Conquest Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Hasting! Do you dare to fight me?

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With a bang, the shield in Shaar’s hand exploded into countless pieces. The iron fragments scattered everywhere and even decapitated two Byzantine soldiers who were standing near Shaar!

Flying a few feet into the air after the impact, Shaar crashed fiercely into the ground, as his arms were broken in several places. His injuries were so major, that when Shaar jumped up from the ground, he immediately spat a mouthful blood, fiercely shaking his head. Suddenly, a ruthless aura could be seen in his eyes. Pushing Slate to the side with his arm, he grabbed a spear, and jumped up on the platform as he looked out in the distance……

As if it was fate, he saw a small silhouette standing in the back of the dense Odin formation. This lonesome figure was standing there, with the surrounding Odin soldiers all keeping their distance……

Shaar’s eyes turned crimson as he took several steps back, preparing to sprint. Using the momentum from his sprint, he roared and hurled the spear into the sky……

While standing there, Hasting saw a gray shadow shooting out from the camp. As he watched it pierced through the sky, he stood there motionless……

*Bang* About ten meters away from Hasting, two Odin soldiers lifted their shields to block the incoming gray shadow, but they immediately got pierced by it. When then the spear fell to the ground and exploded into a dozen pieces!

Hasting gently wiped of a drop of blood which splashed on his face.

“Good power ……humph, accuracy still missing a bit.”

Hasting’s gentle eyes had a small trace of warmth while saying: “He is a strong one. Strong hahaha ……”

There was a clear smile on Odin’s Lord of War, but his eyes remained ice-cold. However, it was that small trace of warmth in his cold gaze which made the guards around him felt fear in their heart.

Taking a breath, Hasting picked up another spear and started to prepare for another shoot ….

However, when he looked up, he heard some weird noise….

After hearing a few trebuchet slinging sounds, several huge stones were catapulted out then they fell near Hasting’s vicinity……

With several rumbling noises, bursts of pitiful cries could be heard where the stones landed. A dozen Odin soldiers were immediately smashed to pulp. Moreover, the falling stones were bouncing around, sweeping away another dozens of Odin soldiers……

Standing in the camp, Shaar looked at the distant place while breathing heavily: “Fuck ……Do you really think that this uncle was trying to compare shooting accuracy with you? I was pointing the target for the trebuchets……”

The first wave of Odin’s offensive eventually ended one hour later. At the wall before the camp there were so many corpses that they formed slopes at several places. As one could imagine, the Odin soldiers didn’t even need to take ladders for their next offensive and could just step on the corpses to climb the stronghold walls.

“We ……will probably have some difficulties while defending against the second wave.”Slate smiled bitterly.

After the first wave, the Odin side left behind more than 1000 corpses before finally being repelled. However, both Shaar and Slate’s hearts were filled with worries.

Their loss wasn’t small either since at least 500 of their soldiers died. Also dozens there were severely wounded soldiers who lost their strength to fight on and needed to be carried to the rear. Since their already weak battle power which had the initial strength of 2000 man who could fight, their battle power was almost reduced by one-third!

The more important problem was, their casualties who died in the first wave were all real soldiers! From the remaining men, 50% were auxiliary soldiers that took up their weapons the first time. They were logistic soldiers, craftsmen, horse caretakers, the cart driver, even the cook……

Seeing the wry smile on Slate’s face, Shaar kept his silence and lowered his head to think.

Exactly at that time, a horn sounded again from the direction of the Odin army.

Slate’s eyes widened: “It’s their formation horn! Once the horn stops, their formation will be finished……Then, the second offensive wave will begin!”

Shaar took some deep breaths. Both of his arms were wrapped in a plain white cloth, but it was already soaked red with blood. He started grinning and as he endured the pain, he took a deep breath of cold air, before his eyes flashed decisively: “Perhaps ……I have a way to win a little time. ”

He looked at the distance and suddenly smiled: “Do you still remember the rabbit general Ruhr?”

Standing up, he put his hand on Slate’s shoulder: “No matter what, each second is precious right now! Perhaps in the next moment ……The general kills his way back here.”

Picking up a spear, he started walking slowly towards the platform……

His eyes suddenly flashed with crimson and with a loud roar, he shot his spear into the sky. With a loud whistling sound, it landed on the middle of the battlefield!

His roar which sounded like a thunder suddenly got the attention of all the Byzantine soldiers in the camp and Odin soldiers who were preparing for the formation.

When the spear landed on the ground, it broke into several pieces and with a loud voice, it stirred up a cloud of dust!

A loud and majestic voice spread over the entire battlefield:

“Hasting!! Do you dare to fight me!!”

