Conquest Chapter 67 part 2

Chapter 67 Rage Ki! Rage Ki!! Part 2

Translator: Tchu

Editor: Amaranth, Superposhposh, Kidyeon

Shaar’s hoarse voice could be heard from afar. Hearing his voice, Kevin’s eyes lit up as he stared audaciously towards the mountain top before finally yelling, “I will avenge you!!!”

Afterwards, he leaned on his horse’s back and gave its belly a powerful kick, before leading the cavalry group up north.

Shaar felt his blood flowing out of his body, and as he felt himself losing his strength, tides of exhaustion slowly swept over him.

A sword was embedded deeply in his shoulder and after his halberd was continuously slashed by the enemy’s archers; its handle had broken in two. After jump kicking the person in front of him, Shaar ferociously stabbed another with the broken hilt, piercing his armor. The blood splattered all over his face, giving him a warm and metallic taste, with a hint of salty sweat in his mouth……

By this time, several archers were already killed by him. However, there was a huge difference between them and the archers from Odin’s legends. Each of them was equipped with sophisticated light armor, made out of high quality materials. The shoulder pads, especially, didn’t interfere with the sensitivity of an archer whilst they were shooting. It only covered the vital spots, and along with their bows, each archer was equipped with a short sword for close combat. It was obviously not something that the barbaric Odin’s soldiers could produce.

However, Shaar was still injured after all, and as such his defence level had dropped to the lowest level. He had obviously suffered from that slash a moment ago, and even though it was only an ordinary attack, it had actually almost cut through his fibula.

(Dragonblood ……can really only defend against ordinary attacks. However, once that defence is broken, its effectiveness will quickly decrease.)

He continued the one-sided slaughter whilst displaying his technique, the ‘Thousand Men Army Slaughter’, which turned his fire pitch fork into a blur. Just as he stabbed another three archers, Shaar noticed that he was tightly surrounded. The enemies were all around him, and after the caribou cavalrymen at the base of the mountain noticed that they couldn’t catch up to Kevin anymore, they circled around to the only ramp leading up to the hillside.

Despair crept into Shaar’s heart as he fell into a hopeless situation. His foolhardiness had gradually calmed down after he’d received a serious injury.

(Fuck, in a moment of hotheadedness, the urge to show off my ability rushed to my head and now this uncle is dead for sure. Damnit……This uncle is still a virgin!)

The caribou cavalrymen were already climbing up the hill whilst making loud roars. Hearing the hoofbeats, the archers quickly made way for them. A caribou cavalryman who looked like the leader quickly rushed over. Wearing a set of excellent armor that had a thick fur lined robe, his face was covered with blood, making Shaar unable to clearly determine the original look and age of him. A pair of eyes full of murderous killing intent stared firmly at Shaar, and an angry flame could be seen in them. Suddenly rushing over, his axe chopped at Shaar’s neck……


Just when the axe’s blade was but three fingers away from Shaar’s neck, the Odin soldier suddenly felt his axe was blocked! It seemed as if his axe was stubbornly pulled back by something, and it was unable to go any further.

From Shaar’s neck, under the middle of his throat, a small red light suddenly erupted! The light was coming out of Shaar’s shirt, and in an instant that red light filled the surroundings with a dazzling, incomparable brightness!

The shirt under Shaar’s neck was instantaneously torn apart, and a red crystal was exposed in the air! Suddenly, the red light crept out and surrounded Shaar. Everything within the range of ten steps around him was completely enveloped by that red light!!

Both of Shaar’s eyes turned completely red and he felt that this red light washed over his body while instantaneously making all the pain of his body vanish.

An inviolable strange consciousness streamed in his mind, which instantly filled his consciousness by force!

Stab! Chop! Hack! Target!

At that moment, the complete set of the Thousand Men Army Slaughter clearly and quickly flashed through his brain. Intention, as well as the motion of every single movement, became clear and natural! Things that he originally wasn’t able to comprehend suddenly became transparent, as if a dense fog had been ripped apart!!

The millions of thoughts in his brain finally and surely turned into one thought,


He suddenly roared and leaped!

For a moment, Shaar could clearly see the faces of every single enemy around him! The ferocious expressions, their eyes full of murderous intent, their distorting facial muscles……

Additionally he started to see the movements of the opposite party; their every twist, and every movement, became clear and slow. All the shouting and roaring, it all became distorted and stretched……

However, his own consciousness was still as clear as water!!

Kill! Kill them all!

Completely slaughter them!!

In the place which was now enveloped by a crimson light, everything became slow and clear!

Shaar began to move.

The fire pitchfork slashed horizontally inside the field of crimson light.

The crimson light suddenly turned into a thin blade made of light, and flew out towards to the chest of that Odin caribou cavalryman……

Then it was like everything slowed down ten times; Shaar could clearly see that guy’s leather chest armor splitting in two, and then the muscles, the bones and internal organs ……he watched the separation bit by bit, the cavalryman’s entire chest area was cut horizontally into two!!

