Conquest chapter 56

Chapter 56 Kindness, from no good men

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As the current Empire’s 13th cavalry army, Major General Adrick naturally became the greatest headache and nemesis of the Empire’s army logistics departments.

General Adrick also had a special hobby: He liked to seek special talented and strange individuals from different regions. Afterwards, he would recruit those “talent” he valued into the army and integrate them immediately into his personal guards while keeping them by his side.

For example, the bald Kevin who fought with Shaar, he served as Cavalry Captain of another cavalry for several years. He had extraordinary skills and brilliant prospects in the army. However, during a break, he saw several of his comrades were having a fight with a group of ruffians and went to help without inquiring about the situation. Just he alone beat up a dozen of people and chased two around the block before killing one with his sword. After being trailed by martial laws, he was sentenced with death penalty, but luckily General Adrick intervened in this matter out of curiosity. He asked Kevin at that time why he joined the fight, even though this obviously had y nothing to do with him.

This fellow replied: They are my comrades! When I notice that my comrades are bullied, if I don’t go and help them, then on the battlefield, I also can’t count on them to protect my back. Who would parry arrows that are aimed towards you then?

Adrick then asked another question: When you went to help at that time, why didn’t you ask which side was wrong?

This impulsive youngster Kevin responded while rolling his eyes: “Uncle is not a judge!”

As a result, General Adrick was greatly pleased and used his privileges to recruit Kevin into his own army and integrated him as one of his personal Praetorian guards.

When Shaar arrived at the 13th Cavalry Army’s camp, the second person he met was Kato.

Kato had a thin and tall stature with light skin. Even though he was thin, he looked very strong. Every time he smiled, his eyes always flashed with a hint of slyness. Usually, when Shaar met such a person in Primal Wildfire Town, he would keep his distance – This kind of person was either a swindler or a smuggler.

Kato was also one of General Adrick Praetorian Guards. Even though sis martial arts were average he was brave during a fight and he could not be counted as one of the outstanding knights in the famous 13th Cavalry Army. Kato most powerful skill laid somewhere else: This boy was good at seeking personal gain and he could bypass those corrupted officers from the military logistics department. He got a lot of goods that were prohibited for his brothers.

For example, gin, strong rye liquor, the high quality tobacco from Zharkturke, caviar that the southern sea, everything that the army banned……

The 13th Cavalry Army was strictly disciplined, but General Adrick was actually not an unreasonable commander. He treated his subordinates extremely well. Just before the mobilisation for a campaign or after a victory in a battle, he would let Kato acquire a large quantity of goods to rewards his brethren.

However Katos arrival at 13th Cavalry Army was also very dramatic: Originally he worked as a quartermaster in another army and he was famous for getting good stuff and contrabands. During one time, a general requested him to bring a woman into the barracks. At that time, that army was stationed at the eastern border of the empire and fighting against the nomadic tribes. Surrounded by a boundless desert, no one knew which method this fellow used, but he actually managed to sneak a prostitute into a military escort and sent her to the general’s tent.

However, when this matter got discovered by the martial court and the general was trialled and the quartermaster Kato was severely punished while almost losing his life. Finally, he was noticed by General Adrick, who liked to collect “talents” and became his subordinates.

When Shaar was walking into the camp of the 13th Cavalry Army along with Kevin, Kevin let Kato take care of him: “Kato! Get this kid a set of equipment.”

Kato swept his shifty-eyed over Shaar and sniffed at him with his big crocked nose, before grinning: “I smell the flavor of a rookie. Alright, rookie, starting today you are our brother! Whatever you request, you can say it to me. What do you want? Ham? Tobacco?”

His way of talking made Shaar speechless. Kevin frowned and said impatiently: “Kato, stop wasting time. The general wants to see him.”

Finishing his sentence, this fellow quickly departed.

Seeing Kevin’s back moving further away, Shaar did not even had the chance to speak and Kato already bumped his shoulder while speaking with a very warmheartedly way: “Don’t bother with this guy, he is an impulsive youngster. He is actually a nice guy; you just need some time to get to know him.”

