Conquest Chapter 67 part 1

Chapter 67 Rage Ki! Rage Ki! (Part 1)

Translator: Yi-chan

Editor: Amaranth, Taffy, Tchu, Sara, Superposhposh

Shaar fell to the ground, with a Caribou hoof following suit. Barely missing his body, Shaar couldn’t help but think that if it had hit him, his first cavalry charge would’ve been his last!!

Rolling to the side with all his strength, Shaar brandished his sword, and with a crack, chopped the hoof in half, sending it flying. Seeing his reindeer’s leg getting cut off, the Odin cavalryman sitting on its back let out a roar, quickly leaping on Shaar. During their entanglement, Shaar somehow managed to free his hand, punched the soldier’s face, crushing the nose in the process. The man screamed bloody murder as the excruciating pain almost caused him to black out, raising his fist to retaliate. Suddenly, another Odin’s Caribou Cavalryman rushed in from behind, stamping on and immediately killing his comrade! There was a deafening *crunch* as most of his bones were trampled.

Shaar didn’t have any time to turn around in response to the sound of the wind whistling behind him. Looking behind him, he saw another Odin’s Caribou cavalryman wielding his axe and rushing towards him. Radiating a ruthless aura, the axe chopped down towards Shaar’s shoulder. But in that moment, Shaar lifted his halberd to block the incoming axe. Clang! The Odin Soldier felt a numbing jolt as his axe was split in two. Using this opportunity, Shaar kicked both of his feet against the ground, and threw himself at the soldier, which knocked him off from the Caribou with a tackle. Attempting to take control of the Caribou that was still bucking about, Shaar yanked its head so strongly, that its neck almost snapped. With a small amount of strength, Shaar started to slowly strangle the life out of the Caribou. After a short amount of time, the Caribou collapsed to the ground, its eyes glassy, and devoid of any life.

As Shaar threw himself onto the ground, he caught a glimpse of the cavalry soldier beside him being pulled down from his horse by an Odin soldier; half his head had been chopped off with an axe, blood splashing everywhere. Suddenly, Shaar’s eyes turned red. He recognized the dead man as one of the Praetorian Guards who, just a few days prior, had accompanied him for his missions. Swiftly, Shaar grasped the halberd with both hands, and maliciously stabbed it into the belly of the Odin soldier. He then lifted his halberd and swung it, sending the corpse flying. With a twist, he leapt onto the cavalry soldier’s horse and vigorously kicked its belly as he speedily rode to catch up with the rest.

Presently, the cavalry team had already broken through the formation of Odin soldiers; there were only a hundred of them, after all. Compared to Kevin’s and the others’, they were much less. As Shaar was at the very end of the group, the Odins turned around and started to chase him, seeing this, Shaar pulled out a long sword from the saddle and shot it towards the closest Caribou knight like a dart. ‘Pu!’ The sword impaled his chest and forced him off his steed.

Despite their desperate pursuit, the distance between them and Shaar gradually widened; caribous were slower than warhorses, after all. However, from the highlands nearby, a team of archers suddenly appeared from within the woods! Although their numbers weren’t big, a dozen archers drew their bows; their arrows taking aim on the cavalry unit below that was rushing by.

“Raise the shields!!!” Kevin roared angrily. Following his orders, a heavy rain of arrows poured down!!

When the first wave of arrows rained down from the sky, the knights were caught totally unprepared. In the blink of an eye, more than ten soldiers were shot and seven immediately died while falling off their horses.

The archers uphill drew their bows again. Although the knights had their shields raised, they were all light cavalry, so their horses lacked any form of armor or protection. Additionally, the distance between the highlands and the cavalry was about a hundred steps; the difference in height between the two was about five to six meters. This made it extremely difficult for the cavalry to directly attack the archers, as they would have to make a detour. On the other hand, for the archers it was the opposite, since they could shoot five or six volleys of arrows at them within the given time……

It was at this critical moment when Shaar’s mind became crystal clear; all of the distracting thoughts were kicked out of his mind. Only one thought remained in his head: I must let my brothers break through!!

The previous tragic scene of the Praetorian Guard getting his head cut off by an Odin soldier was still lingering vividly in his mind. Suddenly, Shaar felt a burning passion bursting out from his chest. With a mighty shout, he turned his horse around and separated himself from the cavalry, fervently charging towards the highlands!

