Conquest Chapter 86 part 1

Chapter 86 Nation Bonfret’s tragedy part 1

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Sir Bonfret felt that his current situation really was a tragedy.

He was of noble birth, and his dynasty was ancient as well as pure-blooded. His family lineage had such a long history that it could be traced back a thousand years. If one put power and influence aside, a long noble lineage as his – in history of Byzantine, it was at least top ten even among the rich and powerful families in Royal Capital Osgiliath.

Although he wasn’t the eldest son, he received respect and flattery from all the people in his surroundings since birth. Even if he couldn’t inherit the family title, it wasn’t a big deal. The gods had granted him a pretty face, and if when considering appearances, there were people who would say that he was Royal Capital Osgiliath’s most handsome man – the number one!

Ever since he was 15 years old, he been the apple in women’s eyes – of course, it was still true. Even if everyone knew that he was his Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s exclusive lover, there were still some beautiful aristocratic ladies ogling him. He could drink the best wine, wear the most magnificent and expensive clothing, ride the finest steed, and even had a piece of green gem on his finger that was worth more than a small aristocrat’s annual income.

Even though he knew that there were some people in Royal capital that looked down upon him, it didn’t hinder his elegance. These people only dared to say malicious remarks behind his back, but in front of him they all behaved respectfully like dogs.

Every word that he spoke would be regarded as an absolute command and couldn’t be rejected. No matter what he wanted, he never needed to get it himself. Just by indicating a small hint or giving it a small glance, there would be someone promptly handling it for him appropriately before presenting to him whatever he desired.

Now ……His situation was both a tragedy and a nightmare!!

Most importantly ……the pitiful Sir Knight still didn’t know that his noble name was being fraudulently used by a hillbilly! Moreover, it was being used in a shameless way. A challenge was issued in his name against the continent’s famous powerhouse, who was also the Odin Empire’s strongest warrior.

Luckily, he was kept in the armory, which had very thick walls, and he wrapped a blanket around his head. Therefore, he didn’t hear when Shaar issued the challenge on the battlefield.

However, when the warehouse door opened in the morning and the nasty guy called “Kato” came in with some Praetorian Guard to deliver food, why did he look at me so weirdly?

Kato had a faint smile on his face, and after he gently slide the plate in front of the noble Sir Knight, his eyes gradually filled with pity.

With Kato’s wisdom and his understanding of Shaar – Ah, the smuggler of this army, would never believe that Shaar the hillbilly, who was honest on the surface but full dirty trick inside, would himself fight against Hasting.

The hillbilly was probably 80% determined that he would kick out this pretty boy to act as cannon fodder.

Looking at Bonfret, Kato sighed very sympathetically and squatted down to look at his face: “Ah, being spotted by that hillbilly, you are really unfortunate.”

“Eh? What?” Bonfret’s mind immediately gave birth to traces of restlessness in his heart: “What do you mean?”

“No, nothing.”

Kato who had mixed feelings about this sighed and improved his attitude a lot. He gently patted Bonfret’s shoulder and said: “Eat up while you still can……ah, do you want something to drink? I can get you something……”

Such unexpected graciousness towards him, gave Bonfret’s heart an extreme chill for a moment, as if something felt somewhat fishy…….

Kato continued to carefully look at him: “Come eat, eat. Don’t think too much……Ah, this pitiful guy…”

This bizarre behavior made Bonfret ponder over it for a whole morning. He felt as if he met some dangerous situation, then ……At noon, he finally saw Shaar.

Bonfret was carried out of the armory by several soldiers and was brought directly in front of the entrance. He saw the remaining bloodstains near the camp gate and smelled the thick smell of blood in the air. This scene immediately let Bonfret, who liked cleanliness, faint at the spot. After waking up, he saw there were flesh and remnant corpses hanging from the stakes. The bloody image made Bonfret’s complexion immediately turn pale as paper. Both his legs became weak and if it weren’t for the nearby soldiers, he would probably have fallen to the ground.

In the morning, when he knew that the Odin had attacked, he covered his head with a blanket and prayed that the almighty gods would bless him and grant him the 13th Army victory in this battle…Because it was his only way of survival.

Ah, wasn’t the 13th Army really powerful?

Seeing that the camp gate was still stubbornly defended, Bonfret relaxed in his heart – it seems like we held this place. Did they win? Can they go home now?

That damned hillbilly appeared in front of Bonfret again, and there was a strange smile on Shaar’s face. He grinned and stared at Bonfret as if he were livestock before uttering a pitifully tsk-tsk.

“You ……what do you want?” Bonfret trembled a bit and his legs were shaking: “I, I am the Observer……”

“Of course, you are the Lord observer.”Shaar nodded unexpectedly. His arm was still wrapped up in a bandage and he put on a serious expression: “We are currently fighting a bloody battle to guard your safety.”

Pausing for a moment, he said in a very sincere tone: “The soldiers were sacrificed, their blood dripping as they fought bravely! We have repelled the Odin’s ferocious offensive. However, now it is the time for you, the commander, to do something!”

“……Me, me?” Bonfret’s expression immediately seemed as he wanted to cry.

How would he know anything about martial arts? Although he had some fencing lessons, that was with long and thin aristocratic swords. Fencing was more of a dance than actual martial arts.

Going to battle and killing people? Stop joking! Ever since infancy until now, the honoured knight hadn’t seen a person’s blood except the fallen flowers o a virgin!
(TL: “fallen flowers of a virgin” refers to the small amount of blood that is released when a girl’s hymen is torn…yeah)

“Rest assured, we would never make you fight with those lowly Odin soldiers. “ Shaar put on a very sincere expression: “With your noble status, how could we let your noble hands be dirtied by those vile Odins!”

Bonfret finally breathed out – It seemed no matter how, he was still his superior. With his official position, this hillbilly shouldn’t dare to do anything to him……

However, Shaar’s next move immediately made Bonfret collapse!

“……Therefore, we chose an opponent for you to fight that had the same noble status as you… The Odin army’s commander, the Lord of War Hasting! In a bit, he will wait for you on the battlefield and fight a fair duel with you – what do you think?”

When these words sounded into the ears of Bonfret, his soul fled out!

“Men! Help our noble Lord put on his armor and bring his warhorse!” Shaar continued to ignore Lord Observer’s unstoppable trembling.

Clearing his throat, he faced towards the camp gate and roar loudly:”Hasting! Are you ready! I am coming out now to take your head!! Our duel must be fair and not disgrace the honor of warriors! I will bring a squire with me! If I die in battle, he will take back my corpse!”

Listening to the words of this hillbilly, Slate, who was standing nearby, could only feel ashamed and resentful!

This hillbilly scoundrel! Shameless! Too shameless!! He unexpectedly still had the gall to yell about honor of warriors……

After a while, a cold voice replied from the opposite direction: “Do what you like!”

On the other side of the battlefield, Odin’s strongest warrior gently threw away a handkerchief that he used to wipe before and now turned red. Holding his black, shining, triangular spear, his face appeared respectful and full of enthusiasm.

“The honor of warriors……Humph, since when did a new powerhouse called Bonfret appeared in Byzantine?!” Holding his spear, Hasting mounted his horse wearing an expression full of zeal. Looking at his subordinate next to him, he warned with a hard tone yet full of passion: “The honor of strong warriors isn’t allowed to be tarnish! You are not allowed to intervene in the duel!”

Gently kicking his steed, Hasting led his horse forward while grabbing his spear to fearlessly ride into the fray! The Odin soldiers all watched at their Lord of War with frantic worship.

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