Conquest Chapter 86 part 2

Chapter 86 Nation Bonfret’s tragedy part 2

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Bonfret hurriedly put on his armor. Dressed in this unique, marvelous vest, his whole stature immediately became somewhat powerful and majestic. This magnificent paladin armor design was currently the most popular trend among the aristocrats of the Byzantine Empire. Shaar took a careful look at this magnificent armor, and thought that it was enough to trick someone… However…

After racking his brain, he suddenly used his sword to maim Bonfret’s shoulders, arms and chest while cutting some holes in the beautiful Paladin armor. He then walked to the camp entrance and grabbed a piece of flesh from an Odin soldier pierced by a stake. Dripping the fresh blood on Bonfret’s body armor, he then wiped it around, making it look bloody and dirty.

“Ah, this looks more like it.”Shaar smiled full of satisfaction. Bonfret was actually so frightened that he almost… Ah… not almost, he already peed his pants.

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Bonfret was tied up onto the horse’s back with cow tendons, secured so that he wouldn’t fall off. A piece of iron was put behind his waist inside the armor so that kept his back straight.

After putting a full helmet on him, Shaar pulled down the visor to only reveal a pair of eyes. He then patted on Bonfret’s shoulder while whispering near his ear: “Listen well; I won’t let you go out there and die! I tied up your legs and body, so you only need to perform a show with me! Your stature is similar to mine, and we have a 50% chance to trick that guy! You can only move your right hand. I will give you a wooden lance that we prepared. We painted it to be like iron, and it really looks like a knight’s lance! You can’t speak when you arrive! It’s fine as long as you make some small gestures to get his attention!”

Pausing for a moment, Shaar snorted and his eyes reflected a ominous light: “Don’t even think of escaping or destroying my plan! If you dare to shout out even half a word, not only would Hasting want your life. I am right behind you and can stab you to death anytime! Can you guess if I actually have the guts to kill you?”

“He does! He is a lunatic! This hillbilly! This bastard! He surely does!” Bonfret started to shout madly in his heart! “This bastard dared to treat me like this, what doesn’t he dare to do?!”

“… But” Shaar thought for a moment before he said: “I still can’t trust a pretty boy like you…”

Opening Bonfret’s visor, Shaar forcefully put a piece of cloth inside his mouth: “This way, you won’t be able to make a noise! As long as you’re obedient later, I will protect you! Otherwise, humph!”

Slate pulled Shaar and asked: “Hey! What do you plan to do! A moment ago, you said something about taking a squire with you… what is the meaning of that?!”

“Meaning?” Shaar started to forcefully rub his face. He continued to rub and only stopped when it became bright red. Squinting his eyes, he gave of a hint of madness.

“I want to find an opportunity… to assassinate Hasting!”

Slate’s expression immediately became ashen while staring at Shaar: “You! You are insane!”

Shaar grunted: “Even if I can’t kill him, I could at least give him a severe injury… Humph, as long as He is injured, the Odin army will be in chaos! This way, their next attack will at least be delayed!”

Anxiety was written all over Slate’s face: “You! You are going to die! How could you injure someone at Hasting’s level? You are just going to die! Die in vain!”

Shaar took a breath and maliciously gritted his teeth until they made a grinding sound, before fiercely pounding Slate’s chest with his fist:”Rest assured! This uncle won’t die so easily! This is the only opportunity I can bet my life on! If I win, everyone would have a way out of this! I won’t die! Rest assured! I cherish my own life more than you!”

The hillbilly touched both his chest and back that were covered with Dragonscales – moreover, it was two layers!

A leather armor was covering the Dragonscales and above it, he wore the thickest cavalry armor available! This set of steel armor was taken down from the Sarbar’s body and it was a whole lap bigger than Shaar’s. He feared that Hasting would see the scales hidden within. Therefore, he could only intentionally put on a larger size armor.

Two layers of Dragonscales, leather armor beneath the heavy steel armor… Even if he was to be defeated, he could at least save his life by running away. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue right?

