Conquest Chapter 70

Chapter 70 This uncle will butcher him!

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Besides the bald Kevin, the crude Sarbar, and the cunning Kato, were two of his closest friends among the Praetorian Guards! Seeing them tied up in front of him, he noticed that although Sarbar’s injury was light, it wasn’t the same for Kato. There was an arrow deeply embedded in his chest, with the arrowhead poking out of his back. His left arm was limp, and had obviously been cut, though whether his arm had been severed or not was still unknown.

Behind those two were several cavalrymen. With how they were dressed, they didn’t seem to be Praetorian Guards, and were probably one of Butler’s men.

Anxiety immediately took root in Shaar’s heart, causing it to beat madly like a drum. When Sarbar and Kato were brought before the gothi, the Odins behind the two kicked them, making them kneel on the ground. Sarbar resisted, but after getting a few harsh kicks to the back, he finally submitted. The gaunt, skinny gothi stood in front of the two and calmly looked at them both, before finally moving on to the last Byzantine soldiers in the queue.

All of the cavalrymen of the 13th Army were heroic and brave men, so no one opened their mouth to beg for mercy. Firm, unyielding resolution could be seen on all their faces, as they shot cold glares at the gothi. Only when the gothi smiled grimly, and took out something from his waist pouch, did several of the captive’s faces finally turn ashen. Even Sarbar, who was known as the toughest and the bravest, revealed a hint of disgust and fear in his eyes.

He took out a worm-like insect with a silver body, which was reflecting a faint, finger long trace of green light. The gothi cautiously pinched the insect and forcibly opened the mouth of a Byzantine cavalryman by pressing his other hand on the guy’s chin. The cavalryman stubbornly clenched his teeth, but an Odin nearby maliciously stabbed his dagger into his body and the Byzantine Cavalryman couldn’t bear the pain and finally shouted out. The gothi immediately forced the insect into his mouth!

The Byzantine cavalryman’s complexion changed abruptly, and his body suddenly became stiff. After a moment, a mass of green smog started to come out of his nose and suddenly the skin on his face started to emit green gas!

Subsequently, the cavalryman soon closed his eyes and breathed his last. However, a big piece of lump suddenly emerged on his forehead and underneath it something was constantly twisting. *Pop* and all of the sudden a hole appeared on his forehead and the greenish insect broke out of it!

Looking through the hole on the cavalryman’s head, it seemed like it had been drilled empty! His brain was completely gone, and that insects mass had increased to more than double. It was obvious that this insect had sucked out the entire brain of the cavalryman! Its green light was more intense now, as its body was so fat that it was bloating. After twisting a few times, the gothi pinched it then picked it up.

While that gothi was holding that fat insect in his hand, his whole face showed an excited and self-satisfied smiling face.

“Hey! Kato, you have seen more of this world than me. This, this damn Odin, what did he do?!” Sabar swallowed a big gulp full of spit: “Fuck, being caught means death, but this guy……”

Kato was already as pale as a ghost, but reluctantly managed to squeeze a hint of his voice out, “Damn, this is Odin’s gothi is about to absorb our souls! We can’t even die in peace, did you see that insect? It eats the human brain while simultaneously sucking the soul of that person! That is a Soul Eating Bug! Fuck…We are done for.”

“Fuck!”Sabar’s face went completely pale and suddenly roared in anger while he went all out and struggled, “You Odin bitches! Whore raised swines and imbeciles! If you dare, then take a knife and stab me!!!”

The Odin gothi gently squeezed the insect with his fingertips and slowly went towards the green fire. The fire was already weakened and it seemed like it would gradually extinguish soon. Although there were two disciples who continued to feed wood to the fire, it didn’t stop the green flame from dimming.

The gothi gently threw the human brain sucking insect into the fire……

Immediately, that flame came gushing up as if had received new fuel. The flames raged three to four meters high, and the flame’s color became quite eerie it was a nasty green!!

The gothi smiled satisfied, and reached into the flame before gently pinching it with his fingers again. When he pulled his fingers back, he unexpectedly took out that insect again! Even though it was burned, it was unexpectedly still alive. However, it was back to its original thin body. It seemed like the soul it sucked from the body a moment ago was burned, but the insect itself actually didn’t actually fear the flame.

The gothi pinched the insect and approached another Byzantine captive. This time it was the one placed at the front of the group, Sabar!

Shaar’s scalp was already tingling from watching! Watching this kind of insect which would crawl into someone’s mouth to suck out the human brain and finally break out of the forehand… this kind of strange maggot-like insect gave people a cold chill in their bones!

Shaar was completely shocked from this scene and didn’t recover for quite a while. However, when that gothi squeezed out that insect next to the fire and started approaching Sabar afterwards, Shaar suddenly woke up!

In this moment, Shaar’s mind was conflicted and was constantly struggling with two thoughts.

Should he go help them? There were too many Odins down there; if he went, only death awaited him.

And if he didn’t go? Those guys down there were his companions! Those whom he also recognized as friends! Within eighteen years, this was the first time he had tasted “friendship”, and the feeling of having friends!!

Suddenly, Shaar’s expression became twisted, and finally, the hillbilly’s eyes twitched a few times. Then suddenly he fiercely clenched his fire pitchfork, pulled up his belt, and took a deep breath before jumping down with one swoop!

Shit! If I have to die, then I will die! However, seeing my friends die in front of me and doing nothing, such cowardly things are not something that uncle Shaar can stand for!!!


Desperation had already clouded Sarbar’s heart – this brave man didn’t fear death anymore – but thinking about his soul being sucked out…it was a horrifying way to die. Feeling that his end was inevitable, he tightly closed his eyes to die, but suddenly he heard a mighty roar!

