fear or anxiousness. Pausing for a little while, this elegant Odin’s face burst out into a smiling face once more, “Good, I will remember your advice. I ensure you that this is last time…that I’ll let you find out. Ah, that’s it! The next time, I’ll scheme against you — I’ll certainly make sure to hide the truth from you as much as possible. Was this the answer that you hoped for?”

Hasting’s eyes was indifferent, and he no longer looked at Kekkan. He then turned around and walked away. With the flick of his arm, he pulled out the triangular spear that was stabbed into the ground and mud splashed onto Kekkans’ two cheeks.

When Hasting mounted his horse, Kekkan suddenly shouted loudly, “Sir Hasting, where are you going now?”

Sitting on his horse, Hasting gave Kekkan a cold look with a commanding posture. He fell silent for a little while, before taking a deep breath and replying, “I’m going back!”

“Going back?”Kekkan issued a strange shout, “We marched for several days and nights, nearly over a thousand miles, to get here. And now that the Byzantine Empire’s strongest army is caught in a bad situation inside this fortress, you’re just going to leave?”

Hasting stared profoundly at Kekkan and grunted, “My men will set out tomorrow. If your highness is determined to stay behind to render some meritorious service, I wish you the best of luck.”

Finishing his sentence, Hasting didn’t want to face this fellow a moment longer. If he stayed a little longer, he might not able to bear him anymore, and might use his spear to cut apart this guy who angered him so much.

Only after seeing Hasting riding away with his horse, did Kekkan stretch out his fingers to wipe away the black mud from his cheeks.

Kekkan’s eyes flashed a strange light, and he suddenly said in a low voice, “If he’d really attacked a moment ago, how much assurance do I really have of defeating him?”

His tone changed immediately afterwards, and he sneered with loud disdain, “Defeat? Can you please stop kidding?! If I could block a single blow from his black-flame battle spear, then I’m already able to be considered really lucky!”

He shook his head, and it seemed as if he’d changed his face, before saying, “No no no, Kekkan, no need to sell ourselves short. One needs to understand that, even if I can’t beat him with with my skill, I can still keep myself alive…uhm, and if there’s no way out, I can still cry for help….”

The several attendants in the distance stood to the side and didn’t dare to look up. After all, his highness’ temper was always very strange. Starting to crazily talk himself, everyone was already accustomed to it.

After a little while, Kekkan sighed and shouted out loudly in a dissatisfied way, “Well, well, we don’t need to pitch that damn tent anymore. It seems as if we must immediately leave in a hurry…Alas, I’d already known, so why regret what I did? If I didn’t scheme against Hasting, that fellow, perhaps right now we would be having a victory celebration inside the enemy’s camp. Speaking of that, I might actually be a mean guy.”

The attendants in the distant who were busy a moment ago stopped their work in hand, and looked somewhat dumbfounded and stunned.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”Kekkan impatiently waved his hand, “Prepare immediately to break camp, we must soon be on our way!”

Pausing for a moment, His eyes suddenly sank, before taking a deep breath, “Ah…light up all the candles that I brought.”


An attendant couldn’t help but remind him in a low voice: “Your highness, right now…it’s daytime…”

“Of course I know that it’s daytime right now.” Kekkan looked at the battlefield in the distance. Above the battlefield there was still a layer of fog floating about with the color of blood. Moreover, several teams of Odin soldiers were holding their swords and being carried out from the final clean-up of the battlefield.

“Light them up…as salvation to these ghosts.”Kekkan revealed a very serious smile, “I’m a very soft hearted person.”

Finishing his sentence, he didn’t pay any attention to the attendants who were all dumbfounded. Kekkan strode inside the forest while still holding the harp in his arms, before a sigh full of melancholy was transmitted from afar.

“Ah…how I wish to listen to the sound of harp….”

Hasting quickly returned to his big camp, and when he arrived, a group of Odin soldiers had already lined up in formation. Sitting on his horse, he looked at the cavalry officer’s face which was full of anticipation.

“Transmit the order…we are leaving in a bit.”

Hearing this command, the men immediately received a big shock, but Hasting’s face was as calm as a pond, and nobody dared to question the Lord of War’s order.

“Increase your pace.”Just when everybody was preparing to receive the order to leave, Hasting unexpectedly added a few words, “I don’t want to fall into that guy’s scheme and be left behind in the rear. Humph…Now is not yet the time to kill.”

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