As long as he could approach Hasting when he is not paying attention and use “Dragon Thorn”!

There was a high potential to wound this guy!

Furthermore, Shaar had another thing he could rely on! His offensive pattern was completely different compared to the one of the continent!

All the warriors on the continent used battle ki! In order to unleash the battle ki, the light would have to burst out first. If someone wanted to sneak attack, the bright battle ki would already warn the opponent before he would have the time to launch the attack. However, he had already practiced his crimson rage ki until the point where it didn’t release light anymore. Furthermore, with his “Dragon Thorn” this could concentrate his power several folds onto one single point…

“If we don’t gamble, there is only death! If I win this gamble, then we still have a way out!” Shaar sat on the horse and looked at Slate with humble eyes.

Looking at Shaar, Slate couldn’t help but feel excited and also an indescribable respect. Giving Shaar a deep bow, he made an effort to beat his chest even with his injuries. It was the highest courtesy of Byzantium soldiers.

Shaar’s expression suddenly became pale and cursed: “No! My god! It looks like a farewell! This uncle can’t die yet! I won’t die! Uncle will certainly come back alive! Bah! Don’t jinx me!”

With a loud bang, the camp gate slowly opened. With Bonfret at the front and Shaar behind him, they slowly rode out of the camp.

On the battlefield, there was a lone black warhorse completely covered in a body vest and wearing a half moon head cover. A man wrapped in a black robe and carrying a triangular spear sat on this horse. This was of course Hasting!

The horses slowly moved closer, and Bonfret’s horse only stopped after they were next to each other. Shaar sat on a horse next to him and even helped Bonfret pull the reins, playing his role as squire very well.

Hasting stared at this Sir Knight and asked: “You are Bonfret?!”

His eyes were as sharp as blades!

Wearing a Paladin armor cover with blood and some holes, Bonfret’s stature looked imposing. Adding that extraordinary superior steed and a black handled lance hanging on the saddle… Sitting upright like that, he really had the aura of a master!

Although Bonfret was shivering like a leaf in the wind, it wasn’t that obvious inside the body armor and one could barely see it.

Even his eyes that were full of fear and evasiveness, transformed in Hasting’s eyes while being mistaken taken as “Sharp as lightning”!

All in all, Hasting was actually very satisfied with this opponent.

Better said, a real powerhouse like Hasting who saw Shaar’s astonishing strength on the battlefield a few hours ago, already received a lasting first impression in his heart. Thinking in his heart that a strong powerhouse like him should have a noble heart like himself…

“That being so… Then, let’s fight!”

Hasting slowly raised his triangular spear and pointed the lance at Bonfret. The spear point immediately burst out a stream of black flame!

Bonfret’s body started trembling stronger. Under the threat of Shaar, he could only reluctantly lift his spear, and although the wooden spear wasn’t heavy, Bonfret’s arms were already numb at this moment. After lifting the spear, his body started shaking more and more obviously. His armor also started to make a trembling noise from the collisions.


Hasting was somewhat curious.

This respectable opponent, why was he shaking so much?

Ah… Was this some kind of brilliant martial arts? Was it the berserker fighting style? Or Bloodlust battle ki? The Power of Bull? Or was it like us Odins, going mad to unleash the secret technique?

Hasting felt his long lasting cold heart boiling once again! His mind was filled with excitement and he couldn’t help but want to scream! Sweeping his spear and covering it with black flames, his horse galloped towards Bonfret!!

When Hasting approached with a rapid speed, Bonfret suddenly shut his eyes, before – collapsing! Pee started to flow down from his crotch and his lance felt out of his hand. However, because his body was tied up and his back straightened by an iron plate, he still sat chest out on the horse… Tall and majestic! Just like a peerless master that was facing the enemy without the slightest fear!

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Running towards him, Hasting gave of a clear and loud cry. His black spear drew a beautiful arc across the air and readied itself!

“Now!” Shaar’s eyes instantaneously lit up!

“Save me! Help! Someone save me!! Bonfret’s heart was sobbing…”

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