Conquest Chapter 77 part 2

Chapter 77 Part 2 Lord of War Hasting

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The 2nd Army’s military camp had now completely collapsed, with the final force of resistance centralized inside the commander’s tent. When the camp’s front gate broke down, General Peilizuoli rushed to the rear of the camp, gathering all of his Praetorian guards and lieutenants. In this chaotic battle, he managed to assemble a force of 200, and entrenched themselves inside the commander’s tent, with the flagpole at the center of the circular defense formation they formed.

In this chaotic camp, two teams of caribou riders, and more than ten black bear berserkers, tried to rush them three times. However, the remnant forces of the 2nd Army were made of the strongest Praetorian Guards, General Peilizuoli and several military officers, who were all high-ranked warriors.

Right now, everyone knew that this was a fight to the death, and several of the officers filled their blades with battle ki to form a tight defensive circle. They tenaciously resisted the Odin charges, but their circle was constantly shrinking from the attacks. Out of more than 200 soldiers, there now remained less than 50 men.

General Pelizzoli’s longsword had already lost pieces of its edge and his armor was torn. A deep scar on his chest that a black bear beserker had caused, exposed even his bones. He had already cut down six black bear berserkers and and more than ten caribou riders. With half of his military officers becoming casualties, the defensive circle shrank a little again, and the ground was filling with the corpses of men, horses, caribous and bears. Fragments of flesh and blood could be seen everywhere. Pelizzoli’s face was extremely pale because of excessive loss of blood, while the battle ki on his sword had dimmed down a lot.

Everyone knew that there was no escape today by some lucky event. Right now, the only thing they could do was go all out.

With a pitiful yell, an officer’s longsword stabbed into the body of a black bear, but under its violent strength, the sword was firmly stuck in the bone. Continuously pounding at it, the longsword broke and with another strike of its paws, the shoulder of that officer was ripped to pieces. The Odin rider sitting on the bear used this opportunity to wield his axe to chop off the officer’s head. Seeing his subordinate in danger, Pelizzoli swung his longsword covered with battle ki, splitting the Odin in two.

Breathing loudly, Pelizzoli’s body couldn’t even stand firmly anymore. His legs began to go soft, and he could barely support himself with his sword.

Several pitiful screams could be heard next to him, and two gaps suddenly appeared in the defensive circle. With a howling sound, silver light burst out from within his body and his hair suddenly stood up in the air. The battle ki on his sword stormed out violently, suddenly turning into several pieces flying into all directions. With a rumbling sound, his battle ki flew several steps in front of him and completely swallowed their targets. In an instant, a dozen of caribou riders and theirs mounts collapsed to the ground, and a black bear berserker that was hit by the light flew back several meters. After crashing on the ground, a hole that was spurting out blood could be seen on the black bear’s chest. Its internal organs were crushed to pieces and the upper body of its rider had completely vanished!

“Come! Let’s see who can come get me, Pelizzoli’s head!!” Pelizzoli was staggering, but he still held his body upright by supporting himself with his sword. His eyes were covered by the blood that dropped down from his forehead. On his body hung several fragments of organs, and his feet stood in a pool of blood, with more continuously running down his legs.

Pelizzoli started to laugh wildly, his eyes radiating murderous intent as he stared at the enemies in front of him. It was clear that he could barely stand, but the battle ki covering his body was still shining bright!

He was a commander of an army after all and was also a high-ranked warrior. Now that he was forced to go all out, his power increased like a cornered tiger. The dozens of caribou riders standing in the distance were so awe-stuck by him, that they hesitated…

At this exact time, hoofbeats could be heard from a distant place! With a neigh, a flying shadow jumped over the heads of those caribou riders with one leap!

A mass of black ki covered the triangular spear and swept over it like a tornado!

When Pelizzoli’s pupils saw this black ki, he shouted out and the silver battle ki on his whole body erupted again as he welcomed the shadow with a charge……


With a dull sound, the black ki instantly sliced Pelizzoli’s body in two from the waist! Everything below his waist was already swallowed by that black ki, and couldn’t even be seen. Not even a drop of blood appeared and it seemed that it was instantly evaporated by the black ki!