His horse continued to gallop until they were just below the hillside. With an elevation of about five or six meters from the ground, there was no way for a horse to jump to the top. Ignoring this fact, Shaar gave the horse’s belly a heavy kick, making the horse sprint wildly forward. Using the force of inertia, the boost allowed the horse to traverse three to four steps up the steep hillside before exhausting all of its strength. Yet, Shaar who had already loosened the reigns, proceeded to spring himself up even further with all his might; firmly kicking off from the back of his steed.

With a loud neigh, the horse was immediately pressed down towards the ground; Shaar used it as a foothold to leap forward! He jumped up an incredible three to four meters in height! In the air, he pulled out his fire pitchfork and stabbed it on the slope for an extra push before flipping himself over the edge of the hillside!

With halberd in his left hand and fire pitchfork in the other, he roared like a beast and rushed towards the archers who were stationed near the forest.

Just when these archers completed their second volley, they saw a guy in Byzantine armor rush towards them from the slope like a berserker! Running at them with his monstrous speed; just one leap of his legs could already be compared to the distance a normal person took with seven to eight steps. Within several of such movements, like a whirlwind, he had already crashed into the crowd before they even had the chance to move!

Where Shaar’s halberd swung, blood splattered; three to four archers had already been chopped up! The rest of the archers were thrown into chaos as they tried to put aside their bows and quivers one after another, and draw out their swords to fight. Roaring like a madman, Shaar fiercely swung his halberd and chopped another archer in two; his head and upper torso split directly in half! The fresh blood spurted onto Shaar and, within seconds, his upper body was completely dyed in red. Shaar’s face was covered fully in flesh and blood as he turned around desperately pushing one archer away with his shoulder, while bitterly resisting several enemies’ sword attacks with his back, before fiercely crashing into the crowd again. Because his body was reinforced with the dragon’s blood, other than feeling immense pain, normal attacks could not hurt him.

With his enormous strength, he sprinted towards the crowd and smashed into the two archers who stood directly in front of him, sending them flying as blood spat out from their mouths. In the next moment, Shaar repeatedly thrust his fire pitchfork, simultaneously piercing the heads of three different soldiers. He then brandished his halberd and with a powerful swing, broke the sword of another soldier; without pausing for even a moment, the sword continued its trajectory and severed the soldier’s arm. Blood poured from his exposed shoulder as he fell to the ground!

Meanwhile, Shaar also suffered a few ruthless attacks that were most likely a military officer of this archer unit. A long sword that was covered with an opalescent glowing battle ki clashed maliciously onto Shaar’s shoulder and forced Shaar’s body to bend down a bit. The mighty force of the battle ki continuously pressed on to Shaar, making him unable to stand up while slowly pressuring him to kneel down as the blade directly broke off the armor on his shoulder! His body which was reinforced by the dragon blood could no longer block the battle ki and blood immediately burst out of the wound on his shoulder!

However, that military officer looked shocked as he had accumulated his blow with enough battle ki to chop a person into two pieces! Nevertheless, this attack only cut off Shaar’s armor, and it didn’t even break a single bone as the edge of blade was stuck in Shaar’s shoulder blades!

Shaar was growling in pain while struggling to turn around. Under the immense pain, his strength erupted again and he finally managed to throw that military officer off. However, that military officer roared and once again injected the blade with his battle ki and with an explosion it caused a blood fountain on Shaar’s shoulder! It exploded into a rain of flesh and blood!

Shaar screamed pitifully while staring at that officer with mad eyes. His eyes were turning into crimson and used his backhand to stab the fire pitchfork into the head of that military officer, directly piercing his head!! Right at this moment his back was stabbed by another two swords!

Although Shaar’s body had been strengthened by the dragon blood, the reinforcement from the dragon blood was limited after all. Once he was injured the protection would be broken, and he would bleed. This would cause the momentum to drop drastically and as a result, the effect of the dragon blood would also start to weaken.

The two swords behind him also cut through Shaar’s skin and flesh. Although the stab did not pierce through him, it pushed him forwards and he fell on his face.

At the same time Kevin was leading the horse team round under the hill when he saw that Shaar crashed into the enemy’s archer team on the top of the hill, wildly slashing their way through. The enemy’s archers were suddenly in disarray and had no more time to shoot any arrows. When they saw Shaar kneeling down after getting cut on the shoulder, the archers at the back rushed forward as they drew out their swords uniformly……

Kevin watched this scene with a great resentment, before letting out a loud cry of pain while he was thinking whether to turn around or rush ahead.

All of a sudden, he saw that among the crowds Shaar jumping up and maliciously hitting several archers away while howling towards his brothers at the bottom of the hill:

Shit! Get the fuck out of there!!”

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