Conquest Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Dragon Knight


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Dragon Knight?

In his mind Shaar imagined, a huge ferocious dragon flying in the air with its gigantic wings while breathing majestic flame from its mouth. He was riding on the dragon’s back while holding a war axe in his hand, looking like a majestic god descending from heaven….

Shaar started to drool while imagining this image and he forcefully wiped his mouth before asking: “Dragon Knight ……Can I become a Dragon Knight? Where do I get a dragon……ah, will you let me ride you?”

His final words violated the taboo of this dragon! Let’s not forget that it was a female dragon and hearing the word “ride” out of the mouth from a vulgar guy like Shaar always gave an obscene taste!!! (EN:Bhahahahah and I though Shaar was perverted)

Dora burst out in anger and an infuriated dragon roar was transmitted into the depths of Shaar’s mind. Shaar’s whole body immediately began to shake and a strong pressure started to come from the Sovereignty of the Dragon and because of the intense pressure Shaar was gasping for breath.

“You lowly human, you dare to insult me!!”

When this dragon unleashed its rage, the pressure was too different. Shaar felt as if his heart would instantaneously shut down and his chest was under immense pressure. Since he couldn’t bear the pressure he had to forcefully pound his chest while fiercely gasping for breath and cursing:”What are you getting crazy at! It was you talked about the Dragon Knights! Dragon Knight, Dragon Knight, if you don’t give me a dragon to ride, there is no knight! Right now, you are the only dragon in front of me?!”

Only when Dora stayed silent for a little while, Shaar could feel the pressure started to reduce slightly. He could finally loosen his chest as his breathing got easier and the anxiousness finally started to disappear: Although this fellow only has it soul remaining, who would have expected that the Sovereignty of the Dragon would still be so intense when enraged……

When Dora’s Sovereignty of the Dragon weakened, her voice also sounded slightly tired. It was obvious that releasing such a strong pressure so suddenly was also extremely taxing on her.

“……Alright, I forbid you from talking nonsense again. You better carefully listen to me.”

Dora‘s heart was full of grief. She couldn’t believe that a noble being like her, unexpectedly fell into the hands of such a rude and dirty human……If she still had her mortal body, she would have already clawed him to death!

“You listen up. A Dragon Knight is such a special existence that it is already extinct on the continent. Humph, you humans become so greedy and despicable, how could you be worthy of fighting f side-by-side with us dragons!”

“You ……”

“Shut up! I told you to stop with your nonsense and to listen to what I say! Don’t you want to learn a combat technique?”

“……”Shaar kept his mouth shut and thought to himself: Humph, wait until this uncle emptied all the knowledge from your brain and it is still not too late to take care of you.

“The Dragon Knights already disappeared and us dragons also disdain from starting a new cooperation with humans again…..However about 10,000 years ago, the Dragon Knights was virtually the most powerful warriors on the continent. According to an ancient legends, there was a time when the world experienced a massif catastrophe that almost destroyed all the races. That Dark Age had continued for several hundred years, but at that time all races were forced to unite against a powerful enemy – the Necros of the Underworld, which was name of a powerful dark and evil race. The Necros were an undead race with incredible powers and fighting ability. Under the guidance of the Devil Emperor, they broke through the barrier of the Underworld and came to this world……

In order to resist the powerful Necros 10,000 years ago, a group of warriors who were strongest of their race got chosen. Each one of them had a formidable strength and pure noble soul. Only the truly strong and noble were qualified to obtain the approval of the Dragon race. Some of the members of the Dragon tribes were willing to share their souls with the human warriors and signed a contract. They became the first human warriors to mount dragons and created the powerful Dragon Knights and in order to fight against the Necros on the battlefield.

The Dragon Knights became the world’s most powerful warriors and they had three important characteristics.

First of all, during a fight, the strongest warriors among humans fought with a powerful dragon and they coordinated with each other. This went without saying.

Secondly, each warrior and the dragon they rode signed a soul sharing contract. In a fight, they shared each other’s vitality, magic, soul and strength! This method let the knights display a power which was as strong as a dragon in combat. Even if a warrior didn’t know how to use magic initially, he could unleash the might of Dragon spells! Moreover, when they were attacked, their bodies would also share the Dragon race body’s strong defensive power, as well as the magic resistance ……”

A strength, magic and defense equal to that of a dragon……Would that be a humanoid dragon? Shaar’s heart began to pound quickly.

“……Furthermore, after being injured from an attack, they could also transfer a part of the injury to the dragon through the soul contract……Since a dragon’s vitality is much stronger than humans. Using this kind of method… was almost as if the knight’s vitality got strengthened several times……Although it couldn’t compare to the Necros, who had immortal bodies, there wasn’t too much of a difference.”

Shaar began to swallow his saliva and immediately asked the question that was on his mind: This kind of soul sharing contract, was it still possible to sign it?

