Conquest Chapter 90 part 1

Chapter 90 Hasting’s “answer” Part 1

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“Let’s gamble on it!”

“Let’s gamble….. That Hasting won’t fight us to the death!”

Adrick and that fat fellow, Ruhr, made their decision!

During the middle of the night, the soldiers who had only gotten a bit of rest were all readied for battle!

The cavalry tightened their saddles, polished their lances until they shone brightly and took down the feed bags attached to their heads. They then gently patted their beloved warhorses, before turning around to mount them.

In the middle of the night, the cavalrymen arranged themselves neatly in formation under the dignified and urging voice of their officers. Holding up their heads, they slowly advanced while moving in their assigned positions.

A wedge-formation assault was formed in the wilderness. At the front was the heavily armored cavalry centurion Saucier, their mission was to break through the besieging Odin army from the front. They must completely “pierce through” the enemy’s formation! Ruhr’s 6th Army was placed in the middle and the infantry had already lost most of their equipments. Only the outer layer of the infantry was equipped with weapons, armors and shields, the men in the middle were left with only a uniform and didn’t need to fight. The only thing they needed to do was run! Run as fast as they could! When the heavy cavalry broke through and opened up the Odin’s formation, they had to brave the risk of death while running across the entire frontline of the Odin army.

The rear was protected by the fourth legion of the 13th Cavalry Army! The fourth legion’s centurion was the 37 year old Fenatra, who was a typical Byzantine. He was born in a normal aristocratic family and joined the army in his youth. The medium ranked, level-six warrior only had three fingers left. Five years ago, he lost two of his fingers in the North-eastern Frontline of the empire during a war due to frostbite. The 37 year old Fenatra was given an important mission: Cover the rear!

Not only did he have to defend against the Odin army that would give them a farewell send off at their tails, he was also responsible for covering the main army when it attacked Hasting’s army and had to successfully protect the headquarter if the enemy decided to fight to the death!

When Adrick gave Fenatra the order, he had a serious expression on his face while he, in a low voice, said: “You will probably die.”

However, after listening to him, the 37 year Fenatra’s face remained calm and his resolution didn’t change in the slightest. He did not utter a single word and merely straightened his body in front of his general and saluted him, before turning around to walk away.

The attack will happened during the period before dawn and it was the time of day where people would be most tired as well as weak.

The assault army slowly marched through the wilderness towards their target: The besieged camp in front of them.

When the vanguard was less than three miles away from Hasting’s besieging army, a clear noise sounded that initiated the charge!!

The charging sound ripped through the silence of the dark night! Within the spirited sound of a trumpet, the cavalry furiously roared and maliciously kicked their horses, urging them forward in craze!

The daybreak was the darkest moment before dawn and the gods seemed to stand on the Byzantine’s side as they had cast clouds over the sky, covering the starlight!

Within the trumpet sound, a dense mass of cavalry galloped through the wilderness, leaving behind a dark cloud!!

Hasting’s army, who was besieging the camp, formed a half moon formation around it and the charging cavalry picked the spot in the middle to breakthrough!

Just when the Byzantine’s trumpet resounded, countless burst of noises immediately appeared within Hasting’s camp. Men started shouting and horses started neighing, while torches disorderly scattered all over the place.

Saucier’s heavy armored cavalry was galloping at the front. Their horses were equipped with heavy armor while their riders looked like moving fortresses, carrying spears as they whirled through the wilderness. Through the dark night a big, dark, surging cloud could be seen, continuously rushing forward until it smashed into the besieged Odin camp and forcefully penetrating the middle of their formation!

The rear formation didn’t have a lot of fortifications to defend against horses, and the simple camp wall was all but tramped down by the heavy cavalry. Chaos could be seen everywhere as Odin soldiers ran around, calling out in panic. Under the thundering horse’s hooves, the scattered soldiers couldn’t form an effective resistance to intercept and was instantly crushed under the cruel oppression! The warhorses trampled from one tent to another while the riders dropped burning torches, creating a sea of flames. The entire battlefield was consumed by battle cries and horse hooves, it was as if the earth itself trembled in the dark!
Saucier’s heavy armored cavalry barely encountered any resistance as they instantly pushed deep into the besieging army. Against the momentum of the cavalry and the powerful impact of the heavy armored cavalry, it was not something that any Odin could compete against with their bare bodies. Only after they penetrated deep into the enemy’s camp did the Odin’s resistance gradually start to show some power and gathered a larger force to fight against them. Small groups of caribou riders began to entangle in combat with the cavalry and the heavy cavalry’s speed started to slow down.

Exactly at this time, the infantry of the 6th Army, who was following the heavy cavalry, also rushed into the big Odin camp. The chubby Ruhr went in together with his army and this fat rabbit was wearing heavy cavalry body armor. Fortunately, his warhorse was one of the finest steed in his army, his weight plus his heavy armor would have pressured any other normal horse.

This fat fellow rode on his horse with a long axe in his hand and was surrounded by his Praetorian Guards. While riding, he simultaneously continuously roared orders to his men. The 6th Army listed over ten special squads that followed the heavy cavalry as they penetrated the big Odin camp. These groups spread towards both sides and simultaneously started to set on fire along the way to tents, rations, wooden fences…… Anything that could be instantly ignited was lit up with several torches. It was obvious that it wasn’t the first time these squads did this. As they turned the camp into a sea of flames, they continuously shouted confusing messages in Odin tongue.

General Adrick led the Praetorian Guards and the remaining troops in the third wave and burst into the Odin camp with a ferocious battle cry. The heavy cavalry vanguard was struggling hard to open up a path in the middle, while the subordinates of the chubby fellow were busy setting everything on fire.

Taking a look at the Odin camp, one could see a dense mass of horses and men rushing through a path while a sea of fire was raging on and shadows ran around shouting.

(It is too easy! Too easy!) Adrick’s mind stayed on full alert and shouted to his troops to furiously increase their speed!

The fourth legion, which was responsible for covering the rear, stood in formation. It consisted mainly of light armor cavalry and a team of Praetorian Guards that was placed at the back.

As the main force penetrated, the rear troops cautiously followed them from behind! Fenatra had a solemn look on his face as he rode side by side with Kevin. They already heard voices from afar shouting “take chase” as the Odins slowly started to take action. Countless Odin voices could be heard mixed with the chaotic rumble of horse hooves. It was clear that these guys would not let this amazing opportunity pass as they could ruthlessly rip apart their forces!

During the dark night, Hasting’s big camp had already completely plunged into chaos. The heavy armored cavalry at the front had almost completed the mission which they never thought to be possible: breaking through Hasting’s camp! However at this moment, they actually achieved it, and the tip of the vanguard had already come out of the camp. Further away, as so long as they could cross the battlefield, they would reach the stronghold wall of their own camp!!

However, exactly at this time, whether it was Saucier who was leading to charge, Ruhr or Adrick who were charging with the main army, they all felt something strong suppressing their hearts.

They continuously asked themselves, (Hasting! What will he do?)

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