Conquest Chapter 90 Part 2

Chapter 90 Hasting’s “answer”

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Just like an invisible hand that was holding together all the strings! Just as several high-ranking Byzantine officers started pounding over that question, Hasting finally made his move!

An intense, but short bullhorn sound resounded!

From both sides suddenly came surging a loud noises! Odins’ crazy roaring, warhorses’ neighing, black bears’ growling and caribou’s howling…

Surprise attack from both sides: Two mighty black currents that were lurking in the shadow finally found their enemy’s weakness and started to dash out madly!!

Like a pair of pincer! From both sides, they were ruthlessly pincer-attacking the strike force!

Hasting, finally revealed his hand! The timing he chose and his intention was very clear!

And his target was the troops at the rear!!

He indeed had no interest in a fight to the death! However ……In order to break through his defensive, the Byzantine had to pay a price!

This was Hasting’s anwer.

The vanguards and main force had already successfully broke through and the strike force comprised of heavy cavalry units at the front killed so many that they were completely covered in blood while sweat was streaming down from their bodies like rivers. Even if the fat fellow’s infantry to still continued their advance, they were already gasping for breath.

Although Hasting gave up blocking his enemy at the front, he had already evacuated most of his troops from the camp. His real aim was to catch the enemy by his tail.

When Adrick heard the Odins on both sides started shouting “kill”, he noticed that it was not directed at him, but at his back! At this moment, Adrick was faced with a certainly big difficult problem!

Turn around to kill!

Or……Continue forward!

As the commander of 13th Army, Adrick clenched his teeth while finally roaring: “Forward!! We continue forward!!”

The two mighty black currents fiercely clashed the line of the army and fiercely bashed against them. Running at the forefront were the elites of the Odin Army:The Berserkers!

This type of fully armored black bears merged in a formation at the rear as dozens black bear berserkers quickly formed a wall, preventing the enemy at the rear from advancing!

The third legion’s cavalry didn’t show any sign of fear and they roared madly before raising their lances as they rushed towards their enemies. The cavalrymen at the forefront quickly collided with a black bear and were swept away. The cavalry following behind pushed toward while wielding their spear to greet these black colossi.

The group was quickly pulled apart and completely separated!

More and more Odins continued flood towards them and the dozens of black bear berserkers were blocking their way a moment ago, their route was already cut off!  The cavalry paid a heavy price to finally finish off those dozens of colossi in front of them then a giant horn sounded from behind. The ground which was covered with dead bodies of men, horses and bears in front of them while caribou riders started to rush toward them from behind!

There was no path left in front! Only the sharp axes of Odin’s!

The Odin’s caribou riders encircled them layer by layer, like a cotton candy slowly wrapping around the third legion.  Layer by layer, dense and numerous enemies were swarming over. Furthermore, Kekkan’s troops who were chasing them also rushed over, while changing their attitudes from before. The caribou riders, roared cheerfully as they caught up…

Afterwards, the tangled melee began!

The rear armies all escape routes were cut off and they were maliciously sandwiched by Odins. They soon got cut up into three pieces and like being sprinkled on a black earth, a dark cloud filled with more Odins immediately flooded them.

The sound of a blades chopping on armors, lances stabbing the flesh, the pitiful yells of injured soldiers falling off, the final cries before death……

Metal and blood were already blending together, as if they were becoming something inseparable……

The doors of the camp were already opened and the heavy armored which that formed the vanguard swarmed in.  Saucer, who was tired couldn’t help but gasp for breath and although Hasting had gone easy on them, heavy cavalry were still responsible for the most important mission which was to create a path. They still lost about 20% of their military strength and the armors of each cavalryman were no longer black, but pitiful red.

Soon afterwards, the infantry of that fat fellow came running and immediately after 6th Army rushed past the camp gates, the soldiers fluttered to the ground while opening their mouth to breath madly. Those were the men who scattered all directions and were responsible for setting everything on fire. Half of them were still stuck in the chaos.

When Adrick brought in the the remnants troops and passed through the gate, unexpectedly there were no Odins chasing after them! Past the empty battlefield, from the distant place, war cries were getting more and more concentrated while countless torches lit up around the surrounding! It was so bright that it was just like daytime!

Hasting’s answer was very clear: My appetite is not big. Eating your rear army is sufficient!

Adrick was bleeding in his heart. Although he knew that his legion was trapped, there was nothing he could do!

All the cavalry had been pushed to their limits! The heavy armored cavalry were incapable of fighting again, and Ruhr’s men ……They were all infantries! You couldn’t count on a group of infantries who were forced to march for three days and three nights. Moreover, they had already discarded the majority of their weapons and going in battlefield bare handed would be asking for death!

Damn! I only need a new force! Even if it had 1000 ……No! 500! Even if it had only 500 men, they could go out and perhaps assist their brothers!!

Exactly at this moment, Adrick heard a vigorous roar!

“Make way! Get off the road!!!”

The roar was full of vigor, and a powerful sound of  hoofs of sprinting horses could be heard from the camp! With Adrick’s experience, he immediately heard that these hoofbeats were full of energy! It was obvious that they were well rested horses!

A team of cavalry charged past and although from Adrick’s point of view, this group of soldiers could not be called an elite force……only half of the horses were qualified as warhorses, but most of them seemed a little inferior and even had some ……Mules?!

However, the rider on the horseback had his back straight and fully demonstrating his abundant physical strength and strong energy!!

That fellow at the front was the rookie he just recruited as Praetorian Guard. Carrying a war axe, he rushed ahead while brandishing his weapon in the air as he issued a loud order, shocking his surrounding!

“Follow me! Aid our brothers!!”

Among the thundering horses’ hooves, cavalrymen roared fiercely as they followed after Shaar. Lined up in a formation, they rushed past Adrick like a hurricane and charged out of the camp which opened its gates!!

At this moment, the charging cavalry of two hundred rode on such a momentum that they transformed into a mighty force!

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