Conquest Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Arrow!! Arrows!!

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The incoming Odin soldiers immediately stopped their advance, threatening Shaar with their fearsome swords.

At the same time, Shaar felt a gust of wind pass by his face as a giant axe chopped down, forcing him to desperately block with his fiery pitchfork!


With a sharp noise, the axe instantly broke on the spot, leaving Shaar stunned. It was as if he got struck by lightning! After receiving this brutal attack, Shaar couldn’t even lift his numb arm. When he looked up, he saw a bear-spirit warrior standing next to him with a broken axe in his hand!

(What great strength!!)

Shaar quickly grabbed the gothi and retreated several steps while started to shout, “Hurry up, and ask them to stop! Or this guy gets it!”

As he spoke, he lifted his fiery pitchfork and stabbed it into the wound on the gothi’s thigh.

This old gothi screamed in pain and finally yelled out something in the Odin language. Hearing the sudden command, the spirit-beast warriors immediately halted, staring at Shaar with an intense, smoldering gaze. Their eyes were burning with a piercing green flame, the sound of their breaths emitting a steady, hammered tempo. .

Shaar grabbed the gothi’s neck and quickly retreated to where Sarbar and Kato were. He didn’t care about the Odin shouting in the distance, much less what they shouted, since he couldn’t understand any of the shouting and cursing.

Shaar lifted his hand and cut off the cattle tendon ropes tying both of his companions and helped them up. Wielding his weapon again, Shaar cut off a branch and gave the gothi to Sarbar while he stuck the branch into the campfire. The stick instantly burst into green flames, turning into a green torch.

After waving the torch in front of the surrounding spirit-beast warriors, Shaar quickly retreated into the forest with his two companions. It was apparent that the spirit-beast warriors feared the green flame as they involuntarily took a few steps back.

They slowly retreated while still facing the Odins. They appeared to highly value him and be concerned for his safety, since they continued whistling in anxiety.

Shaar’s group quickly withdrew from the forest and arrived at a hillside with a downhill slope which was about five meters long.

Turning his head, Shaar yelled towards Sarbar, “Quickly, jump down!” His two companions looked at each other before grabbing the gothi and rolling downhill.

The hillside wasn’t too steep or high, so when they finally landed on the ground, Shaar had already followed them down in one leap.

Exactly that moment, the Odin pursued them towards the edge of the hillside, and after seeing how Shaar’s group had leaped down, they started to roar wildly.

It was only when Shaar arrived at the bottom; he saw that the opposite side was also a hillside, and that they were in a valley. It was only around several hundred meters wide, but it had already turned into a battlefield! The ground was littered with corpses, dead mounts, and fragments of equipment!

There were some Odin soldiers who were currently sweeping over the battlefield, but when they saw Shaar’s group, they immediately gathered from all directions and encircled Shaar and his group. Forcing the gothi to scream out a few words, Shaar immediately saw that those Odin started to fall back, not daring to approach.

Looking towards the south, they noticed that the exit of the valley was only a hundred meters away. While carrying the gothi, the trio immediately dashed towards the exit as they were being pursued by the Odins from behind. While running, Shaar sometimes stabbed the gothi with his fiery pitchfork in order to threaten those Odins and forcing them to keep their distance.

Spirit-beast warriors were running at the front, but the green torch which was still in Shaar’s hand was almost burned up as it got weaker and weaker.

At the same moment, Kekkan was standing on a nearby hillside and watching Shaar’s group with a gloomy face.

He already obtained a report from his men.

“Idiots! How could you let a Byzantine ambush happen! Furthermore, how could you let them capture the high gothi?!” Kekkan face wasn’t warm or gentle anymore, instead it was contorted into an angry grimace – he was much angrier than when he heard the news that his younger brother died in battle.

An Odin soldier pointed pointed out Shaar in the distance, muttering a few words into Kekkan’s ear. Suddenly, Kekkan’s eyes lit up!

“Oh? So that’s the Byzantine warrior that killed my brother? Haha ……Interesting ……” Kekkan instantly restrained the anger on his face and squinted his eyes. Looking at the fleeing Shaar in the distance, he suddenly smiled and turned his body towards the bony throne, before taking off a big bow, which was half the length of a person.

It was completely white and made out of rare animal bones, and had two white fist-sized stones embedded on both sizes.

Kekkan gently pulled the bowstring, which lacked an arrow, and aimed at Shaar in the distance.

“Since we can’t rescue our honored gothi, then there is no need to save him anymore! Rather than being captured and taken back by the Byzantines, it’s better for him to die here.” Kekkan spoke in a flat tone, and the corners of his mouth tugged a cold smile, “This is also the murderer that killed my brother, I must kill him here and now, or else how could I face my dear father, the Emperor?”