However, remembering this dragon’s anger outburst a moment ago, he decided to shut his mouth and hid this thought in his mind.

“…… As for the third point, it is the Dragon Knights’ combat techniques! There is a huge difference while fighting and riding a dragon compare to when someone is on a horse or any other mounts. In order to coordinate their powerful dragon mount and display the greatest might they have as a Dragon Knight, many of the strongest warriors from the continent created a new martial art together. This allowed the warriors with the attributes of dragons to unleash their power to the fullest and these combat techniques were called as ‘%◎× * ‘ at that time……”

“What did you say? What was it called?”

Dora’s voice repeated in Shaar’s mind: “%◎× *.”

They were a number of ancient and long stretched notes.

Getting annoyed, Shaar asked angrily: What the hell are you talking about. Is it in the Dragon tongue? How do you say it in human language?”

“……I don’t know, since I can’t understand this sentence in dragon tongue either.”Dora’s tone seemed to include a hint of guilt.

“How could it be possible?”Shaar asked furiously: “How could you possibly not understand dragon tongue?”

Dora every unhappily replied: “You are a human, can you understand Odin language? Do you know the language of the Atlantis Empire?”

“……this, that is true.” Shaar was dumbstruck for a moment.

“This sentence came from the most ancient dragon tongue. The language from over 10,000 years ago has a very big difference compare to now. According to the legend, this language was passed down by the Dragon god to the dragons. Only the patriarch of a clan could understand it a bit.”

Stretching his mouth, Shaar tilted his head to think for a little while: “Ehm ……That soul sharing contract, can you tell me more about it?”

“Humph! You greedy fellow, forget about your wishful thinking. After the war ended and the Necros completely defeated, the human became greedier and greedier. The dragons broke every contact with the humans and the currents humanity doesn’t have the qualifications to make the dragon race acknowledge them to ever become their mighty mount!”

“Ah, c’mon tell me about it……” Shaar scratched his head: “Even if it’s just a story, it should be told to the end.”

“……I told you, there is absolutely no way for you to become a Dragon Knight. In order to become a Dragon Knight, besides of an incredible power, one must have a pure and noble heart! A greedy fellow with no morals like you, even if you are reborn a hundred times, you will have absolutely no hope of becoming one!”

“Hey! I was just talking about it, there is no need to curse someone.”

Dora sighed and finally explained with a sneer:”The most important condition at that time to become A Dragon Knight was, they were the strongest warriors from the human race and people called them ‘Heroes’. The beings who signed the soul sharing contract for them were the great and supreme Dragon God! This kind of contract only existed once! Moreover, only the descendants of the blood of the ancient human heroes would have the contract’s imprinted to become the future generation of Dragon Knights. The Dragon God made such a rule, because that long war lasted for several hundred years. Although the Dragon Knights were powerful, the lives of humans were very short. Even the strongest warrior could only live for more than 100 years. Furthermore during a battle, the Dragon Knights could also die. If a Dragon Knight died in battle and his dragon mount was still alive, his descendants could inherit the Dragon Knight’s position and become the new master of the dragon in order to ride it once against in battle.

According to legend, this contract on existed once and it wouldn’t happen again. The legend told that during the final battle of that war, almost all of the Dragon Knights died in battle and the bloodline of the ancient heroes of humanity got extinct. Therefore ……Without being the descendant of the ancient heroes, it is impossible to have new candidates to become Dragon Knights again.”

The bloodline of the humanities heroes?

Shaar sighed and greatly disappointed in his heart.

“Your humans experienced innumerable chaos caused by war during the 10,000 years afterwards. Your race was naturally filled with the nature of greed and violence born from internal conflicts as you established your civilizations. One destruction after another, until now countless ancient inheritances and traditions were exterminated. The Dragon combat technique is also included in these things and only our Dragon race preserved a part of it. I am from the earth dragon clan and in ancient times our ancestor signed contracts with the Dragon Knights. Therefore, we preserved a part to combat technique and I can teach you’re a bit of it, but ……”

“Again a “but”, what other condition do you also want to negotiate?”

Dora’s voice was somewhat hesitant: “but…..learning it is somewhat troublesome. The ancient heroes of the human had unrivalled formidable strength, especially concerning the use of battle ki they already reached the pinnacle. The essence of this combat technique is to combine the humans strong battle ki with the explosive strength of the dragon. As you can imagine, combining powers will put a heavy burden on your body and once you overstep the limit, your body will not be able to support it and collapse ……The ancient Dragon Knights who shared the vitality and injury with the dragon could used this battle technique, since the burden on their body could be transferred to their dragon, but you ……”

Being surprised by the reply, Shaar asked: “Are you concerned about me, do you fear that I will die from the training?”

“Humph, if you die, who can bring me to the Sacred Tomb.”Dora finally sighed: “However, since you haven’t obtained the dragon’s blessing, your strength is not that big yet. I think that with your current body toughness, you should be able to endure some of that burden.”

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