Conquest Chapter 88 part 2

Chapter 88 Hasting’s precaution part 2

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“But, why would he let us barely survive?” A logistics officer of the camp couldn’t help but ask loudly, “If he had taken us down, he would have cut off the general’s rear guard, and then be able to exhaust the enemy while only needing to wait. He would have been able to swallow our 13th Army corps and general Ruhr’s 6th Army. Why wouldn’t he attempt something like that?”

Shaar thought a bit and spread his hands in defeat, “How the f*ck should I know? If we were to be able to guess it correctly, then we would be at Hasting’s level. However, what I could say for certain is that he has a reason, and that this reason was more important than swallowing our 13th Army and the 6th Army……At least it was more important for Hasting.”

The military officers inside the tent started debating again, and used their wisdom to diligently Hasting’s motive.

Could it be that he was planning to besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements? Therefore, had Hasting encircled them without finishing them off?

What a joke! As long as he conquered this place, the main force would directly fall into a hopeless situation. What use would a “besieging a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements” tactic have?

“Therefore, don’t issue the command of the counter-assault for the 200 cavalry and send them to their deaths. I have the feeling that the time for truly using them has not yet come. These 200 cavalry could come in handy at the right time,” said Shaar as he smiled bitterly.

This was only his intuition, and it was similar to the one that would appear during a dangerous moment in the mountain forest. Words, logic, or reason really couldn’t explain it.

However, there was still something that was more important; in fact, Shaar actually had a guess in his mind that also made him a bit confused, and so he hadn’t mentioned it.

Hasting ……he, it seemed as if ……he was guarding against something?

Shaar’s thinking wasn’t complicated; on the contrary, his thinking was very simple and straightforward, due to growing up in the mountains.

Hasting was saving his strength, this was very clear.

If he was saving his strength, then what was he saving it for? Shaar came up with two reasons. First, it was in order to deal with the enemy. However, he could have obviously swallowed the main force by conquering this camp and he actually chose not to do it!! Obviously, his goal wasn’t to deal with the enemy!

Thus, it could only be the second reason. Usually, if someone saved his strength, and it was not to deal with the enemy, then he could only guard against someone else!

Hasting, he was guarding against something!!


“Hasting that guy, would certainly be guarding against me.”

Kikkan sat on the bone throne that stood on a huge square platform. Twenty strong Odin were working together to carry it and Kikkan sat on the throne steadily as a rock. Supporting himself with an arm on the armthrone, his other hand was actually holding a harp while his fingers randomly swept over the string and sending out some gentle notes.

In his surrounding, the Odin army was slowly marching forwards, and all four sides were a huge number of burly, proud Odin soldiers. The long lines of formations created a mixed of marching noise and weapon collision on the main road……

“Ah……The sound of the harp sounds beautiful.” Kikkan smiled, and slowly stretched out a hand to take a golden goblet of wine from a kneeling servant next to the throne.

Taking a small sip from the red wine, he suddenly knocked on his forehead, “Ah……Hasting, that fellow, will certainly be guarding against me, and therefore be unwilling to contribute to capture the camp of the 13th Army. He has only 10,000 cavalrymen, and if he really invaded Byzantine camp, and if I deliberately let Adrick go back, then he will be the one that gets besieged instead……what an interesting thought. Let’s see, if the pride of us Odin, the strongest champion, Hasting, his fate actually lies in my hands ……Ah, not possible, Hasting will certainly not let something like this happen. Alas, what a headache.”

Listening to his noble highness talking unscrupulously about plotting against Hasting, the servant knelt next to the throne trembled as he started to become pale.

This was simply torture! This highness’s words were full of treachery and heresy, could he at least keep them for himself! Once we hear these words, there was always the danger to be killed silently at anytime for knowing too much….

The previous time he talked about how his majesty had too many sons therefore died a few didn’t matter. Now, he unexpectedly plotted against Hasting……

Was he still planning to let me live in peace!