The broken longsword dropped to the ground, and with a breaking sound, fell apart into countless pieces!!

Pelizzoli’s remaining upper body fell to the ground and his internal organs flew out from the cut on his waist. Streams of black ki came from out of his mouth, and a pair of disbelieving eyes stared the opponent in front of him holding that black triangular spear.

“Ha… Hast……” Unfortunately, his breath stopped before even having the time to finish saying this name.

Still sitting on his horse, Hasting swept over the dead body of his enemy on the ground with his tall and slender eyes. There was not even the slightest trace of emotional change in them, and his eyes were still as indifferent as before. Gently wielding his spear, he cut off the flagpole next to him. When it fell down, the black ki immediately swallowed it and in just a short moment, both the pole and flag were reduced to ashes by it!

This Lord of War turned his head and gazed at the Odin warriors behind him with a cold look.

“…Relay my orders, the horn will sound thrice, if the enemy camp hasn’t been conquered by the time the horn stops, the entire vanguard will be executed!”


(Forcing through it! Giving my all to force through it! The same feeling that I had when my heart was trembling from fear… ah, that kind of feeling…)

Holding his head and racking his brains, Shaar stood in front of his fire pitchfork and crystal. His eyes were bloodshot and he kept murmuring these words like an idiot in front of it.

Suddenly standing, he picked up his fire pitchfork and moved forward before stabbing twice. Sitting down again, he frowned while absorbed in his thoughts again, before fiercely crying again, jumping up and wielding his pitchfork a second time.

“Idiot, control your heart! Control your will! The crimson rage ki is not there to make you go berserk! The rage ki was intended to stimulate your strength!”

Listening to the voice in his mind, Shaar started to laugh like a madman, before becoming more and more insane, finally jumping up and cursing:

“Control! Control! I will control your ass!!”

He wielded his fire pitchfork like a maniac and started to hack around. Finally exhausting himself, he dropped to the ground gasping for breath.

Resting for a while, the colors of madness gradually faded from his face, before being replaced with a bitter smile: “Damn, still not working…”

“I told you many times, you shouldn’t actually go crazy! You need to control yourself as much as possible, and at the critical point when you are close to going mad, control your consciousness while being calm! If you can achieve this, then it would mean that you are at the initial stage of mastering the power.”

Closing his eyes, Shaar continued distorting his brow. After a while, a violent expression gradually emerged on his face, and his fingers kept shivering. His hand clenched the fire pitchfork so tightly that it turned blue in an attempt to resist the urge to go crazy again. Shaar shivered badly, like he was sick from cold. His face muscles kept shaking and his eyes were jumping around uncontrollably…

Finally after taking a deep breath, he managed to slowly stand up even through his whole body was still shivering.

When he slowly opened his eyes, it was seen that they had turned completely red!!

Shaar’s eyes flashed with violence and ferociousness for a while, before it finally stopped. He gradually calmed down, but this seemingly tranquil appearance combined with his red eyes looked especially strange.

Clenching his teeth, his arms still trembled. Gently holding his fire pitchfork, he took a deep breath and slowly swung his weapon…

Five steps in front of him, a thigh thick wooden stake was silently divided into two halves…

Standing on the spot, Shaar’s shivering began to gradually calm down and blood started to flow down from the corners of his mouth. It was obvious that when he fiercely endured the madness a moment ago, he clenched his teeth so hard that blood was squeezed out!

The redness in his eyes was quickly disappearing. Shaar looked at the fire pitchfork in his hand, before looking at the broken wooden stake in front of him. Walking closer to take a look, he saw that the cut was extremely smooth!

“…” After swallowing once, Shaar suddenly burst out laughing from happiness: “Hahaha! I did it! I did it! Just like that!!!”

Then, he suddenly frowned: “But… the power seems a bit low. Moreover, just now the crimson fog didn’t appear like the previous times…”

The voice in his mind appeared again: “That’s the right way. The power was a little small because this is the strength you can control at this stage. If you constantly let the madness occupy your mind, you might perhaps unleash a more powerful outburst. However, your consciousness will be engulfed in madness and fade away. Unless you are an idiot,you would clearly understand that during a fight, even with an extremely powerful technique, if you encounter a real powerful enemy, you are dead.”

