Conquest Chapter 65 part 2

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The legendary Crown Prince actually didn’t like sexual relations with women instead he preferred male companionship in bed. This Sir Bonfret was His Highness the Crown Prince’s favourite lover! After becoming the crown prince’s favourite and after receiving his love in the recent years, Sir Bonfret’s status had skyrocketed in the Royal Capital Osgiliath. With his prominent power and influence everybody looked at him with fear and indignation. In the aristocrat circle of the Royal Capital there was no one who didn’t know about the knight who sold his ass for wealth and power?

This kind of person was actually sent to my troops? What does the military headquarters want to do?!!

Grunting, Adrick with a pale complexion looked directly into the eyes of this knight. After reluctantly greeting him, he turned around and angrily entered the big tent.

Sir Bonfret also grunted with dissatisfaction while Ruhr smiled next to him and said,” Sir Bonfret, you should be tired after such a long journey, you should go back to your tent to get some rest.”

This handsome man’s face revealed an unhappy look as he covered his nose and carefully spoke with a sharp voice, “I was ordered to serve as an observer here. After receiving such an order form the military, how can I dare slack off?” He knitted his brows, “The smell here is really disgusting. Do all military camps always smell this smelly?”

“Haha, please use my tent for now. I am completely sure that it is very clean inside. When the strategy meetings start, I will send someone to notify you.”

Ruhr politely accompanied him and chatted for a moment, before telling some attendants to send this Sir Knight to his tent. Finally after getting rid of him, the Rabbit General scratched his head as he entered the big tent.

Just as he was walking into the big tent, he immediately saw the anger in Adrick’s eyes. Ruhr spread his arms out helplessly and loudly proclaimed, “Don’t blame me! Bringing him here wasn’t my decision! It was a military order handed down from above and only thing I could do bring him along.”

Adrick sat there while twirling dagger in his hand and sneered, “Sending such a knight to the frontlines, wasn’t the His Highness the Crown Prince worried about his lover dying in the frontlines?!”

Although Ruhr chose where he sat, he still gave a look at the Praetorian Guards who were posted outside the tent before smiling in a low voice,” From my point of view, there are two reasons why this guy came here. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, my dear General Adrick!”

“What?” Adrick frowned and the scar on his face twisted, “Sending such a fellow to my army, it is like someone is deliberately trying to cause trouble!”

“First possibility is that…… maybe he didn’t come here under the order of His Highness the Crown prince but under the order of His Majesty! In recent years, the Crown Prince and this knight made a huge scene. Moreover, His Majesty present body is worsening day by day and the Crown Prince must succeed the throne soon. However, having such a male lover for himself made His Majesty restless. He must be worried that the Crown Prince’s favour is getting monopolized by this knight. In the future the since crown prince doesn’t have interest in sexual attractiveness with women but a man can never give birth……Hahaha! Therefore, I am afraid that there will be a lack of successors for the Royal Family! So, maybe he intentionally ordered this knight to come to the frontline and hopes that he dies in the front, clearing the Crown Prince’s head!”

Adrick put the dagger away and furrowed his brows.

“The second possibility…… Is that the people above already obtained some information about this place isn’t being the Odins’ main target direction therefore they felt at ease when they send this fellow here……Hehe, perhaps The Crown Prince intended to promote this knight and gave him the status of observer. Ordering him to come here and getting some achievements served on a silver-plate.”

Adrick grunted and thought to himself; perhaps it was because they knew your escaping abilities, which led to this disgusting fellow sticking with you, so that even if there is a danger, he will have a master life escaping artist next to him who can guarantee his safety.

The two generals a glanced at each other with both having different concerns in mind. After hesitating for a moment, General Ruhr suddenly announced, “My troops are behind me and they will be arriving in early morning. I brought one legion of light infantry and two legion of heavily infantry. I left my logistics troops behind and didn’t bring them with me since the guys from above forced me to rush. In order to arrive here as soon as possible, I rushed with a cavalry unit under my direct command.”

Adrick sighed and stood up to take down the map on wall. Pointing at the map he suddenly said, “Let’s not talk about the unimportant things. Our last scout reconnaissance encountered vanguard of Odin, the Al Bactre about 150 miles north from here and they also came in contact with the Icefield hunters who were acting as scouts. You should know, only Odin’s elite troops are provided with Icefield hunters as scouts.”

Talking about it, he unintentionally made a malicious smile, “Perhaps, this time we will run into your old friend, Hastings!”

Ruhr’s fat face suddenly trembled, before he suddenly put on a serious expression while shaking his head. Holding high his head, he said, “Even if we encounter Hastings, we will merely have a desperate fight with our life on the line! Moreover with the empire’s Lion general and your 13th Army, even if Hastings comes, we don’t have to be afraid to him!”

What he said was pleasant to the ears but Adrick only gave him a cold smile and immediately said with a serious tone, “General Ruhr, since we are cooperating with each other, I will speak with you frankly! We the 13th Army will fully commit cracking the hardest bone! However, we are ultimately a cavalry army and when both armies clash with each other, the 6th Army must defend our headquarter with everything you got! My cavalry will be responsible with flanking the enemy from both sides and you only have to defend the headquarter while not withdrawing one step!”

Ruhr waited for a while before replying, “It seems like your precious army is still somewhat fearing my reputation.” This Rabbit General stood up and walked towards the map, he pinched his chin while looking at it for a while. He then pointed a position above, “Here, this terrain here is where it is most suited for the decisive battle. We will wait here for Odins to come and battle in order to push them back. I think Al Bactre may not be their main offensive target direction.”

Pausing for a moment, this fat person took a deep breath and stared General Adrick in the eyes, “I will also go straight to the point! My men are infantries so once the military situation goes bad we have to retreat leaving the task at the rear in your hands! Since, four legs always run faster than two legs.”

Adrick eyes flashed and nailed his dagger on the map, “Count this as settled!”


When Shaar finished his patrol, the sky was already dark and he didn’t have the rotation watch tonight. Just when he returned to the tent, he saw Kevin reorganizing his equipment and this bald man looked extremely excited while he was cleaning his claw hammer. Flames were flashing in his eyes.

“What happened” Shaar saw that this bald man was unexpectedly wearing horse boots.

“Don’t go to sleep tonight, we are departing before dawn!” The bald man laughed and slapped Shaar on the back, “Prepare yourself! According to our tradition, the general will personally lead the first legion and we will naturally follow the general since we are the Praetorian Guards.”

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