Conquest Chapter 80 part 1

Chapter 80 Profound Hillbilly

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Ever since Shaar destroyed his own tent, he had to move away from his original location. Casually looking for an excuse, he moved to the edge of the camp and set up a tent on a hillside alone.

Ever since the army left, there were not many people left in the camp and, with his status as a Praetorian Guard, other people didn’t bother him about it.

However, both Sarbar and Kato realized Shaar’s strange behaviour.

For last three days, Shaar disappeared without any trace and only came back at night for dinner. Whenever he returned, his face and body were covered with scars and sometimes his hair was also a mess, while his face seemed to be scratched by something. He was always covered with bloodstains; there were even times when his face was full of dirt as if he just crawled out of some mud hill.

Usually when eating a meal, this fellow had the biggest appetite and he ate even more than Sarbar. However for these past few days, whenever Shaar ate a meal, his hands shook so much that he couldn’t even hold the soup spoon. While eating the meal, his face showed an expression full of pain and it seemed to suffer from an enormous pain. While walking, his body would wiggle around as if all the bones in his body was about to fall apart. Once, when Kato accidentally patted Shaar during dinner, this guy issued a scream similar to a pig being slaughtered and he nearly threw his plate on Kato’s face.

His two companions were both somewhat worried about this fellow.

“Hey, are you slipping out to look for some women?” Looking at Shaar’s bloody scratched face, Kato smiled with his shifty-eyes.

“What I see is that someone is searching for a fight with you, right?! Fuck! Who dares to hit one of us the Praetorian Guards?! I will go together with you and take care of them!” Sarbar was so enraged that he pounded the table.

Shaar’s whole body was trembling even tears could be seen in his eyes. He clenched his teeth and replied:”No ……I, I wasn’t careful and fell……”

(Damn, it really hurts……)

Shaar was suffering, but he couldn’t tell anyone about it. In the past three days, he was learning that cursed Dragon Knight combat technique with female dragon Dora. However, it was pure torture!

The Dragon Knight combat techniques that Dora taught him weren’t a lot and there were only three types for the moment.Dora was claiming that she only knew that much – of course, Shaar was suspecting that this sly female dragon was still hiding things.

The ancient Dragon Knights were an extremely strong fighting force and they had already reached the pinnacle of their battle ki. However, where did Shaar learn about battle ki? Nonetheless, Dora actually knew a little about the battle ki of human, but even after learning the method to detect his battle ki from Dora, Shaar still couldn’t detect it at all. Dora immediately determined that Shaar didn’t had any talent to practice battle ki – in other words, this dragon didn’t think that Shaar could become a warrior.

How could this statement not make Shaar extremely unhappy? (After a very long time, Shaar finally understood that he was getting played by this sly female dragon.)

What was there to joke about? This uncle didn’t had the talents to practice martial arts? On Primal Wildfire or at the battlefields, there were at least a few dozen warriors who died in my hands! Battle ki? What is so great about battle ki? The enemy who could use battle ki, I have killed a dozen of them!

Exactly at that time, this determined hillbilly suddenly had inspiration from his own unyielding spirit. Battle ki, wasn’t battle ki just a type of power?

This uncle couldn’t use battle ki, but I could use something else.

Very naturally, the first thing he thought of was the strongest power he currently possessed: Crimson rage ki.

After his previous training, he already began to grasp how to initiate the crimson rage ki. Simply said, when running at a powerful enemy, he had to cover himself with a powerful battle spirit, killing intent and extreme external pressure from his surroundings. Then these mind stimulating senses would be transferred to the pendant and touch the soul imprint in there.

Whenever it happened, Shaar could feel his whole body being washed over by an awe-inspiring cold feeling – this feeling was like being thrown into an ice-cold lake during a freezing winter and at that moment, his mind would be filled with endless killing intent. A power from some unknown source would suddenly burst out. Even Shaar himself didn’t know where this kind of power came from, but right now, he thought too much about it.

The only drawback was, in order to control his conscious and stopping it from going berserk, he had to go all out in order to suppress the urge to kill in his mind. Right now he could keep control of his mind, but the crimson rage ki eruption was much smaller compared to the outburst from before.

At the beginning, Shaar tried the controlled outburst of crimson rage ki a few times and in the end, he discovered that at maximum it could only reach about three steps away. Moreover, within these three steps, it’s normal invincible defense ignoring power was also weakened. When he used his fire pitchfork, he could easily cut a hard wooden stake without the slightest noise.

Even against much harder objects, such as a metal shields or armors, he could still cut them without any problem. However, the penetrating power was much slower than before unlike the time when he wielded his fire pitchfork while cutting down everything in his path, no matter how many people stood in front of him!

He tested his current power and learned that he could easily cut three shield in a row, but if there was a forth, his fire pitchfork would get stuck inside the shield and he couldn’t break it with his power.

“This kind of level is the same as entering the medium-ranked battle ki realm for human warriors.” This was Dora’s evaluation.

Uh……then it could only be counted as battle ki.

However, Shaar could clearly feel that after each use of crimson rage ki, after extending the duration was getting a bit longer, his body strength would run out when it stopped. It was not only that his bodily strength was exhausted; he would be covered in sweat and he could not even move a finger. Even his mind would start feel very tired as if didn’t not slept for three days and three nights. Moreover, his consciousness would start to get fuzzy.

It seemed like the crimson rage ki was not only using physical strength, but mental strength as well.

It was clear that this cost of rage ki right now was much higher than battle ki……

Shaar was quite upset after remembering how the previous crimson rage ki eruption had such a power that could disregard all defenses. It didn’t matter if his enemy was a man or a god; it seemed that it could cut through everything – only that power could fit this uncle’s style.

Nevertheless, Dora only needed one word to calm down Shaar’s mind.

“When you go berserk, your power is unrivalled. However, your attacks are not self-conscious and everything within your range will be attacked! At the battlefield, there will be some companions around you all the time; will you kill them together with the enemy?”

“……I understand!”

Shaar had no choice but to agree.

The weakened crimson rage ki was not the real issue, the issue was……when learning those Dragon Knight combat techniques, his real suffering began!

The Dragon Knight combat techniques used a mysterious method which forced out all the power within the body in an instant! Each time he used it, the power of the whole body would suddenly build up and this power felt about ten times stronger than his crimson rage ki. When Shaar experiences this intense build up coming up, he could clearly feel each muscle, every vein and every nerve would suddenly stretch several times! During that time, the intensive expanding would force his body to shudder uncontrollably and he had no way to suppress it. It was so strong that even his heart would suddenly stop beating!

Simultaneously, it also put him into a state of auditory hallucinations and for him, it seemed as if everything around him would slow down and distorted. The wind, the birds, the soldiers who were drilling in the distance, each sound would be stretched and distorted in his ear. And finally, it was as if the space would deform and stretch so much that only a dot could be seen!

(TL: Maybe he just ate the wrong kind of mushrooms…)

A dot!!

Raising his hand, he stabbed his fire pitchfork towards that dot……


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