Conquest Chapter 57

Chapter 57 First mission

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Where the13th Cavalry Army stationed, was about fifty miles northwest of Primal Wildfire Town at the foot of a mountain.

The northern trade route was passing through this place and the Al Bactre plain was located at northwest side of the mountain. It was a long and narrow plain which passed through Primal Wildfire and occupied one-fourth of its area. It was the only piece which was plain in Primal Wildfire and it was near the inhabitants of the goblins and dwarves. Because of its flat topography, it was an important pathway for caravans of between both Empires.

The 13th Cavalry Army was stationed here in order to prevent the Odin Empire’s army to break through from this position. But this operation plan has been obviously clear, in the northwest of Primal Fire Town with addition of north and northeast, the convention regular army corps of the Empire was stationed separately in order to prevent the invasion of Odin person.

Fighting a decisive battle with the Odins at Primal Wildfire and keeping the enemy outside of the country, this was Byzantine Empire’s battle plan. Two regular armies were stationed at the south side of Primal Wildfire Town as reserve forces. Once they have determined the route that the Odins will use to attack, those two prepared armies will immediately march towards north for support. Moreover, the garrison stationed at the surrounding area would also rush there for aid.

Shaar did not know about this battle plan, nor did he know that Al Bactre plain would be dyed red with blood soon.

Later Shaar received his equipment divided the tent he moved to – he lived in the same tent as the bald Kevin. After changing into his military uniform in the tent, when Shaar walked out, Kevin was already waiting for him there.

This bald man made a very serious expression: “I will bring you to the general now. You listen very carefully. No one here will bully newcomers since the general is a fair man. However, if you want to become one of us, you must show us your skill!”

While talking, Kevin mumbled the famous saying of the 13th Cavalry Army: “You either get the hell out or become one of us. However, you must obtain everybody’s approval before being accepted – when you see the general, you must show respect. He is our leader!”

When Kevin turned around to lead the way, he stopped for a moment and then added: “When you ride a horse, your posture is somewhat stiff. You need more practice in order to solve this issue – we are a cavalry unit!”

Although his words did not sound pleasant, this guy did not have any malicious intent and talked with a very straightforward manner.

Shaar nodded and followed him to see General Adrick.


Wearing his new uniform, Shaar entered the large army tent with Kevin. Adrick frowned as he was looking at a military report he just received and at his side stood a silver-haired middle-aged man with a mighty appearance.

“Al Bactre is the most likely the route which the enemy will use to attack according to the traditional ways. Placing us with the strongest fighting force here means that they will make us chew the hardest bones – this could also be considered a military tradition now.” Adrick put down the military report and said in ridicule.

The silver-haired man standing next to him had a face with heroism engraved on it said: “This is only natural. Those sissies from the 2nd and the 9th Army do not have the qualifications to fight over the meat with us!” There was both pride and loneliness in his tone.

“Alright, Butler, go prepare your men. I want them all fully equipped and ready for battle before tomorrow night. Go push the military logistics officers. If they delay any further, this uncle with take his sword and start chopping some people!”

The silver-haired man named Butler was the 13th Cavalry Army’s third legion’s centurion. He immediately straightened his body and forcefully beat his chest while making a military salute, before turning around to leave. When he came out, he ran into Kevin and Shaar. Looking at Shaar, he started to laugh and said:”The rookie seems strong and healthy, he is a good soldier!”

Is a good soldier……

Watching the silver-haired man leave, Shaar got a weird feeling from his praise.

Lifting his head, General Adrick was staring at Shaar who had put on his uniform. The scar on his face was a bit reddish because of his excited mood, making him look extremely ferocious. That look however did not give Shaar the feeling of fear, but made him feel closer towards Adrick.

“You look good after putting on your uniform; you will be a good soldier.”Adrick touched his forehead, while using his eagle eyes to sweep over Shaar: “How do you feel after putting on this uniform?”

Shaar raised his head and replied in a modest tone: “Not bad, very energetic.”

“It is indeed very energetic. I am never wrong on people I chose. You have the vigor and health of a bull with the eyes of a ruthless wolf, hahaha!”

Shaar was speechless……was that a praise?

He did not know why, but in front of this general who irradiated an imposing and malignant aura, Shaar always felt a bit uncomfortable. It was as if that imposing aura of the opposite party was forcefully oppressing him.

“Are you a native? Did you grow up in Primal Wildfire?”

“Yes.” Shaar nodded.

“You must be very familiar with the surrounding terrain.”

Shaar nodded.

Standing up, Adrick walked at the side and took down the huge leather map that was hanging on the wall. This was a topographical map of Primal Wildfire. He pointed towards the map and asked: “Can you point out which position we are now?”

Shaar did not hesitate and walked up, before pointing out the correct position on the map.

“Are you literate? Do you recognize the Byzantium characters?” Adrick was smiling with satisfaction then he slightly grinned. It looked like as if the scar on his face was vibrating: “Tell me, how is the northern terrain.”

Shaar thought for a moment then said: “We are blocking the southern entrance of Al Bactre plain, if we march towards north, we can arrive at the Odin Empire if we cross the Al Bactre plain……The flanks are close to the dwarf territory and no one dares to pass those massifs hills and caves. Hm…… Closer to it is the Red Wilderness which is relatively barren infested by Goblin tribes and wolves. There are some bandits and black tribes living in the surrounding mountains, other than those…… I don’t know what else you want to know.”

He raised his head and stared at the general.

The more he speak, he was feeling more at ease – Fuck, this uncle already encountered a dragon, what is there to fear.

Shaar’s reply made General Adrick nod in satisfaction. He picked up a small iron badge from a case. This badge was shaped like to a horse hoof and had a line written on it.

“This is your military rank, an ordinary private. However, I cannot give it to you yet.” Adrick stared at Shaar’s eyes with an electrifying look and said in a deep voice: “You must first undergo a test and complete a task. When you come back, you will become my personal guard and I will personally put on the military badge on you!”

Shaar held up his head and his eyes were firmly fixed onto Adrick’s eyes.

“I will send a team of cavalry to scout the northern part. Since you are familiar with the terrain here, you will go with them. During this trip you will learn some things that you can use in the future.” Adrick hesitated a moment: “Kevin, you go with him and teach this kid well.”

Before Shaar said anything, Kevin who stood there already straightened his body and beat his chest while shouting in a clear voice: “Yes, General!”


Before embarking, Kevin led Shaar towards the quartermaster’s office in order to receive cavalry equipment since they will be scouting on horseback.

During the selection of weapon, Kevin immediately chose a heavy claw hammer, while Shaar refused to take this type of weapon. He did not choose a lance either, but picked a halberd instead.

It seemed as if he had a special fondness of axes.

The halberd used by cavalry soldiers had a length of about one-and-a-half meters it had a two-sided axe. There was a lance sticking out of the top and during combat it could both be used for chopping or thrusting to kill. When Shaar chose this type heavy weapon, Kevin did not said anything.

Back in the tent when they were preparing to leave, this hothead hesitated and glanced at Shaar while whispering: “Ehm……Your horse it too eye catching, don’t use it for now since we don’t want any unnecessary trouble. I will lend you one of my readied horses.”

Surprised for a moment, Shaar could not help but stare at this fellow and noticed that he made a very sincere look with his shiny bald head.

It turned out that he already saw that his horse was a bit strange but did not say anything. Looking at Kevin’s calm eyes, Shaar smiled and patted him on his shoulder: “Thanks!”

He already started to like this bald man

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