In was not only the fellow in front of him, but five steps behind him two caribou cavalrymen also bizarrely dropped to the ground! Their upper parts completely cut in two!

Afterwards, the one behind him……

In Shaar’s surrounding, when the fire pitchfork finished making a circular arc, dozens of archers that were gathered together, on both sides, had their leather armor split open, bowstrings ruptured, skulls cracked, bones shattered, blood spilled……

As if everything within this crimson light became a light blade that could separate and cut anything apart!!

Within ten steps, everything turned crimson!!

Crimson Rage Ki!!

This thought emerged in Shaar mind!

During the previous outbreak of Crimson Rage Ki, it could be said that Shaar was unconsciousness. However this time he could clearly feel the Crimson Rage Ki’s eruption clearly!!

The entire area was covered with the crimson light, which looked like it was from an indescribable magic! Slashing his fire pitchfork, whether it was a sturdy armor, or a firm sword, it was like everything became like air, and he could easily cut it without any barriers!!

Crimson followed him wherever he went, and all of the defences were…… useless!!!


Dozens of archers in the surrounding instantaneously instantly slit in half and everyone was easily dismembered. Even when the corpse fell down, the remnant half of the corpse stood still there as fountains of blood sprayed out!

All around Shaar everything within ten steps, there was not a living person left!!

Such a shocking scene made the enemies behind him fall into an immediate deadly silence. For a dull moment it was like everyone’s mind went completely blank. Which seemed like in a blink of an eye, how did so many people died?!

Making a growl Shaar leapt forward as his steps left behind several cracks on the ground and even the stones were broken under his foot! His body soared a few meters while jumping and finally bashed on a caribou’s back while pushing the corpse off that mount. Using his fire pitchfork, he maliciously stabbed into the caribou’s buttocks which that pitiful animal screamed in pain before lifting up its head smashing towards the crowd.

(TL, Shaar’s famous butt stab acceleration technique!)(EN(Ama), Damn that reminded me The Thousand Years of Pain from Naruto)

Before the archers had time to recover from their shock, Shaar rushed over. Under the enormous pain, caribou’s majestic stature immediately sent several archers flying before jumping down the hill.

Landing five meters below the hill when the caribou fell to the ground, its four hooves were already broken by the powerful impact. Making a pitiful cry, it bashed on the ground as Shaar tumbled of the caribou’s back. After hitting the ground, he rolled several times and suddenly took some big steps and sprinted away with full of panic.

At the same time, the Odins on the hill finally recovered and several of the caribou cavalrymen at the back of the formation looked towards their dead companions. Especially their leader who was in the front and who wanted to chop Shaar with his axe was suddenly got sliced in two parts……

The Odin soldiers simultaneously roared like crazy……

“That guy killed Little Highness!!”

“Little Highness is dead!!”

A collective madness burst out of the remaining caribou soldiers as everyone went berserk and turned their caribous toward hillside to chase down the guy who killed Little Highness.

Shaar ran furiously and with his tough physique, his feet maliciously push forward. One of his jumps could be compared to a dozen steps from an ordinary person. As his ears suddenly heard sounds coming from hoofs of caribou’s catching up behind him as well as the wild shouts while holding their weapons and swirling them around. While running, Shaar’s hand desperately touched around his bosom before finally fishing out a small ring.

(Fuck, I rely on you!! Don’t disappoint this uncle!!)

This wind magic ring was initially pulled from a dead senior magician’s finger during the dragon hunt. Shaar once asked Tatara about it and he told him that this kind of magic equipment wasn’t limit to just magicians. As long as you were a human, after putting it on you could use it. However, the magic on this ring was limited since there was no magician who could continuously injected magic into it.   Therefore, it became a consumable item, once the magic was exhausted; it wasn’t distinguishable from an ordinary ring.

Once Shaar put this ring on his finger, he immediately felt a strange power fluctuating throughout his whole body. This fluctuation was gentle and slow, it was as if the surrounding wir became diffused and light……

Shaar continued to take some crazy steps forward. The first few steps didn’t have any difference but later he started to faster and faster as if he could walk on air. It was like the air turned into the thick entity and when his footsteps landed on it, he could run at full speed!

At the same time, because of the ring Shaar felt that his own body weight became a lot lighter, which in turn also dramatically accelerated his speed.

As for what those Odins who were shouting and roaring loudly behind him Shaar didn’t understand a single word. However, after looking at their faces with full of murderous intent and madness those guys, he could guess that it was definitely not something good…….

The Odins behind him were all out trying to chase him suddenly saw they saw the fellow ran a few steps more steps before his steps turned to gliding in the air. It transformed as if he was flying, his body went up and down and all of the sudden his threw himself far away……

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