Pausing for a moment, Kato suddenly turned around and looked at the horse which Shaar brought.

Shaar seized this horse from the Nightfall Guardians and kept it at the back of his mountain until now. He picked the most majestic dark horse before he left.

When Kato looked at this horse, his eyes immediately started to shine while revealing a professional examiner look. After taking a careful look at it for a while, he glanced at Shaar: “Is this a horse you brought?”He touched his chin, while showing a crafty smile on his face: “Brother, you are more intriguing than you look…… This clearly is a superior war horse that went through strict training. There is even a brand mark on the horse leg!”

Shaar immediately got a bit anxious and cursed himself for being careless in his mind – after all, this horse was seized by him after killing its owner. If by accident……

When Kato saw Shaar’s tension, he smiled and whispered:”Take it easy. Even if the horse is stolen, it doesn’t matter. We here, especially us, the Praetorian guards aren’t good men, hahaha!”

Aren’t good men……Would someone appraise themselves this way?

While talking, Kato bent his waist and grabbed a handful of mud from the ground before wiping it on that brand mark on the horse’s leg. Covering the brand mark with mud then he said with a smile: “I will get a knife when we are back and scrape off brand mark from the skin. After putting on some medicine, your horse will be fit again in two days again. However you have to remember, if someone asks anything about it, you have to deny everything stubbornly! Hmpf, who would dare to do something to someone from our army!” He said with an arrogant tone.

This fellow quickly helped Shaar to pick up two military uniforms and a set of armor with weapon.

After receiving his equipment, Shaar was somewhat excited.

Touching the double-edged, cross shaped sword in his hand, he could feel the icy cold on the swarthy sword blade. The sword edge flashed a cold brightness, although it was only a standard weapon of the army, it was made of good steel and with sophisticated forging process. This sword was indeed worthy to be used by the trump card elite army of Byzantine Empire.

With full of excitement Shaar used his palm to careful stroke the blade, as if he was caring for his lover.

Such a good sword would sell for a great value in Primal Wildfire Town……

This was the best weapon Shaar ever had!

Ahem! That fire pitchfork did not count, since it was only a pitchfork……

He also received an oval shield. A layer of leather covered the inner part and a line was engraved in Byzantine language on the shield’s surface. Shaar carefully identified it for a:

“Rhodelia! Forward unto death!”

Shaar sighed and recalled what Kevin told him about this army’s glorious history – Indeed, such glory was already deep ingrained in each corner of this army.

Because of Shaar’s big physique, he received a large sized armor. It was a set of light armor, covered with thick leathers and iron composition. Both shoulders and the chest were crafted with an excellent crafting method. Shaar noticed that it was forged very well.

His uniform was a typical Byzantine military uniform with a short sleeved robe and lining inside. Thick breeches were wrapped tightly around the calves and a pair of leather boots was equipped with thorns that made a funny sound while walking.

“Right now, you are one Praetorian guards of the general. A Praetorian Guard doesn’t need the heavy cavalry armor during duty. We will be provided with cavalry equipment when we receive a combat mission – those are the good stuff! A four meters long lance and an oval greatshield with the height of half a person, haha! After looking at your physique, you should be able move around with the armor without problems.”Kato laughed and appeared very warmheartedly towards Shaar. At last, he quietly pressed a small bottle into Shaar’s palm – this was one bottle of wine, brewed with sweet potatoes. Its taste was not necessarily good, but it still counted as contraband in the army.

Kato blinked an eye towards Shaar and his eyes flashed with kindness. He whispered: “Don’t tell anybody, each new brother will receive a gift. This is the tradition between us Praetorian guards. Enjoy it in the evening when you are alone in your tent rookie!”

This action quickly gave Shaar a favorable impression and he started to like this place.

Furthermore, the people in Praetorian guards were all to his liking. Whether it was the friendly Kato or the rash and very upright Kevin, they all seemed to be good person.

However, listening to Kato saying that the people from the Praetorian Guard were “no good men”, arriving at such evaluation……

Was it a good or bad thing for Shaar to join a group?


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