This clear challenge immediately shook all the audience!!

The Byzantine inside the wall all turned their heads and saw that Shaar and Slate were standing at the camp’s entrance.

Slate’s eyes widened into a circle and he stared at Shaar full of surprise, before pulling him.

“Are you mad ……”

Shaar gently pulled away Slate’s hand and waved his hand.

While biting on his lips, Slate warned: “You are courting death! I know that you want buy us some time by challenging Hasting to a duel, but that guy is the Hasting! He’s Odin’s Lord of War! It could be said that he is the strongest man in Odin’s army, you ……are courting death!”

Shaar grunted and continued to walk towards the camp’s entrance. Facing the distant Odin Army, he raised his voice and roared:

“Hasting!! Do you dare to fight me in a fair duel?! Or are you a coward! Do you dare to accept my challenge!!”

The Odin’s formation immediately quietened down and finally a hoarse voice responded.

Although this voice was not as loud and sonorous, it still spread through the entire battlefield, letting everyone hear it clearly.

“A duel on the battlefield?”

Hasting’s Byzantine tongue was very fluent and his tone indifferent: “I accept your challenge, Byzantine.”

Bursting out in laughter, Shaar roared loudly: “Good! I want to see how strong Odin’s Lord of War really is! Now, I will get a good meal to eat……and get ready ……Um! I will wait until the afternoon! At the afternoon, I will wait for you on the battlefield! This uncle will come alone! If you are a coward, you can bring some subordinates!”

Slate who was standing next to him sighed while hearing this: Who said that this fellow was a rube, he could even use provoking tactics.

Sure enough, the voice made a sneering sound as it replied: “Rest assured, we will have a fair battle. I also want to see what kind of guy in the Byzantine army dared to challenge me!”

Listening to his, Slate sighed in his heart: He is brave, but it was too reckless……Even General Adrick wouldn’t challenge Hasting…..

“State your name Byzantine warrior!”In Hasting’s voice there was a trace of arrogance.

Smiling, Shaar straightened his back and took a deep breath. With a majestic and passionate voice he shouted out!

“I! I am not afraid to tell you! I am Byzantine Empire’s first-rank knight, Bonfret!! I personally take your head on the battlefield Hasting!!”

Slate’s first reaction after hearings these words was suddenly seeing black!!

His second response was: My god! This kid is too evil and shameless!!

Jumping from the platform, Shaar sat down next to Slate who was staring at him with opened mouth and eyes so big that they almost popped out. His lips were moving, but he was unable to utter a word in front such a shameless kid.

Only after Shaar sat down to take some gulp of water from the leather bag, Slate finally didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “You ……You ……ah, you are really ……”

Staring at him, Shaar declared loudly full of righteousness: “What? That guy is Odin’s Lord of War and the strongest warrior in their army! Me single battling with him? Wouldn’t that be brain damaged and asking to die in vain? I am not tired of living yet!”

“But ……But you already issued the challenge, When noon arrives and Hasting will come over to accept your challenge, you, what are you going to do?”

Smiling, Shaar touched his chin and grinned: “Isn’t that simple? We will pull Sir. Pretty boy from his tent and when the time comes, kick him out of the camp gate! Even if he gets killed by Hasting, it won’t be my problem……after all, he is the Lord Observer! He is our commander-in-chief here! Didn’t he issue the challenge for a single combat? If it is a duel with Hasting and we went according to the hierarchical rank, wouldn’t even you come before me, a small foot soldier?”

While talking, Shaar lied down and stretched his body to rest while recovering his energy: “No matter what, didn’t I already buy a half-day time for us? Hasting that guy must show his strong men’s attitude, and before noon, he won’t attack us……”

“What about you?”Slate couldn’t bear and asked: “Don’t you have a strong man’s attitude?”

Pointing at his nose, Shaar asked: “Me? Take a good look at me from head to toe, where do I look like a strong person? I am now only a foot soldier! Even if I want to become a strong person in the future, at least I will have to live through the current predicament! Otherwise, before I become strong, I will turn into a ghost.”

Staring at him, Slate was gasping for breath and finally said with a weird smile: “I suddenly noticed ……that you are too shameless!”

Lying there, Shaar patted Slate: “Good! I see these words as praise.”

Finishing his sentence, he shut his eyes.

Slate looked at this hillbilly and suddenly thought that he was having troubles to completely understand this fellow.

Yet, he heard Shaar whispering to himself with a somewhat nervous tone:

“This uncle won’t die, will absolutely not die. Even if I must die ……it is not here, not now!”

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