Conquest Chapter 87 part 1

Chapter 87 The pride of a hillbilly part 1

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Hasting was exceptionally excited at the moment. He had witnessed Shaar’s overwhelming power on the battlefield today. He had seen this brave warrior jump over the camp gate and crash into a crowd of enemies while on a killing spree. His actions were bold, almost as if he had no regard for his own safety, and he issued an unyielding roar that sounded like a shockwave, a roar that radiated a powerful aura….

How many years had it been since he had last met such an opponent?

When thinking about it, Hasting felt his entire body tremble and shudder with excitement. It was as if his body’s strength was about to burst out irrepressibly!

Kill him! Kill him! Behead such a powerhouse with his own spear!! Only that would bring his heart the biggest excitement!!

Therefore, he would have never imagined that a warrior, who dared to jump out of his own camp alone into a crowd of enemies and fight to with his life on the line, would play a clever trick on him.

Shaar, who had stayed back in the sidelines, watched Hasting’s movements and his eyes flashed with a bright light. Just as Hasting rode out, Shaar’s hands quickly pulled out the fire pitchfork, his eyes instantly turning crimson! The muscles underneath his armor swelled up severalfold!

In that moment, he felt everything in front of him slowing down! Everything in this world disappeared from his eyes!

Only his target remained in front of him!


Right now with his eyes, he could no longer distinguish between men or object. All he saw now was a black figure riding a horse with a spear in hand.

In this distorted and slow vision, the peripheral sounds were slowed down. Even the reflection of the sunlight……However, the only exception was that fellow Hasting!

In Shaar’s eyes, it was as if Hasting wasn’t the least bit slower. Shaar still managed to form a burning black flame! That bursting flame was intensely bright and shone with a dazzling and beautiful light. This black flame was……incredibly fast and violent!!

So fast!!

With the surroundings in “slow” motion and Hasting in a “fast” motion, a was strange, bizarre distortion in Shaar’s vision, and he felt as if his chest would explode in this atmosphere. He grew dizzy as he tried to closely follow this guy with his eyes, but he still couldn’t follow the opposite party’s movements! In that instant, a piercing pain shot through his head

At this moment, Shar hadn’t yet realized that the piercing pain had made his blood flow out from his ears and nose, as if the strong force seemed to be sucking away all of his energy.

He exhaled a mouthful hot air! This hot air was terrifyingly scalding!

No matter what ……it was all or nothing! This moment was Shaar’s sole opportunity!!

Shaar quickly lifting his hand. The fire pitchfork was already manifesting a dark crimson thread….

Dragon Thorn!!

Hasting’s triangular spear was already releasing a black flame that seemed to instantly burn the air. Black spots had even appeared in the air!

Exactly at this moment, Hasting, had been filled with excitement, suddenly felt a malicious intent inside his heart! A strange sense of imminent danger immediately spread throughout his whole body!

Killing intent!

Such strong killing intent!! The killing intent was so strong that his thoughts seemed to cease for an instant. It was the type of intense feeling of danger a beast had the moment it fell into a trap! There wasn’t even a need for him to look over and see where the strange feeling was coming from; he could already feel the direction of its source!!

The triangular spear covered with the black flames suddenly changed its trajectory mid air and swept over Bonfret’s head, turning the beautiful long feather on his helmet into ashes! The flame left a strip of light in the air that resembled death itself!

This was a pure, instinctive move of a powerhouse whenever danger approached! However this response wasn’t anticipated by the hillbilly!

Seeing that crimson threat flying towards Hasting, Shaar was barely unable to keep himself from shouting our crazily.

(I did it!!!!)

The speed of that light was as fast as a meteor, and it instantly punctured the side of Hasting’s body! He watched the face of Odin’s Lord of War as he was pierced by his Dragon Thorn. However, at that moment, Hasting’s lightning-fast response seemed as if it had broken the law of time!

Fast! So fast that it gave people despair!

His movements didn’t seem swift or violent, but when his spear was thrust and pulled in the mid air, each motion and every inch of its trajectory was extremely clear and precise! This obviously clear and slow movement already seemed to be in a different space and time as Shaar!

His speed ……had already gone beyond the limit of time?!

The crimson thread was blocked by that triangular spear covered with black flame! When the crimson threat hit the tip of the spear, the black flame seemed to surge instantly. It was like hot oil poured onto cold water….


Suddenly, the crimson threat and black flame mixed together, creating waves of strange light patterns in the air. Shaar watched helplessly as his Dragon Thorn pierced the layers of waves, but with each layer that was broken, the red light seemed to weaken somewhat….

Finally, when the crimson light hit the tip of the spear……

A strange sound of something being split open instantly spread througout the entire battlefield. Although it wasn’t very loud, it was clearly heard by thousands of men on the battlefield!!

Visible to the naked eye, the fabric of space and time seemed to be momentarily thrown into disarray. Hasting’s spearhead, which was made of an unknown metal, slowly fractured, and a small amount of debris floated up in an extraordinarily slow motion. When the red light pierced through the spearhead, it finally landed on Hasting’s body…

With a buzz inside Shaar’ brain, his strength, vitality and spirit all seemed to completely vanish in an instant. Shaar continued to stubbornly stare at Hasting with his crimson eyes……

When the crimson red light hit Hasting’s body, the Lord of War’s face revealed a surprised look. When he opened his mouth, the armor covering his chest and abdomen was punctured layer after layer by a light the size of a little finger. Finally, his chest burst open and blood spurted out!


Shaar’s visual enhancement was lifted with a loud bang! The time distortion finally disappeared! Both the “slow” motion of the surrounding and Hasting’s “quick” motion vanished!

Hasting’s body was immediately sent flying from his horse, and he was pushed more than 10 meters away from his saddle! As he flew through the air, a clear trail of blood spilt onto the ground!

In this moment,a strange and absurdly inappropriate thought suddenly appeared in Shaar’s mind.

(Odin’s Lord of War’s blood is red, just like any other person’s!)

Hasting stretched out both of his arms in midair, his figure like that of a large bird. . He didn’t look like he had been sent flying, but rather, gliding steadily through the air before stably landing on the ground a dozen meters back.


Hasting stabbed the triangular spear into the ground where he stood, and his slender, gentle eyes finally locked onto Shaar. Blood was flowing out of his ruptured armor, but because of his black robe and black armor, it wasn’t too conspicuous.

This Odin champion lifted his hand and gently touched his chest. The bright red blood on his fingertips made the corners of his mouth tilt upwards into a hint of a strange expression that could be tentatively called a smile. This smile contained astonishment, but unexpectedly a….trace of delighted surprised as well?! – His smile conveyed a trace of unexpected surprise.

When he raised his eyes, he looked at the fire pitchfork in Shaar’s hand with a soft expression.

“It’s you.”

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