Shaar, who was still retreating, heard a strange buzzing sound approaching him. Just when he raised his head, he could immediately point out a twinkling silver speck in the air. It was rapidly increasing in size as it flew closer to him!

Immediately, a piercing feeling of danger enveloped his body! This incoming light made Shaar feel a desperate crisis! With a roar, he brought up his fiery pitchfork to block the incoming light!


After receiving this attack, Shaar’s body flew backwards and crashed to the ground. His right hand, which was holding the fiery pitchfork, was ruptured, with blood gushing out. Even several of his fingers were broken!!

(So! So strong!!)

Shaar’s heart lurched! An arrow that was shot from such a long distance easily defeated his dragonblood strengthened body!?

Luckily ……his fiery pitchfork was not destroyed.

Kato quickly rushed towards Shaar to help him up; however, Shaar actually shoved him away while screaming, “Run! Run!!”

While screaming, he grabbed Kato and dashed fiercely towards south.

“Hm, surprisingly, the warrior blocked off my arrow ……he is indeed someone who could have killed my brother. This Byzantine warrior is at least a middle ranked warrior.”

Kekkan’s pale face showed once again a gentle smile as his fingers pulled the bowstring……


Upon hearing the sound again, Shaar’s heart started pounding. However, this time, he was not the speck’s target!

In an instant, the gothi, who was being carried by Sarbar, got his head crushed by that silver light! When it destroyed the gothi’s head, it dyed Sarbar’s shoulders crimson!

Even the unyielding Sarbar couldn’t bear such a heavy blow, and could only snort before falling down. Seeing his companion in a dire situation, Shaar quickly grabbed Sarbar and threw him on his back, before turning around to run. While madly dashing towards the entrance of the valley, he used all of his remaining power to kick off the ground and leap several meters!

After the gothi had been killed, the Odin soldiers that were chasing them didn’t have to worry about anything anymore. Especially spirit-beast warriors. They immediately howled, while leaping towards them!

Kato, who already reached the entrance, saw that Shaar was lagging behind. Just as he was about to turn around to help, Shaar screamed madly, “Don’t wait for me! Run! Just fucking run!!”

Exactly at that moment, a third sound appeared from the bowstring!!


Hearing the sound approaching, Shaar began to worry. He was still carrying Sarbar on his back, he couldn’t let this guy get killed! Out of options, Shaar clenched his teeth and fiercely turned around , sticking out his chest to welcome that deadly, silver light with his fiery pitchfork once again!

However, due to his injuries, his weapon failed to block the silver light in the end……

With a loud bang, the silver light impaled Shaar’s chest! After being hit by that silver light, his fur lined robe instantly crumbled into dust! Afterwards, his armor inside also immediately broke!

A sudden cracking sound filled Shaar’s heart with despair……

The dragonscale ……was punctured!!

A gust of cold air sharply penetrated the dragonscale and stabbed into Shaar’s chest. Bang! Suddenly, his vision turned black, and his body flew more than ten meters away! In midair, Shaar coughed up a mouthful of black blood, which instantly froze into ice!!

Shaar crashed on the ground, causing Sarbar to scream in agony as several of Sarbar’s bones broke, and as Shaar’s dragon scale was split into two!!

The wound on Shaar’s chest was so deep that even his bones were visible. Strangely, however, they were actually frozen into a solid ice crystal! Even the fresh blood that gushed out of the wound had already turned into a layer of crimson hoarfrost.

Coughing up a mouthful of black blood, Shaar’s mind instantly cleared up after seeing the Odin rushing towards them in the distance. Luckily, they already reached the entrance of the valley.

Standing next to him, Kato immediately grabbed Shaar’s arm and helped him up, before the three began to stagger away in panic……



Kekkan had a strange calmness on his face as he looked upon Shaar running out of the valley. His fingers rested on the bow, but at the last moment, his eyes flashed with a strange light and he finally decided to take his fingers off the string. Turning around, he placed his longbow on the chair made of bones again.

On the effeminate, noble Odin’s face, a large, radiant smile appeared.

“Hm …… to think that he can still run after getting shot in the chest by my arrow, this fellow is quite interesting ……” Lifting his head, he turned towards his men and ordered coldly, “Let my order be known, that the Odin don’t need to chase the assailants after the mountain valley.”

After finishing his sentence, Kekkan ignored the confused looks on his men’s faces and sat back down in his bony chair. Leaning an arm on the armrest with his head while resting his forehead in his other arm, he closed his eyes to deeply contemplate some matters……

Being able to block two of my arrows and not dying would make someone be considered a strong person. Someone strong shouldn’t die in such a humiliating way…. A person should have a way of dying fitting their strength. This Byzantine fellow, let’s hope I can meet him again and personally behead him on the battlefield.

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