Conquest Chapter 92 part 1

Chapter 92 Casualty of war

Translator: Tchu
Editor: Amaranth

At the far end of the battlefield the tail rear army’s formation could be seen. The Byzantine cavalry were furiously attacking, but they were tightly encircled by the Odin like a beast falling into a trap as it slowly bled to death. Roaring with its last breath, it fought with every strength it could muster, but it seemed that at the end it still got stuck in a dead end!

One cavalryman after another fell and the numbers for their formation was getting thinner and thinner. Despite the furious commands of the officers and furious thrusts of their battle ki covering lances which caused fresh blood to spray in the air with each thrust……

More and more Odins surrounded them and even through the wall of corpses was blocking their advance; Odins decided they must swallow the formation which was positioned at the very end. Axes as dense as a tree was in front of them and they were like an impregnable fortress, even while the cavalry hit them with everything they had, they still couldn’t open any gap!

As the last of his subordinate fell, countless blades and axes from the surrounding immediately hacked him to mess before he hit the ground! Fenatra was already dismounted and his warhorse dropped down with a sorrowful neigh. His leg was already being pierced by a lance that came from the surrounding. While dragging his dead leg, this centurion’s face remained indifferent!

With a lance in his one hand and a sword in other, his armor already had dozens of cracks and it was covered with so much blood that one couldn’t see its original color! However, he still didn’t fall!

Wielding his lance one last time, the battle ki crushed several Odin soldiers in front of him as it could no longer withstand this strength and finally broke down! The sword in his hand had its edge already bent and it was littered with tiny cracks!

The battle ki on Fenatra’s whole body condensed into one spot and a mass of bright light transformed into blades of light, before instantly ripping apart the Odins in front of him to pieces! Soon afterwards, his foot finally staggered and fell down……

A lance maliciously pierced his body. After using his sword to cut off the lance, it also finally broke. Gasping the lance which had pierced his waist, he looked at these fierce Odins who surrounded him.

This Byzantine who always looked indifferent, suddenly laughed……

When General Adrick gave him the order, he didn’t utter a single word.

When he led the rear into the battle, he didn’t utter a single word.

When his companions and men fell one after each other in battle, he didn’t utter a single word.

At this moment. He felt that his blood was already completely drained and his strength was disappearing. At this moment. Although, the surrounding was filled with shouts, he actually felt that it was so peaceful that he could even hear his own heartbeat!

A smiling face could be seen on this Byzantine military officer’s face. Then suddenly, he suddenly felt strong but didn’t know where the strength came from. With a last effort, he fiercely pulled out the lance which pierced his body! Hot blood sprayed out from the wound. With a lance in his hand which was carrying the last bit of spirit in him, he mercilessly stabbed forward…

With his last breath and strength, he roared a final scream!

“Advance!! Upon Deat……!!”

An axe cut down his neck, cutting off the last note of his last few words and his head shot up in the sky. A fountain of blood sprayed towards the sky as numerous spears stabbed into his body……

The mutilated corpse fell to the ground and joined thousands of corpses in the surrounding, indistinguishable to each other again……


More than 600 cavalry were furiously breaking out and the surrounding Odins stubbornly holding out, but they finally managed to open a gap.

More than 600 cavalry freed themselves from the encirclement, but they weren’t safe yet! Still there was still a big Odin camp in front of them!

Since 600 cavalrymen were unable to form a formation and chaotically stormed into the camp with panic. The camp was already a mess after it was broken through twice by Byzantine assaults and the six hundred cavalry on their horseback rode through it without encountering much danger. There were only a small resistance inside it.

Shaar was lagging behind riding the last horse within the formation and at this moment he was somewhat at his limit. Not mentioning that the injured Kevin was also with him, the caribou riders were still chasing after them, never giving up. The howling sound was getting closer and closer!

Exactly at this moment, a beastly roar could be heard, then a group of people wearing iron armor and riding on bears rushed over! These weren’t the ordinary Berserkers, since each of those black bears were even more vigorous and big compared to a normal bear. Their bodies were bulging with muscles and their bodies clad in a white superior steel armor! The Odin soldiers riding on the bears were all wielding two meter long triangular spears – the form of this spear, unexpectedly resembled the one that Hasting was using!

These white armored Berserkers came running towards them with an incredible speed! They quickly caught up to them! Although Shaar urged his horse to give everything it had, this warhorse already suffered a number of injuries after that long battle. The speed of the horse ran obviously slower than before!

Very soon, a white armored bear arrived next to them and brandished its giant bear paw, forcing Shaar to grab his fire pitchfork to block!!

With a loud bang, the bear’s paw was immediately cut apart, however Shaar’s whole body trembled! He immediately felt that his opponent’s strength was very strong and powerful. When the bear fell behind from the pain, the soldier leapt from its back at that moment and rushed over! The triangular spear swept in front of Shaar, forcing him to furiously ward it off!

After a dull thumping sound, Shaar felt a crazy vibration through his arm! Although the triangular spear broke, that powerful strength made Shaar felt as if his chest was being compressed! That Odin soldier fell to the ground and issued a mad roar……

A Beast spirit soldier!

Shaar’s mind immediately turned sharp!

As he was being hindered by this hinderance, two other white armored Berserkers immediately entangled with him. Shaar was furiously struggling to keep off those two triangular spears, but his fire pitchfork was too short after all and it couldn’t protect both front and back. As the long weapon of enemy swept over, he could only reluctantly use his body to block!

Bang! A dull thumping sound could be heard, as Shaar blocked the incoming attack with his shoulder and a cracking noise coming from his bones could be heard. His shoulder was bruised and it started to bleed. After taking this blow, Shaar immediately saw black in front of him, before using his fire pitchfork to cut off the spear of the opposite party. Finally, blood started to spurt out from his mouth once more! The crimson covered fire pitchfork stroke down and cut off an arm of that beast spirit warrior. Seeing his limb cut off and flying in the air, that fellow face didn’t show the slightest hint of pain. His eyes burst out an intense hostility and leapt towards them crazily. With a huge leap, he unexpectedly tried to bring down Shaar from his horse with his body!

Beast spirit warrior! A powerful beast spirit warrior!!

Shaar staggered from the impact, but his fire pitchfork passed through the head of his enemy, cutting it in half. However, he finally fell down from his horse!

After continuous rolling on the ground, before Shaar even had the time to get up, he already heard a piercing sound from behind. With a loud roar, both his eyes turned crimson and the fire pitchfork radiated a faint crimson glow. That crimson light drew a bright thin thread and cut everything in the surrounding apart!!

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