Conquest Chapter 87 part 2

Chapter 87 The pride of a hillbilly part 2

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Hasting’s voice was so calm that it was scary! That calm voice did show any anger towards Shaar’s surprise attack, but he could definitely feel that, under this voice, a surging rage hid!!!

Right now, the numbness on Shaar’s body finally disappeared after firing the Dragon Thorn, but waves of intense pain washed over him and his arms immediately started to split open. Blood started to flow down in streams, even completely soaking his underwear. His body started to shiver uncontrollably as he noticed that Hasting was staring at him closely. That feminine stare made Shaar feel an indescribable powerful pressure, like a small weak frog being stared at by a snake……

No! Not a snake! It was like being stared at by a dragon!

Right, it was exactly the same feeling!

It was as if just by merely being stared at by the opposite party, this normally fearless hillbilly, unexpectedly gave birth to fear in his heart?!

He even……

Damn! He didn’t even “dare” to tremble!! Not even daring to shiver! Because he seemed to have a strange feeling: As long as he shivered, if he showed the tiniest bit of weakness, the opposite party would immediately rush over and trample him to death!

Just merely the imposing manner of a person could actually be this powerful?!

“It’s you.” Hess slowly said in a low voice: “The guy on the battlefield today, and the one who shot the spear was you, therefore…… You are Bonfret.”

Hasting’s eyes were changing little by little, as if his feminine eyes suddenly lit up and became two massive flames!

“You are a nice match, since you unexpectedly…… Unexpectedly injured me.” Even with that crazy look, his voice stayed calm, making Shaar’s entire body feel stiff.

“……injured me……” Hess slowly smiling: “However, you shouldn’t have made a sneak attack on me…… A powerhouse like you unexpectedly does not have the heart of a powerhouse! Pathetic ant…… ant!”

Raising his battle spear, he pointed it at Shaar!

Right now, Shaar felt that he would surely die!

His body was in so much pain that it felt like it was falling apart after unleashing the Dragon Thorn’s power. His vision even started to become dark and whole body felt liked being drained, so much that he couldn’t even move a single finger right now!

At this moment, as long as Hasting moved a single step forward and gently thrust out his spear, he could easily stab Shaar to death!

(I am going to die! This time I am surely dead! Hasting is so strong that he doesn’t even seem human! Damn! He is not human!! This uncle was really insane! I unexpectedly thought that I could assassinate this abnormal person!!)

Shaar closed his eyes to resign, roaring within his mind, full of anger and grief, while waiting for his death.

However, after a while, Hasting’s battle spear slowly dropped down.

The flames in his eyes vanished. Looking at Shaar, a hint of loneliness could be seen.

“You…… are not worthy to die under my spear.”

Turning away, that black figure stood on the bloody battlefield with a dense mass of Odin soldiers in formation in front of him. In this moment, as he stood there, his figure, which wasn’t tall, landed in Shaar’s eyes and gave him a strange feeling.

This guy…… was as if, he stood above……

Between heaven and earth!!

“You are not worthy.”

After talking with a cold voice of solitude, Hasting slowly walked towards the Odin formation. His dark horse slowly moved its hoofs and followed behind him.

After Hasting moved more than twenty steps away, Shaar gradually felt the ubiquitous pressure start vanishing! The pressure on his chest disappeared and fresh air suddenly streamed into his lungs, giving him a burning sensation!

Subsequently, the hillbilly also felt an indescribable humiliation in his heart!

Yes, it was humiliation!!

(Hasting, he unexpectedly… he unexpectedly spared my life!!

He unexpectedly “spared” me!!


Was Spared!! It was a “spared” full of humiliation!!

He couldn’t even bother to kill me?! I wasn’t worthy to be his opponent. I didn’t even have the qualifications to die by his hands?!)

Hastings words were very vague, but Shaar could actually understand the meaning of his enemy’s words.

(You do not deserve to be a powerhouse. You do not deserve to obtain a glorious warrior duel.

Therefore, you do not deserve to die by my hands. At least, in the current situation, you are unworthy of it!)

“I shall kill you.” Hasting’s gentle voice transmitted from the distant: “But not now, not under these circumstances, since I won’t grant you the honor such as ‘death in a fair duel with Hasting’.

You don’t deserve the honorable death obtained from a fair duel.”

Shaar forcefully ground his teeth so hard that blood started to flow out. At this moment, he wasn’t able to distinguish if it was because of the drawbacks of the technique, or his particular mood. While he stubbornly clenched his teeth, he didn’t spit it out, but simply let the blood flow down from the corners of his mouth.

When Hasting returned to the Odin formation, Shaar finally reluctantly kicked the horse’s belly and held Bonfret’s reins while returning.

The moment he entered the camp’s gate, he didn’t even wait for it close before immediately crashing down from his horse and fall to the ground. Both Slate and Sarbar ran towards the hillbilly to grab him.

After taking of the hillbilly’s armor, they saw that his entire body was covered with blood beads the size of grains. Watching them flow out from his pores was such a terrifying appearance that it shocked everyone.

Clenching his teeth, Shaar’s body finally started to shiver, the fierce pain making him unable to stop. He stubbornly stared towards the sky and, unexpectedly, didn’t faint.

Full of excitement, Slate yelled: “You are alive!! Shaar, you are still alive!! You unexpectedly wounded Hasting! You injured him!!”

However, Shaar barely squeezed a few words from between the slit of his teeth.

“I…… Lost!”


A mouthful of blood finally spurted out and dyed Shaar’s chest in red as he immediately closed his eyes.

During the 18 years of his life, this hillbilly had never felt this kind of emotion fill his heart.

That powerhouse, that black figure with the spear that could easily have finished him off, and his words – you are not worthy!

I obviously injured him in front of thousands of people…… Why do I have the feeling that he severely trampled me under his sole?

He was strong! So strong that Shaar had never encountered anyone like him before!! Crimson rage ki? Useless! Dragon Thorn? Useless! These were unable match him, not even the tiniest bit!! From all the powerful people that Shaar had ever encountered, even that dragon, none had ever given Shaar a shock more intense than this!!

He…… is strong! Very strong!!

So strong that he made Shaar tremble with his stare alone! So strong that during an instance, in a way he couldn’t explain himself, Shaar couldn’t help and started to worship this “strength”!?

This kind of man, which made Shaar give birth to envy of such a powerful existence, told him: You don’t deserve to be my opponent and you are not even worthy of being killed by me!

For 18 years, the hillbilly had never felt this kind of emotion filling his heart – that emotion, was “humiliation”.

A pride tearing humiliation!

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