Kikkan gently smiled as if he didn’t notice the fear on the paled faced servant.

“Oh, you pitiful guys, you don’t need to be scared.”Kikkan shook his head and deeply sighed, “These words, even if you spread them it doesn’t matter. Whether it was me, Hasting, or my great supreme father the Emperor, everybody understood quite clearly the matter of things.” Jumping down the throne, he unexpectedly grabbed the trembling servant who was kneeled on the ground and said with an excited smile: “Don’t you understand? Come, come! I will explain to you……The war this time is just a foreshadow of our game of the thrones! Hasting that guy is a close friend to our big royal Highness.
(TL: When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.)

And I ……If I wanted to plot against my dear eldest brother, I have to cut of Hasting first. Furthermore, my poor little brother actually died on the battlefield. I acknowledged that stirring him up to join dangerous blockade was my idea ……Ah, our father, the Emperor’s heart is really ruthless. He obviously knew all this and actually didn’t prevent it. Could it be for us Odins, the emperor of each generation had to step on his brothers and sisters’ corpse and blood?”

The servant finally collapsed!

A humble person like him could really understand what suddenly turned this highness insane to actually say these kinds of absurd words to him. Normally, for those who hear these words would end up dead! This of secret, how could a person with his status hear it? Even if he heard a word, his fate would be to being immediately silenced.

Shivering like mad, he wept and wailed loudly: “Your highness! Your highness, beg for mercy! Beg for mercy! I, I didn’t hear anything! Not heard anything!!”

Kikkan’s face flashed a temperateness expression as he looked at this servant. Sitting back into his throne again after standing up, he waved his hand like a unloved child full of dull expression and said: “Go, I won’t kill you.”

Waiting for that servant to crawl away, Kikkan’s finger pressed the strings while issuing a long sigh.

“So lonely ……no even having someone to talk.”

Loneliness covered this elegant Odin’s face.

A group of caribou riders suddenly riding towards him from the front, before bowing down below the platform, “Your highness, our brave warriors clashed with the Byzantine’s rear! Our brave warriors can’t break through, please order……”

“What order?” Kikkan yawned full of boredom as he lifted his finger while casually saying, “Are you all so desperate to battle with the Byzantine’s elite? Ah, even if you really wanted to die, you don’t have to be so impatient about this small delay.”

This caribou rider froze at the spot and his mouth dropped open.

“Well, well, order our brave warriors to come back. We don’t need to worry about pursuing them to fight……Let the men at the front line up and say farewell to the Byzantine as they ride away. Ah, right, that’s it, line up to say farewell, but don’t forget to sound the trumpets, haha! See them off as they ride far away.”

Did his highness go mad?!

Seeing the rider with a dumb expression on his face, Kikkan’s expression sank and his eyes flashed a strange light. Then, as if nothing had happened, he immediately revealed a faint smile, “Alright, we will leave the 13th Army to the pride of Odin, Lord Hasting to deal with. Our mission was to drive away this flock of Byzantines into the butcher knife of the great Lord Hasting and for him to slaughter them.”

But, but ……” This rider officer was obviously unable to understand this order.

Line up in formation, watch their farewell and sound the trumpets?!

“There is no but, follow your order.” On Kikkan’s face was a hint of impatience, and this rider officer finally walked away, full of confusion and distress.

Kikkan sat there and lazily leaned against his throne, while playing with his fingers out of boredom.

Ah ……Hasting, you certainly must be depressed right now. You knew that I would plot against you, and you still went deeper into the trap. Blame yourself for being the “Odin’s Lord of War”! With such a reputation, you could only storm forwards furiously like a whipped horse.

Therefore, it’s better to let Hasting chew on the 13th Army. As for my military exploit ……I already swallowed a legion of 13th Army. It should probably be enough to satisfy my great father the Emperor.

Ah……Never perform above what they expect of you. Passing is enough……

This Odin noble gently struck on the string and yawned.

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