Shaar blinked his eyes: “Yes, that I understand. It’s like a drunkard wielding around a broadsword. Although his power is astonishing and sufficient to deal with an average person, once he ran into a fierce opponent, the other side can find many weaknesses…”

“…Although you are stupid, at least you are not an idiot.”

“…screw you!” Shaar discontentedly spat out a mouthful of blood: “Don’t think that because you are a dragon, you can leisurely scold this uncle! Right now you are only a ghost and if you provoke this uncle, I…”

“You will what?” The cold voice mockingly asked: “You going to kill me? If you want to kill me, you need to break his stone. However, this crimson rage ki can only be initiated with a magical crystal that has your soul imprinted in it! Are you willing to lose it?”

Shaar was unable to reply.

He just knocked on the door of success and tasted the benefit of this crimson rage ki’s powerful strength. If he hadn’t learnt about it, then he wouldn’t care. However, now that he had started to learn it, his mind would absolutely not give up on learning this unique technique by destroying the stone.

When the hillbilly didn’t speak, the voice of that dragon sighed.

“Human, how about we do a trade together?”



“What a red dawn…”

On the hillside of a mountain valley, Kekkan casually stretched himself and let the morning sunlight sprinkle onto his body. Although it was winter, it still brought a faint warm feeling.

“Ah, this place is so good. In Odin, people could freeze to death during this season.”Kekkan casually shook his cloak and looked up to the blood red dawn, a strange light flashing in his eyes: “Such a bloody glow, it seems as if there was a slaughter in the East this morning…” Lowering his head and thinking for a moment, his mouth suddenly revealed a smile: “…Hasting, did you win another battle? Odin’s Lord of War, humph, another success added to his already brilliant record. Alas, such bloody glory, is in the end…”

This elegant Odin smiled: “…Is the end ominous.”

Finishing his sentence, he turned around to walk down the hill, and looked at the trembling attendant beneath it.

“Ah… is there any news concerning the 13th Army?”

“No, nothing… Your highness. They retreated and don’t seem to have the intention to attack once more.”

Kekkan smiled with satisfaction and walked past his attendant, before patting him on the shoulder. The opposite party immediately knelt down, overwhelmed by this praise.

“Alright, don’t be too anxious… Let the soldiers take a rest. At least before tomorrow evening, these Byzantines wouldn’t move out again. You must make the best use of this time to enjoy the last peaceful moment.” Kekkan’s face showed a happy expression, but his eyes seemed ice-cold. Turning back his head, he stared at the red sky again…

“Ah, such a beautiful red dawn. I wish I could listen to some harp…”

Pausing for a moment, He laughed:”Messenger.”

“Your Highness!”

“Ah… Go and find me a harp. I must play one!”

“…” His subordinate was dumbfounded.

He had gotten used to serving this eccentric Lord, however…

However, his Highness really has some orders that could really drive people crazy!


“You obtained my Dragonscales, but you don’t have any dragon magic. In your hands, these Dragonscales are nothing more than a slightly harder armor. However, my residual soul still has some remaining properties of dragon magic and I can inject it into the Dragonscales to improve their magic resistance. Also, with the long life of a dragon, I have accumulated plenty profound knowledge. Do you want to learn the Dragon martial arts? I can even teach you some Dragon spells! As long as I leave behind a part of my soul in your magic crystal that was imprinted along with your soul, then you can use this magic crystal to be used as a transmitter for some small Dragon magic and spells. Although it is quite weak, it is still real a Dragon spell! Furthermore …I can tell you the profound meaning of your life, which includes how to strengthen your soul! No matter what kind of life form, whether it is a lowly human or a higher being such as us dragons, a soul’s power greatly exceeds the bodily power. Even in the face of death, as long as you have learned this method, you can maintain the soul so that you don’t die. There is always an opportunity to find an appropriate mortal body to resurrect…”

The hillbilly’s face didn’t have a single trace of excitement, but his eyes stayed full of vigilance.

“Fuck! Talking about so many impressive things, what do you want this uncle to do for you? Talk about it first and if it’s something life threatening, you don’t even need to waste your breath. This uncle is currently living very happily.”

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