Conquest Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Destroying the invincible defense

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These 200 riders seemed like a force of hastily organized soldiers, each wearing a different kind of armor. Even the ground troops with the best equipment only wore light infantry armor, pieced together with a thick chest plate and strengthened in the front with nails.

The horses galloped while their hooves battered the soil. The 200 cavalrymen arranged themselves into a wedge formation as they rode in the distance!

Hasting’s big camp was still empty of combat-ready soldiers, as the Odin soldiers were still not fully recovered, when all of a sudden, the Byzantine cavalry crashed into them with a strong momentum. Wielding a long axe, Shaar instantly cut an Odin soldier that was blocking their way into two pieces, and his horse continued its rampage while sending anybody that stood in its way flying into the air!

The two hundred brave warriors followed close behind Shaar, and before the Odins had the time to regain their composure and get into formation, they were already swarmed. Cutting through the Odin’s large camp, they slaughtered everyone that stood in their way!

The Byzantine rear army was already divided into three parts, and the area soon became a tangled warzone and a pitiful slaughter fest. As Shaar’s cavalry of 200 broke through the Odin’s virtually empty camp, Hasting’s elite troops had already begun their counterattack, but they were still some distance away from Shaar’s troops. A team of hundred Odins rapidly turned around and prepared to welcome Shaar’s formation! This cavalry force was made of majestic caribou that lifted their heads to raise their gigantic horns. The Odin riders carried by those caribous roared madly while waving their war axes.

However, the most powerful being inside the Hasting’s formation were the two bear-riding Odin Berserkers!

Shaar continued leading at the forefront and didn’t wear any heavy armor in order to maximize his horse’s momentum. Riding with bare arms, he wore two Dragonscales between his leather chest armor. As a black bear Berserker rushed towards him and a bear’s paws smashed towards him, Shaar immediately smelled a stench coming closer. As he wielded his long axe, both of his eyes turned crimson, and he immediately displayed his inhuman power!

With a loud cracking sound, his axe, which radiated a thin crimson, flashed through the body of the black bear. The metal armor and the arm of black bear were cut simultaneously as blood and flesh sprayed everywhere. Before long, its head was cut off as well! Pulling up his horse to jump, Shaar steered it over the bear corpse of that had just dropped onto the ground.  With a turn of his axe, he smashed the Odin riding the bear to death as he bashed in his skull!

Riding at the tip of the wedge formation, the cavalry behind Shaar suddenly crashed with the Odins blocking their path! On both sides, the soldiers at the front row immediately fell down from their horses after the impact. Some instantly received major injuries and started bleeding, and some were even trampled to death.  Others immediately crawl up from the ground, raised their weapon and roared before jumping on their closest enemy!

Shaar, who was at the tip of this wedge formation, was hit the hardest! His axe was sent flying in the air, and everything turned crimson in the surrounding. The axe’s shadow became a faint trace before transforming into a raging storm. The Thousand Men Army Slaughter was already practiced to the extreme! Althrough the axe sweep didn’t radiate as much battle ki, the hidden crimson could actually destroy even the hardest defense ki. Regardless of the enemy blocking in front of him or what kind of armor he was wearing, under Shaar’s sharp axe, everything became fragile as paper!

Under the sharp, radiant axe, Shaar faced a beast with bared fangs in front of him and tore it to pieces! In front of him, one blood fountain after another sprayed in the air, and skulls continued to fly into the air. A rain of hot blood splattered on his body, giving his armor an ice-cold red color.

Although there were only 200 cavalrymen, they had Shaar as their trailblazer. An astonishingly high amount of courage and killing intent erupted from these 200 cavalrymen! Shaar roared as he slaughtered his way forward, and his knights courageously charged behind him. While following behind SHaar, they crushed the enemies in front of them to pieces!

Facing the onslaught, the force of one hundred men couldn’t block the attack even for a moment. Before long, they were loudly crushed to pieces!

Shaar’s formation immediately charged into the encirclement!

As Shaar continued howling, the Odin soldiers chopped at him with their axes, long swords, and claw hammers. Only the heavens knew how many scratches they left on his armor. Under the strengthening of the Dragonblood, common attacks were unable to cause him any injures. At this moment, it seemed as if Shaar had turned into this battlefield’s strongest Deathgod.  His blood red eyes radiated fearlessly and revealed not even the slightest trace of pain! Right now, his eyes were filled with only endless rage and slaughter!!

His continuous roar, full of madness, pierced the cavalry’s body and made their blood boil.. Their eyes turned red as well, and at this moment they seemed not only brave… but nearly ……Insane!!

Even when facing the axe of the Odins, they fearlessly rushed towards them to welcome their opponent! Piercing their enemies’ bodies with their lance, they simultaneously let their own blood spray on the ground. If any of the cavalry fell, as long as they didn’t die directly and they still had one last breath, they would pull their dagger and maliciously stab into the nearest Odin! Stabbing them with swords, attacking them with their bodies, biting them with their teeth!!

The originally thick, dense encirclement was unexpectedly broken through by Shaar’s 200 men!!