When he raised his head to look up, he saw a figure jumping down from the trees. He had messed up hair, and was wearing a tattered, fur lined robe, while his body was covered with dust and bloodstains. He came down while screaming madly like a pig which was being slaughtered – wait, wasn’t that Shaar, the rookie?!

When Shaar came falling down with an appearance of a godly warrior, it immediately gave Sabar and Kato inspiration! They were elite Byzantine soldiers; they immediately struggled to get up while simultaneously tackling the Odin’s next to them.

The moment Shaar was on the ground, he immediately rolled towards the gothi and maliciously jumped on him!

He knew very clearly that if he recklessly attacked them alone, he would die for sure! His only chance of survival was to grab the seemingly high ranked gothi!!

Shaar’s movements were fast like a lightening and he was already in front of the gothi with just one leap. Just as his hand grasped the gothi, he immediately heard a terrifyingly loud roar beside him!

His body instantly felt a strong feeling of danger running through his body. At the same time, every single hair on Shaar’s body stood up and a dangerous feeling immediately let him follow his instincts to shrink his head back while fiercely throwing himself to the ground!

That movement barely saved his life!

*Hush* a giant claw swept past his head! When Shaar rushed to the ground, he quickly continued to rolling forward, but suddenly saw a beastly bear warrior was getting in front of him. When its giant palm swayed towards him, Shaar could only helplessly use his fire pitchfork to block!

With a crackling sound, the sharp fire pitchfork unsurprisingly cut the paw into two and that giant hand immediately flew away.

However, Shaar also grunted while taking three steps backwards. His fire pitchfork was not damaged, but holding that shaking pitchfork in his hand was giving an endless pain to his palm!

Even Shaar with his abnormal and barbarous strength was having a hard time, one could see the level this terrifying bear spirit warrior’s strength!

The bear spirit warriors around him also started to surround him, and a few gray shadows flashed from behind. Those wolf spirit warriors at the back acted quickly like lightning and in less than a moment, they were ready throwing themselves in front of the bear spirit warriors!

Such quick movement! Shaar’s scalp immediately tightened and just as he bent his head backwards, a wolf spirit warrior nearly scratched off his scalp. When he dropped to the ground, the wolf was already using its four limbs to move on the ground like it was used to it, and then turned towards Shaar to bare its teeth at him.

(Fuck, they’re really not human anymore!)

Shaar cursed in his mind and suddenly felt a burning ache on his face. Touching it with his hand, he suddenly noticed that his hand was full of blood. This wolf spirit warrior actually managed to graze his body – although its claws didn’t tear him to bits – but just by slightly touching him with its claws, the injury was already deeply gouged into his skin!

My god, my body was also strengthened with Dragonblood!!

Exactly at that moment, several other wolf spirit warriors leapt over and Shaar’s heart was instantly stuck in his throat! (It’s fight or die!)

Suddenly stretching his out his arms, he hardened himself and met the wolf spirit warrior’s frontal. He unexpectedly greeted that wolf spirit warrior’s claws with his chest!!

Sabar and Kato were already dumbfounded from watching – did this rookie want to court death? He actually left his chest open for the enemy to attack?

With a loud bang, both Shaar and the wolf spirit warrior clashed into each other, and just as its claws penetrated Shaar’s chest, two clear breaking sounds could be heard! When Shaar bashed the wolf spirit warrior to the ground, a thought immediately flashed in his mind!

He bet on the right choice!

Although the attacks of these guys were powerful, they still couldn’t pierce through Dragonscales! Shaar always hid a basin sized dragonscale around his chest to shield him from attacks on his heart!

There was another thing which Shaar confirmed: The strengths of those wolf spirit warriors were a lot weaker compared to the bear spirit warriors, but their movement far exceeded their counterparts. Relatively speaking, those wolf spirit warriors were a like a strengthened version of those Icefield hunters.

The moment Shaar dropped to the ground; his hands were already strangling the wolf spirit warrior’s neck as he used the opening that was created when the claws of opposite party were broken by the dragon scale. Twisting his hands, Shaar broke his opponent’s neck with a cracking sound!

Holding up the corpse, he turned around and maliciously smashed it into a bear spirit warrior – until its head started spinning – because after all, the strength of this hillbilly was not necessarily weaker than those bear spirit warriors! Because of this sudden attack, that bear spirit warrior suddenly tumbled and fell down, before suddenly landing on that green flame, and starting to burn!

A burst of pitiful scream suddenly erupted, while the green flame spread on the bear spirit warrior’s entire body. Even when rolling on the ground, it appeared that the green flame actually didn’t extinguish, and very soon that guy’s strong body and spirit quickly withered, as if it’s strength was completely burnt out!

The other spirit beast warriors immediately dodged it in fear, and Shaar’s sharp mind quickly understood: Those guys feared the green flame!

At this moment, that skinny gothi quickly ran away a few steps and shouted something. From the distant, a loud roar could be heard, and an Odin battalion suddenly flooded over from the distant forest! Quickly turning around, Shaar fiercely threw his fire pitchfork towards that gothi.

With a piercing sound, the fire pitch fork pierced the thigh of the gothi and the force threw down to the ground and firmly nailed him to it! Shaar twisted his body, and instantly threw himself on his target. Seeing this scene, the wolf spirit warrior behind him suddenly jumped forward and pushed itself to claw his back. Taking the hit, a piece of his armor was instantly cut off, but luckily the strength of the wolf soul warrior was weaker and only managed to leave a deep scar on his back after getting blocked by his armor! Reaching in front of the fallen gothi, Shaar pulled out the fire pitchfork and grabbed the screaming gothi. Firmly grabbing the neck of the gothi with one hand and holding the fire pitchfork in other, he turned towards the Odin soldiers and roared fiercely:

“If someone dares to move closer, this uncle will butcher him!!”

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