Conquest Chapter 92 part 2

Chapter 92 Casualty of war part 2

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Several of the storm bears that rushed towards him were instantly dismembered.

The Beast Spirit Warriors fell to the ground and couldn’t continue their pursuit, but Shaar was already surrounded by other pursuing troops, and several powerful enemies were closing on him. His heart sank……

At this moment a neigh could be heard and Shaar saw his warhorse turn around. That bald fellow Kevin roared and pulled the reins reluctantly with one hand, before rushing in to forcefully grab Shaar by the hair! When Shaar turned towards the horse, a beast spirit warrior’s spear maliciously stabbed towards him. Using his fire pitchfork to block it, he then immediately kicked away the beast spirit warrior near his saddle.

The several beast spirit warriors behind him roared angrily, and started to run after them. However, without the bears their speeds quickly fell behind the horse, and got more and more left in the dust…

Shaar was the last to escape the enemy lines and when the horse left the battlefield, the stronghold wall could be seen in the distance. The hillbilly’s heart suddenly gave birth to the feeling of being a survivor of great disaster, and couldn’t help but start laughing wildly. With one hand on the reins, the other hugged the bald yellow, yelling: “We survived! Bald man! We survived!”

Kevin only managed to issue a weak humming sound and his body seemed to shiver gently.

The pursuing troops came closer and closer, but Shaar finally closed in on the camp gate, with a swarm of arrows blocking off the enemies at their tail. Just after Shaar’ horse dashed inside the front door, the camp gate immediately closed and countless wood planks were piled in front of the entrance, completely blocking it!!

Only after it continued a dozen steps, Shaar’ horse finally stopped. The hillbilly’s warhorse was so tired that it gasped for breath. Leaning against Kevin’s back, he stuck out his tongue and burst out laughing: “Uncle didn’t die! We made it back! HAHAHAHA!! Kevin, you owe me another life! HAHAHAHA……”

After laughing for a little while, Shaar suddenly felt that his arm was somewhat wet. Looking down, he suddenly noticed that the arm that held Kevin’s waist was covered in blood! The blood already completely soaked his pants until the legs, and Kevin’s body was even incapable to move on its own.

A pierce of a fractured spear had pierced the bald man’s waist from the gap at the edge of the armor! His blood had already soaked all of his clothes and it looked terrifying!!

Shaar’ mind suddenly went black and immediately dismounted while taking Kevin from the horse.

The bald man’s face was white as paper, and there were no hints of any expression at this moment in his eyes. The blood continued to flow from his waist, and a large pool of it quickly gathered on the ground as he lay on it. Shaar’ hand gently touched Kevin’s waist, but he didn’t dare to pull it out. He knew very well that once he pulled it out, the blood would start to spray like a fountain!
The bald man’s breath was weak as he laid there. Shaar lifted Kevin’s head up onto his thigh, and his heart suddenly gave birth to a twisting and tearing pain that couldn’t be described.

“Kevin! Fuck! You bastard! You can’t scare uncle like this! You still own this uncle a fucking life! You better continue to breath! Speak to me!!”

The bald man’s lips were completely white, and the fierce pain made the body of this dauntless man twitch in bursts as he reluctantly managed to move his lips. Pointing at the broken spear stuck in his waist, he forced out a laugh with his pale face.

“Bull…… bullshit…… owing you a life…… this uncle already repaid you……”

Shaar immediately remembered when he fell a moment ago; this bastard rushed back and pulled him out of crowd of enemies! This hillbilly suddenly roared and screamed while his spit even spurted on Kevin’s face.

“Who told you to repay me! Who told you to repay me! “Why did you repay me! You owe me a fucking life! I forbid you from paying me back now!!”

The corner of Kevin’s mouth lifted as he suddenly shook his head. That smiling face gradually dissolved and after taking a deep breath, with his finger he pointed at his chest: “Brother ……Help me……bring this ……bring this home……”

His voice slowly fell and Kevin’s eyes fell as he exhaled his last breath.

Soldiers who were starting to gather around saw how Shaar hugged Kevin. While watching them sitting on the ground as Kevin died, the nearby Byzantine soldiers stood still and slowly encircled them.

At this moment, no one moved closer and nobody knew what they should say or do.

Shaar sat there completely dumbfounded. Still stubbornly hugging Kevin, without saying a single word for a long time……

At this moment, nobody was cruel enough to disturb Shaar and all the eyes were on him.

After a long time, Shaar suddenly looked up and his face was so calm and gloomy that it was frightening.

After gently untying Kevin’s chest armor, he took out a piece of something from his bosom.

After opening it,……he saw that it was a piece of sheepskin which was already drenched in blood!!

Under the blood, he saw that there were a lot of vague sentences written on this sheepskin. These letters were written with a charcoal pencil, but the sheepskin was in itself badly-damaged and it was covered with scratch marks everywhere……

Shaar instantly knew that this was a letter – a letter that Kevin wrote home!

“We who are soldiers don’t have the money to buy paper. Since paper is easily damaged, we use sheepskin to communicate with our family. If you write on it with charcoal after reading it, you can scrape the text off and use it again.”

“This is a letter from my wife, hehe! I am someone who has a wife, her name is Julia. She is a pure Rhodelian woman!”

“The steaks she grills are great. If there is the chance, I will invite you to my house to let you taste her cooking! You are a nice fellow and we can become good friends in the future.”

“I owe you a life!”

“bull, bullshit……Owning you a life ……this uncle, already repaid you.”

While holding that sheepskin in his hand, Shaar cautiously folded it and put it in his own bosom. Each movement was extremely gentle, it was as if he feared to damage the sheepskin.

Finally, carefully placing it, he let go of Kevin’s corpse and stood up. Standing there, both of his arms started to tremble. His body was unable to suppress it, and finally a heaven piercing roar could be heard.

This roar was filled with infinite sadness and anger. It was just like a howl of a wild beast.

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