As Shaar pushed forward, the long axe radiating crimson light, and his never-ending beastly roar became the beacon of direction for the cavalry behind him. It was as if they forgotten everything and only had one thought in them: Crimson! Follow the direction of the crimson light!!!

The rear army that was encirclement was already divided into clumps, and Shaar’s crazy rampage slowly gathered the besieged Byzantine soldiers one after another. Like streams flowing into the ocean, although the death count behind him was high, he still managed to increase the number of corpses even more than before!

It wasn’t as if the soldiers didn’t know what being afraid meant, nor did they not understand fear! Instead, this hillbilly had actually become the source of everyone’s courage, no matter what came in front of them! Whether it was the tremendous dangers and difficulties while facing against the Odins, the Odin’s huge axes, the Odin’s countless sharp forest of spears, that Berserker riding the black bear, or even the mass of caribou riders……This hillbilly always maliciously roared and was the first one to rush towards the enemy! With forms of combat that were nearly inhuman, he always chose the hardest and densest enemy formation before forcefully knocking open a path!!

There was even a moment when the cavalry following behind Shaar felt a false notion: It seems as if we are invincible!!

As they maliciously alternated back and forth on the battlefield, Shaar gathered over 600 cavalry at his side, and more and more of the rear army soldiers gathered next to him! The Odins already noticed the threat that Shaar posed and sent one elite team after another towards them. Quickly, they felt the pressure that this man imparted!

As more and more Odins surrounded them, although Shaar was acting as a vanguard, cutting through, one individual’s strength could not win a battle on the battlefield. Moreover, the hillbilly was far from invincible.

Finally, he received an injury as two Odins stubbornly grabbed unto him and an opponent’s axe, covered battle ki, cut open his armor. He was immediately knocked from his horse by that powerful force, and his axe’s handle was cut off another Odin soldier. Using the broken handle, Shaar maliciously stabbed it into his opponent’s chest.  However, his shoulder suffered a heavy blow from a hammer, and under the blow of the battle ki, the shoulder pads of his light armor were immediately crushed. The hillbilly’s throat enlarged before spurting blood onto his horse. Pulling out his fire pitchfork with his hand, he cut off a caribou head with one slash. Taking the opportunity presented by the falling caribou, he beheaded the caribou’s rider with a surprise attack!

As Shaar was trying to catch his breath, he felt that more than half of his strength was consumed. He could only maintain the Crimson rage ki for a couple dozens of minutes. A lot of time had already passed, and he feared that his ability to destroy even the hardest defense couldn’t be maintained for much longer. Taking a look in all directions, he noticed that the surrounding crowd had swarmed them like ants. After taking another look at the cavalrymen behind him, Shaar understood that they had already reached their limit!

Being able to rescue these men was already the limit. If they continued to rush forward, he feared that everyone would die here!

Exactly at this time, a sudden roar could be heard. Within a dozen Odin soldiers at his left, there was a familiar bald fellow roaring, full of anger. As a fountain of blood exploded, Shaar’s eyes immediately turned crimson again, and he charged towards the enemy with a scream!

Kevin was already severely wounded, and his right shoulder pad had been smashed to pieces. Mixed in with the broken pieces were fragments of his shoulder bones.  At this moment, he was reluctantly holding a longsword with his left hand and resisting his enemies. With just one hand, he was unable to effectively use a heavy weapon such as a claw hammer against multiple enemies. In addition, his horse had already died. Standing on the ground, his left leg throbbing with pain, which was so intense that it made him feel weak while his heart felt heavy. However, he didn’t have the time to check his injuries as waves of sharp weapons continuously stabbed towards him.  Kevin could only furiously swing his longsword, but he soon received two cuts on his back, tearing apart his armor. Actually, he couldn’t even feel the pain,since his body was already numb ……

Kevin’s eyes were covered by blood, and he couldn’t even see his surroundings with any clarity. Everything he saw turned into blood red. In the midst of battle, he heard a familiar roar, and a horse immediately rushed towards him while smashing the two Odins in front of him into the air. When crimson light swept around him, all of the Odins’ weapons of were shattered, and the heads of the soldiers flew into the sky!

Shaar grabbed Kevin’s back and pulled him on his horse.  As they rode on the horse, Kevin grabbed Shaar’s waist and clenched his teeth, panting for breath while saying: “I……owe you one….. again….”

With a wild laugh, Shaar picked up a lance that someone had left behind and used the strength within both of his arms to fiercely hurl it towards the front!

With a loud bang, the lance broke apart against the dozen Odin soldiers that were blocking his path.  With a leap of his horse, he smashed apart the crowd to escape……

Standing in the chilling wind, Hasting looked at the encirclement from far away. His eyes stared at the fight inside the encirclement ring at this moment and fixated on one person; he was completely focused on the person who was destroying the invincible defense!

“Very strong ……but he doesn’t have the heart of a genuine powerhouse.

Hasting silently talked to himself, before turning his head. Pointing his battle spear towards the battlefield, he ordered, “Give up on the other people, I only want his life!”

Afterwards, several hundred black bear Berserkers howled a mad roar and rushed out like a wave……

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