Conquest Chapter 65 part 1

In Chapter 65 Special army observer envoy

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In order to welcome the General Ruhr of the 6th Army, General Adrick personally walked outside the headquarter tent to meet him. Seeing the empire’s famous “Rabbit General” being helped by his Praetorian Guard to climb down his down, Adrick’s heart started to twitch.

This is just crazy! The commanding officers at the military headquarter must be out of their minds! How could they send such a fellow to us the 13th Army? How could they put a rabbit and a lion together? The person who came up with this plan should be hanged!

No matter what, the 6th Army had arrived as an ally. Even if Adrick was unhappy about it, he could not express it on his face.

General Ruhr made a very warm expression and after dismounting, he slightly fixed his appearance before striding forward to give Adrick a big bear hug. His big and fat physique actually gave him an imposing manner. While hugging, he could hear Ruhr’s laughing loud and clear, “Our 6th Army is honored to be able to fight side-by-side with the empire’s most famous Iron Army! Although we have known each other for many years, it is actually the first time for us to fight side-by-side against the enemy! With the 13th Army here, I am sure those Odin bastards are panicking right now!”

Not only was he tall, his resonant voice while speaking which made him sound extremely heroic. If you didn’t know about his identity and only looked at his acting you would certainly think that he was a man who was full of pride. Who would actually guess that this was actually the empire’s famous Rabbit General?

Adrick didn’t know if he should laugh about it or not and could only put on a serious face while coughing. Gently breaking from Ruhr’s embrace he firmly fixed on Ruhr with sharp eyes and said in a deep voice, “General Ruhr, since the military command was assigned us to form armed forces then I will naturally obey the order however……on the battlefield, I also hope that the 6th army will fulfil their duties as our ally. We, the 13th Army will naturally chew on the hardest bones; therefore we can only hope that when we leave our backs to our ally they wouldn’t disappoint us!”

Ruhr’s face didn’t show the least bit of awkwardness – with his reputation he already forgot how many times he heard this kind of words full of mistrust during all those years and he already trained his skin to be as thick as city wall. Hearing him laughing, “Rest assured! Although our 6th Army is not the ace of the army, we absolutely won’t drag on 13th Army’s legs!”

(You certainly won’t drag our legs, since if there is danger that means you already ran away……) Adrick’s eyes twitched.

Ruhr immediately continued while laughing, “Well, General Adrick, let me introduce you Mr. Special envoy that the headquarter send, Sir Bonfret from the Imperial Army unit. Two days ago, he was ordered to come to my army bringing the orders from the military headquarters from Osgiliath. This time he was ordered to go the front as an observer, hahaha.”

Hearing the name “Bonfret”, Adrick’s reluctantly maintained restraining face immediately changed!

When Ruhr moved his body out of the way his huge bear like physique suddenly revealed a figure behind him.

Bonfret was standing just behind Ruhr and because of Ruhr’s huge physiques, Adrick only saw Mr. Special observer envoy just now……

(This is simply absurd! Why did the military headquarters send this bastard?!) Adrick’s face immediately made no secret about his gloomy mood!

Standing behind Ruhr was Sir Bonfret, who had a medium build and slender body. He was wearing a beautiful silver armor which resembled the old paladin’s armor in the Royal Capital Osgiliath it was the most popular retro fashion of the year. This type of armor had two major characteristics, First it was magnificent! The whole body was wrapped in a layer of silver which was sparkling and shiny with a single piece of breastplate showing a concave-convex shape. A beautiful pattern was carved on it and the pattern was painted with red iris flower juice while silver and gold threads were sewed on the surrounding joints. The inner part of the armor was bolstered with a soft fox fur. This fine and soft fur was also put around the neckline in order to protect the wearer’s neck from the hard mail-armor and helmet from cutting into the flesh.

The shoulder pads and arm protectors were polished very thin but the slightly exposed a shape which seemed especially valiant – However from a professional soldier’s perspective his hollow iron pattern could be pierced by gently poking with an iron sword.

Hence, the second characteristic of this type of armor was, Frail.

This kind of armor instead of calling it armor it was more like one magnificent costume for aristocrats.

Sir Bonfret was born extremely handsome and he was 33 years old. Even with his mature age, he had a fair skin and delicate features like a woman. However his face had a sickly paleness and elongated pair of pupils while the corners of his eyes were raised high. One could say, he was born with a charming condition.

When he stood in the front of General Adrick even though he wore this magnificent set of armor it actually instead brought out a bit of feminine touch because of the contrast and even looked a bit frail. Putting on a smile, his mouth showed shyness as he lifted his hand and covered his nose while wearing white spotless silk gloves. With his little finger slightly tilted, it gave others slight goose bumps….

(TL, My gaydar is going crazy!)(EN(Ama), I wonder how can Shaar understand a beautiful man but fails at beautiful women*facepalms*) (TL, Shaar wasn’t in the tent or else he would be disgusted by that guy)

Simply walking in front of General Adrick If one saw his appearance while walking, that person would think that he was strolling on a party instead on being in a military camp.

Beeing such a Mr. Knight, Ardrick’s complexion immediately became as ugly as one can imagine!

This running General Ruhr, although his reputation wasn’t good but at least he could barely be called a soldier and was at least on a battlefield – however this Sir Bonfret……

Well if Ruhr’s nickname was “rabbit”, then this Bonfret would be a real “rabbit”!!

Every person in the Royal Capital knew name of this beautiful knight Bonfret.

He was currently 33 years old and was born in a rich and powerful noble family of the empire. Unfortunately he was not the firstborn and could not inherit the title. However because of his extraordinary beauty ever since the beginning of his boyhood, he was the most renowned handsome guy in the empire. The most important thing was, he was also a famous lover!

The lover of the current Imperial Crown Price, his Royal Highness!!

(TL, I knew it… this empire is doomed…Time for Shaar to take over!)(EN(Ama),Wut!!!!!! Oh well for some reason I am not surprised anymore.)

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